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A) Coaching or Connections Choices Discussions, and B) Tele-Health/Email

See below: 1. Quiz to Qualify | 2. Pre-Pay Deposit-then-Activation system

A) Coaching or Connections Choices Discussions:
Welcome. For those who are taking steps to be the best that they can be, or who want an accountability relationship, the new field of coaching may be a breakthrough for you. The Connections Choices Discussion is a chance to talk with me about your situation and what my perspective is on what approaches may be helpful for you; this is 20 minutes of discussion (see pricing below). During these sessions I include references to information and/or emailed documents that you can use to improve your health.

You don't need to come to the office for a medical appointment in order to find ways to better your life.

Coaching defined: Read more about how coaching can improve your life on the site of by clicking on the button below.
Please also read: Medical Disclaimer

I offer HIPAA-compliant encrypted private communications via the patient portal system: [HelloHealth introduction page -- opens in new window]

Optional Enhancements:
1. You may also choose to fill out and return the digital Patient Assessment Form on the Helpful Forms page.
2. You may also choose to order laboratory testing prior to an appointment with Dr. Wilson. [here] [Note: The international option for blood testing is explained on the linked site; however, due to Internet rules the international page will only be visible to people whose computer has an international identification number. Click here to see if your computer can access the Blood Spot test and other information.]

B) Tele-Health [including email exchanges -- see list below]::

Information for those who have contracted with Health Nation and other consultation services. The Wikipedia description: "...Telehealth adds a new paradigm in healthcare, where the patient is monitored between physician office visits. This has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and visits to the Emergency Room, while improving patient's quality of life. Telehealth also benefits patients where traditional delivery of health services are affected by distance and lack of local specialist clinicians to deliver services..."


If you have contracted with Health Nation or other distance consultation service, please consult their guidelines about use of distance consultations.


This internet site and Dr. Wilson's practice are not urgent care services. Please contact local Emergency Services or call 911 if you are in urgent need of medical care. If you have established an ongoing relationship with a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor you are encouraged to consult them for urgent medical concerns.


Dr. Wilson's services are HIPAA-compliant for security of information.


The consults are strictly informational; we are not diagnosing or treating the caller's medical condition. 


Local Naturopathic Physician diagnosis and treatment: It is recommended that you consult the online locator service at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (, to arrange a visit in person to a naturopathic physician for physical examination and definitive assessment and treatment.

Medical Disclaimer


Finally: If  you are still interested in saving time regarding to "checking out the good doctor..." you are invited to visit the Quiz [on the Clinical Site] to see if you are ready for Dr. Wilson's intricate algorithms of referral, collaboration and direct connection with the committed client/patient. Click: Quiz to Qualify.


Prepay for Counseling and Coaching

For Telehealth and Coaching -- after you first send an introductory email or call and we decide to begin coaching/Telehealth -- you can make payment with your credit card using my Deposit-then-Activation system.*

Payments are processed through PayPal, which is a secure method that does not reveal your information to me. You simply make your selection on the menu below and click Buy Now. You'll be taken to the PayPal window where you can complete the payment safely and securely. That generates a receipt and emails it to you instantly.


*Deposit-then-Activation system: Payments that are made prior to the start of the coaching/Telehealth email exchanges, or voice/video consultations are held in an escrow-like status until after the appointment or after the first email exchange.

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20 Minute Connections Choices Discussion


30 Minute Online/Voice Counseling or Coaching Chat


60 Minute Online/Voice Counseling or Coaching Chat


Email Counseling or Coaching Exchange (One-Off)


  Email Counseling or Coaching Package of 4 Exchanges


Email Counseling or Coaching Package of 8 Exchanges


Counseling/Coaching Sessions


Click here for Helpful Forms:

Agreement to Counseling or Coaching

Notice of Privacy Practices

"Patient Assessment Form- PAF" (helpful for international consultations)



Pre-consultation Lab Testing with International testing option [more]




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