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Notes on "Dynamization"


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This page will include references to homeopathic practitioners and their use of the "violent shaking" that Hahnemann happened to discover unlocks hidden powers within substances. I mention this elsewhere, but it bears repeating because it is this process that is the key and is little understood. I am sure it is related to quantum physics and vibrational qualities of matter.

The names given to this process include: Succussion, Dynamization, Potentization, Violent Shaking, Homeopathic Dilution (a misnomer because mere dilution alone fails to achieve the effect).

He began to triturate (grind) and succuss (shake) the medicinal substances, discovering by experiment that the highly diluted remedies were even more potent after they had been succussed... The universe was pervaded by the vital force. Hahnemann was no theoretical mystic; he was a practical experimenter whose reach in these matters exceeded his grasp because he was confronted with material two hundred years before a vocabulary to deal with it had been developed. Even now most of us still operate in a Newtonian, pre-Einsteinian universe, despite the fact that modern physics has revealed its partiality.. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...". [Hahnemann] 

From A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley


Essays Below:
Dynamized table salt: Natrum muriaticum From my essay on Homeopathy Theory  


Natrum Muriaticum
(Sodium Chloride: Common Salt, potentized)

[This essay [link] focuses on the effects of "Succussion", which made dramatic changes even though they lacked scientific knowledge to explain it then -- see Expanded Paradigm.]

Natrum mur. is one of the drugs introduced and proved by Hahnemann and five of his provers: reproved by the Austrian provers, and by others: the provings being mostly made from the Ist to the 30th (centesimal) potencies.

Hahnemann says in regard to Salt... "If it be true that substances which are capable of producing similar diseases in the healthy organism, it is difficult to comprehend how all nations, even savages and barbarians, should have used salt in large quantities without experiencing any deleterious effects from that mineral... Considering that salt, when ordinarily used, has no pernicious effect upon the organism, we ought not to expect any curative influence from that substance. Nevertheless salt contains the most marvellous curative powers in a latent state.

"The transmutation, by means of the peculiar mode of preparation adopted in homeopathy, of a substance like salt, which is apparently inert in its crude state, into a heroic medicine, the use of which requires the greatest discrimination, is one of the most convincing proofs, even to the most prejudiced, of the fact that the peculiar processes of trituration and succussion resorted to in homeopathy, bring to light a new world of powers which Nature keeps latent in crude substances. These processes operate, so to say, a new creation. "

But in a footnote he alludes to the fact that even apparently innocent substances, including salt, when taken to excess, may become hurtful.

Burnett, in one of his brilliant little monographs, takes " Natrum Muriaticum as test of the doctrine of Drug Dynamization. " He points out that many doctors accept Hahnemann's Law only, but regard potentization as irrational and unscientific. But, he says, "our beliefs have nothing to do with truth... disbelieving a thing does not disprove it:... in the same way that the presence of nothing but atheists in the world would not do away with the Supreme Being. "... Again, "Drugs, as has been affirmed by many able practitioners, by Hahnemann himself, and as daily and hourly re - affirmed by men of sound science, do act differently and better when dynamized. In fact many affirm, as did Hahnemann, that the doctrine" (of potentization) "is of transcendental importance; since many serious diseases can only be cured with dynamized drugs, being entirely incurable with the same drug in substantial doses, and therefore altogether incurable, unless with a highly potentized remedy. "

Burnett, "had had no great respect for Natrum mur. as a remedy and had very seldom used it; because how can any sensible man believe that the common condiment, which we ingest almost at every meal, can possibly be of any curative value: especially as some are known to eat salt in considerable quantities every day without any apparent deleterious effect..." While "to believe in salt as a remedy is almost synonymous with believing in the doctrine of drug dynamization, and a belief in this doctrine is extremely repulsive to one's common sense. Perhaps the proper spirit would be gratitude to a beneficent Creator," adds Burnett.

Burnett's "convertion" was thus. He had a patient with very obstinate neuralgia, on which he had exhausted all the neuralgic drugs, as set down for that disease. Being "at the end of his tether," he sent her to the seaside, and - she came back worse ! The neuralgia had been far worse at the sea. He jumped at the idea that it might have been the salty air that had made her worse, and prescribed Natrum mur. 6 - and cured her promptly. Worse at the seaside was thereafter one of his great indications for Nat. mur. But this also converted him as regards Hahnemann's claims for Potentization; this and other cases: for had not this patient been eating salt, inhaling salt, with not only no cure, but with, on the contrary, aggravation of symptoms, and lo ! potentized salt immediately cured her. Burnett was no fool: with him, Prejudice bowed before Facts. In that little book - Natrum muriaticum, the test of drug dynamization, he gives a number of brilliant cures by potentized salt.

His idea was that, in the same way that an infant gets ample lime salts in its food, yet fails to assimilate enough for its needs till it gets the stimulus of potentized Calcarea; so the hunger of Natrum mur. for salt is a very real hunger; the patient is not assimilating enough to satisfy his tissue needs, till he gets the stimulus of the potentized drug.

In regard to this veritable transmutation of Sodium chloride from a common aliment into a powerful remedial agent by potentization, one remembers that the late Dr. Molson used to tell how he got the Coastguard at Brighton "because they had nothing to do" to go on triturating Natrum mur., to produce higher and higher potencies. Instead of the usual three triturations which reduce a substance to one in a million, and by which the most intractable substances, becoming soluble in water and alcohol, are easily run up into the higher potencies, he found that by such repeated trituration his Natrum mur. became so intensely - almost explosively - active, that at last he was positively afraid to administer it.

Dr. Burnett, when first experimenting with Nat. mur. used to take frequent pinches of the potentized drug, to see what it could do. Inter alia it opened a crack in the middle of his lower lip! - a thing he had never had before, and never had again after discontinuing his pinches. It was his habit to thus crudely prove remedies that interested him, on himself...

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[Essay: From Homeopathy Theory]


...Vibration and Its Crucial Role in Homeopathy:

A key piece to the puzzle of homeopathy is the role of vibration in making the medicines. Without it there is no homeopathy. This was stated by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., the original describer of the homeopathic phenomenon. 1. When homeopathic preparations were only diluted (with a gentle swirling action for mixing with the pure water added at each step) Hahnemann discovered there was no healing response when it was given to a patient. 2. When homeopathic preparations were strongly vibrated (in a method described as "shaking" or "stirring" in modern literature but done in a specific way that Hahnemann called "succussion", "dynamization", or "potentization") at higher steps of dilution he found an increased healing response.


It is worth looking at this issue of vibration further because I think it will intrigue those who are familiar with quantum physics and with the increasing awareness of the effects of electromagnetic phenomena on biological health. Hahnemann and his students discovered that the quality of vibration made a difference.


1. When the vibration was done by pounding the vial containing the dilution against one's open palm, or against a resilient surface (Hahnemann would use a leather-bound book, often the Bible), then the preparation would evoke a healing response in the patient.


2. When the vibration was done by pounding the container against a wooden or hard surface then the preparation would not induce a healing response. When I considered this small technical note I had discovered (while trying to make sense of homeopathy for myself), it became clear that the difference was in the waveform of the pressure curve experienced by the solution. If the curve were in the form of a "spike wave" then the solution would not work. But if the pressure were in the shape of the familiar "sine wave" (parabola) then there would be activation of the homeopathic principle. It seems that too abrupt a change in direction of the solution causes a dissipation of the phenomenon.


[DRAWING of sine wave and spike wave forms.  If the pressure curve of the succussion of the homeopathic remedy were in a "sine wave" form, then there would be activation of the homeopathic principle.  However, if the pressures were abrupt and in a "spike wave" shape, then there would be no evoked healing response in the patient.]


Disruptive vibrations and an unexpected danger:

Further data about the homeopathic phenomenon is fascinating:

1. When the preparations are exposed to a strong electromagnet they seem to lose their ability to cause a healing response.

2. When they are exposed to direct sunlight they lose the ability to evoke a healing response

3. When some individuals sleep under electric blankets they have lost the benefits they had experienced from taking a homeopathic medicine.

4. When exposed to strong volatile oils the preparations lose their ability to evoke a healing response.

5. A report by a homeopath in New York City is sobering: He studied the problems in behavior associated with city living and considered the water supply as a source of destabilizing influence. He noted that as the water flowed down from reservoirs, falling down pipes and vibrating around bends in the pipes there might be a potentizing phenomenon on the chemicals in the water. One chemical added to the water was fluoride. Indeed, the symptoms caused by fluorinum include many of the social problems seen in the city (unsociable behavior, sexual over-excitement, mental exhaustion and fatigue, etc.). It was as if the entire city had been treated with long-term exposure to the vibrational energy of fluoride. He found that prescribing homeopathic fluoric acid helped a number of his patients. It acted almost like an antidote, or mirror image of the negative influence from the vibrated fluoride water.


The Strongest Vibrations:

A curious note I found was about an experiment in the 1800s, the making of the "Wainwright dilutions." Someone went to a flourmill that was powered by a waterwheel. They fastened the bottles with the dilutions to a pounding pole that would go up and down day in and day out. Dilutions could be left for days or weeks at a time for each stage of the vibration. It was said that those were the most powerful homeopathic remedies ever made.


In modern days there have been devices successfully used for making homeopathic dilutions. Some have a holder for the bottle at the end of a jig arm that would have a slight bounce at the end (a "sine wave" pressure curve). Some practitioners (notably Dr. John Bastyr) would make homeopathic preparations by holding the bottle onto the upturned head of an ultrasound treatment device for a few seconds at each stage of dilution. Some companies use a rubber pad to pound against. And I have heard of one that is using a Bible for preparing their medicines in the original way.


Does the Theory Make Sense? New translations are opening doors:

The skeptics' main question is how does homeopathy work? Readers need to know there are more than one theory about homeopathy. (I will sketch my understanding of the electromagnetic dynamics of homeopathy below.)...