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The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing


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Book review and recommendation

Allyson McQuinn, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst & homeopathy, describes this medical system and how it can lead to major new changes in people's lives.

Dr. McQuinn's work is so important that I want all my patients to purchase her book. They can be ordered online, and I hope to carry the books in my office in the future. The book can be purchased as an E-book for download immediately, or as a printed book. Whenever I read parts of the book I find myself wishing that patients and other practitioners that I know would all read it. >> Order: Printed Version | Instant E-Book download

Table of Contents

Forward and Acknowledgements

Jordan’s Birth

Colic & Constipation

Homeopathy Magical Cure?

Bad Boy Behavior

Jordan Meets Homeopathy

Jordan’s Final Effort to “Hang On”

Sequential Therapy

Back to Jordan

Treating Mom

The Journey Begins

The Timeline Approach

What’s a Constitution?

Which Constitution Are You?

Constitutions and Love

The Depths of Treatment

My Birth

The Miasms

The Miasmatic Baggage

Round Number Two

The Mercury & Yeast Connection

Breast Tumor?

Facing the Shadow

Where To Go From Here

End Notes

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Cover Art: The Path to Cure


Excerpts from Dr. McQuinn's powerful book:

Dedication:  "For Jordan, your strength and courage led me to the dark side of the moon and beyond."

"...At 12 months, Jordan had already had two vaccines and if I could have foreseen what was coming after the MMR at 15 months, I would have suspended the scheduled shot long enough to do some additional research. But who could have known what was to come?"...

"...I had heard vague positive things about an ancient healing system called Homeopathy. 'Why not?' I thought. 'Nothing else is working.' I called a local homeopathy and..."

"...We are told that if we pay attention to our regimen by exercising, eating well, drinking enough water, sleeping six to eight hours every night and surrounding ourselves with supportive, loving people we will live longer, healthier lives. But what happens if our systems are continually compromised by stresses, seemingly beyond our control, and we actually incur a chronic condition that won't let up?..."

"...Dr. Hahnemann refers to the body's organs in an order of hierarchy; the skin obviously being the most external and one of the least noble organs of the body. The body is designed to push disease out to the least noble organs in order to preserve the core where the more noble organs reside.... I know a woman who used to suffer with severe eczema as a child. She went to her family doctor who prescribed a cortisone cream, the external condition seemed to clear up and she was quite happy with the results. That autumn, she noticed that she developed hay fever and asthma. She returned to the doctor to see what could be done and she left with a prescription for a "puffer," also containing cortisone. Her hay fever seemed to diminish, providing she kept on using the drug. However, she noticed that she was feeling more and more depressed..."

 The book includes her decision to study the system of treatment called Heilkunst after she saw that it helped her son and also with her own health concerns. It is a well-written documentation of how natural laws are now being understood more clearly and applied to bring levels of health never before experienced.

Forward -- by Rudi Verspoor, FHCH, HD (RHom.) DMH:

The greatest story ever told is the story of the journey of each of us to find ourselves. This journey is often an arduous one, requiring one to travel into the darkest reaches of the soul and spirit, a journey that Joseph Conrad termed going “into the heart of darkness” and Scripture calls “the valley of the shadow of death.” For that reason, it is a journey seldom taken, the “narrow path” to the Kingdom of God.

The story of mankind is not so much the evolution of matter as a modern, material science would have us believe, but the evolution of human consciousness, for matter is but the stage against which the struggle between the forces of light and dark are thrown up, like a Javanese shadow puppet play. Life, as Goethe, the great 17th century scientist and poet, contemporary of the founder of homeopathy and Heilkunst, stated, is but the result of the “deeds and sufferings” of these polar forces. We are born into this world not simply as a random fact, but as a soul-spiritual being with a particular mission to evolve further in our consciousness and spiritual purpose. Health then becomes not so much a matter of removing symptoms at the physical level, a kind of negative state of no pain, as a positive state of greater inner awareness and dedication to the expression of one’s deepest desires and fulfillment. This is what Heilkunst is all about.

A true system of medicine must be grounded in natural law and must also remove the true causes of disease, which lie often at the level of our energetic existence, up into our soul and spiritual dimension. It is not enough to remove symptoms if this removal is a result of suppression. Our symptoms are a language of the body mirroring the state of our soul-spiritual being. We can shoot the messenger so to speak, but then we lose the gift hidden in the dark recesses of our pain. If we remove our pain by removing the deeper cause according to natural law, we find that we receive the gift of a deeper awareness and realization about ourselves and our purpose here on earth. We become more alive in terms of our senses and our spiritual capacity.

Heilkunst is a German tern for the “art of rendering one whole” or, in its more esoteric sense, the “art and science of salvation.” It is not a religious conversion, but a profound scientific system that emerged out of the Romantic Movement in Western evolution of using natural law to convert disease and imbalance in our being into light forces so that we can unfold the divine potential that exists within each of us. It was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a man of genius like Goethe. Dr. Hahnemann’s name is more readily associated with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is but one aspect of this remarkable system of rational medicine termed Heilkunst, which encompasses diet, nutrition, energy and manipulation therapies, essences, psychotherapy, medicine proper and also the transforming of belief into knowledge.

Allyson’s story is remarkable precisely as all stories of those treated by Heilkunst are, because she had the courage to undertake the long journey of the soul to find herself. While it is a difficult journey it is also one of liberation and self-worth, of transforming the traumas and weight of the past into the joy and light of the present. It is a story that we all contain within us to varying degrees if we are willing to undergo it. While we may at first be seeking only to remove the pain, we soon learn that it involves as much the discovery of what we have lost. In the process, the pain leaves and a deep inner peace and contentment emerges; one that allows us to face the challenges of life with hope, trust and love, instead of dread, suspicion and fear. Allyson has gone further in her journey, as her self-discovery has led her to study Heilkunst at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa, Canada so that she might share what she has achieved and learned with others who wish to undertake the same journey of self-discovery.

I thank her for being willing to share the details of her journey with others in this book. It is never easy to let others into the private recesses of our soul. I also thank her for having devoted her energy and thoughts to becoming a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. It takes courage and a profound level of inner health to step out and to daily confront disease and suffering in others. The world and those who come into contact with her during her life will be the better for it.

Rudi Verspoor, FHCH, HD (RHom.) DMH
Dean, Hahnemann College for Heilkunst
Director, Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst
Trustee, Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst Trust

Book Cover - Autism and Heilkunst

Another good book:

Autism: The Journey Back -- Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst

Children's Developmental Challenges: Once the Heilkunst model is applied, these are methodically treated and the child's health is more clearly understood. This process gradually leads the child back to self-awareness and regaining control after treating Chronic Miasms and Chthonic diseases. >> More

[An important note about the Sustentive side of human conditions, including Autism/ASD:]

I spoke at the IABC Congress honoring Dr. Nordenström. Stunning information was presented by many speakers.

Biophysics, clinical applications and future possibilities that have sprung from the discoveries of Björn Nordenström, M.D. 

Information shared included sobering discoveries about vaccine additives and brain cell injury in Autism and more, presented by Andrew Moulden, M.D.:

NOTE: Dr. Moulden told me that he has been denounced by the Canadian medical authorities and that attempts have been made to remove his information from the internet. The links on this page may not be current by the time you read this. ADDENDUM: Recently we found this site some of Dr. Moulden's videos.


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