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The Vis medicatrix naturae: Each person's inner healing power

[Description excerpted from unfinished manuscript. Format being updated. v. 06/29/2015]


Ball Lightning and St. Elmo's Fire

Throughout history humans have seen the evidences of energies that are moving outside of themselves and within themselves. These two illustrations show electrical phenomena that dramatically remind us that life is much more than a physical/mechanical process.

The energy field within each person, that controls their health and healing is called the Vis medicatrix naturae. My dissertation [excerpted on this page] examines the structure of the energy fields within and surrounding the human being, and then describes my insights into the implications of human energy anatomy for assessment and decisions regarding healthy living and health care when people have developed symptoms of illness.

Special Note:
The earlier Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project
has a special focus on the
Vis medicatrix naturae.

Visit the site: The Foundations Project

A statement that has energized me for many years:

In 1989 the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians endorsed the statement: “modalities evolve with the progress of knowledge.”

This clarified definition of the Vis is as important as was The Invention of Air.

Addition: Conjecture about a Naturopathic Hospital [more]

The backdrop for this thesis is the entire history of the human race and its striving to understand the laws of Life. Once a person knows about the energy aspect of life, then they can understand the reason for success or failure of various systems of health care practiced over the course of recorded human history.

My professional career has brought me into the presence of and often mentoring/teaching from some of the most innovative and perceptive individuals in the fields of health care and social health. The image immediately below is used by permission as part of my ongoing studies for a dissertation on the proof of human physical/energy dynamics. [Earlier page about "Energy Anatomy."]


This dissertation was originally dedicated to the memory of Dr. John Bastyr [more]

He trusted the Vital Force, and used science to understand it as much as possible; his hope was that the school named after him would illuminate the minds and hearts of practitioners whose work would help relieve human suffering;

Illustration of BodyScan Principle [BodyScan, Inc. -- 1980s]

The company's scientists designed a test room in which a person would sit and have beams of light passed from one side to the other. The sensor on the other side of the body would detect changes in the light as a result of its interaction with the field surrounding the body. This company offered stock to investors. The company later disbanded. A notable investor in this technology was John Bastyr, D.C.,N.D., whose name is honored at Bastyr University.


and, also to the memory of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann [more]

He disclosed clues to the human’s Living Power and devised scientific steps to learn about it and devised physical and educational steps that can be taken to remove the unseen energies that distort the person’s ability to fully experience health; 

and also, to the memory of Dr. Björn Nordenström [more]

He discovered the scientific basis for the unseen “electromagnetic anatomy” of the human being, and applied that knowledge to help many who had been given diagnoses of cancer.

Two modern discoveries help to explain phenomena that in the past seemed “impossible” or “not natural.” In the last two centuries the works of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Dr. Björn Nordenström made possible a new understanding of the natural world. We now have the opportunity to integrate many approaches that were often successful in helping relieve suffering but were not seen as scientifically supportable.

Their discoveries highlight the phenomenon of the change in human thinking once a new fact about nature has been discovered. The most dramatic description that I have encountered -- of this phenomenon of a change in how people see the world -- is detailed in the book, The Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and The Birth of America. The story of how humans realized that around them is an identifiable thing called “air” is a gripping example of what can happen once a truth is solidly established. Without the discovery of air, humans would never have flown airplanes, or gone to the Moon, or devised treatments for premature infants who need help breathing. The examples of the results of the discovery of air are too many to count and impossible to separate from the rest of scientific discovery or from the conduct of society in modern times.

Equally as dramatic are the changes that are now being introduced into the field of Medicine and into the public awareness about health and how to protect and improve health as a result of discoveries in quantum physics and the necessary recognition of the energy aspects of life.

Einstein’s equation (E = mc2) reflects the simultaneous physical and energy aspects of life. After his inputs scientists could move beyond the limits of the theories of Descartes and Newton. Fractal Geometry, Chaos/Pattern Theory and Quantum Physics are some new terms that developed as a result of careful, scientific exploration into the new territory. Humans can never again travel the same path they walked before the discovery of air and the discovery of energies.

We can now understand much more fully why ancient treatments were successful or often failed to restore full health. And we can see how it is possible to augment modern treatments for physical and mental conditions, as well as how to more effectively protect health of body and mind.

An important note at the beginning: A priceless truth about the success of these “Men of Science” is that without the women in their lives they would have not existed. The wives/life partners of Hahnemann, Nordenström and Einstein were essential to their productivity, to their being fully human. They provided the stable base, encouragement and energy exchange necessary for healthy contribution to society. [End of excerpt.]

Note: 01/16/2011.  Behind this essay and this entire website is the intelligence and love of Emma Bezy, Director of the Spirituality, Health & Medicine Department (1999-2001) of Bastyr University. [Website dedication.]

Note: 01/13/2011.   As you will see in the many essays and presentations on this site, I advocate working with both the physical and the energy aspects of human health. A planned set of blog entries on my clinical site will deal with the challenge of seeing people as more than physical:

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