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Reckeweg's Homotoxicology Table of Human Adaptation to Toxics

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Homotoxicology describes what I call "Human toxic management": How the body reacts to attack by "toxins." For more information you can visit the German site, Homotoxicology. The chart below (two formats) is taught by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., as a way to understand the changes in symptoms and feelings during a person's life of struggle against the toxins around them. The conditions that are named in the table are the western medicine labels for the situation of the body during that current phase of its attempts to heal from the assault by toxins. If the person with one of those conditions is treated successfully, according to the developer of the table, Dr. Hans Reckeweg, then the person may develop symptoms that western medicine likely would call a separate "disease" that was less life-threatening but still of concern.

Below: Have you been labeled a "Hypochondriac"?

The Hypochondriac:
Have you been labeled a "hypochondriac"?

[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

On the next page are some expanded ways of evaluating the person shown as The Hypochondriac. It falls into place if one understands neurotoxicity, nutritional medicine and has studied the work of doctors and researchers of acumeridian theory, Ayurveda, and other non-mainstream systems of health care.


Humorous presentation of this information:

Homo toxicanus: a "new species."