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Osseous Imaging - Research Project

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This page links to some information about a special research project with which I was associated.  The project included several dynamic assessment and treatment methods. The most fascinating aspect of the project to date is the graphic images that are now possible to guide practitioners in choosing what options are most effective as the next step in the patient's treatment program.


The MillenniumScan  organization offers unique imaging to guide dentists in their decision-making process. The images they are capable of producing include not only the standard x-ray visualization of cross sections of the skull and teeth. The most striking advancement they have made is the three-dimensional imaging of the bones of the body.

[Originally posted as private:]

The Chalice and the Vision Quest

This image is shared with you

as one human being to another.

Seeing it was a deeply meaningful spiritual experience for me.


[click to see 7-image view - PDF]


I just had an experience that very few people in the history of humankind have gone through and I offer to share it with you. You may find your life transformed when you realize what happened. You may find this affirms realizations you have already had. Or you may find it too raw to take in and you must turn from the sight of what is deeply meaningful and spiritual to me.


I just went through what I can only call a spiritual revelation. It was like a shamanic death experience. I am still shaking myself back to full consciousness and see life in a strangely different way. I am moving through life differently now. I have seen much suffering, loss and death in my life---both personally and as a physician. The importance of redemption, rebirth and resurrection becomes more evident the longer I live. You and I have shared significant passages. Some were beyond words.


In the words of the Judeo-Christian Bible, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” In the words of the Upanishads (and Oppenheimer---the atom bomb creator), “I have become death…” The Islamic concept of the Oneness of our Source of life is clear to me now. You visitors to this page may need to call upon all your spiritual and inner resources to make personal sense of the kind of thing that just happened to me. In a way it does not have to happen for you because you can learn from the graphic art I created and you can view here.


The images: Reduced to the solid bones that are the Chalice that holds my life, my raw bones became visible through the Spiral CT examination I just had. It was part of a research project in conjunction with MillenniumScan.com,  and supervised by Lowell Weiner, DDS, formerly Dean of Integrative Dental Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine. [I have permission to share this small portion of the project, with the explanation that this format is not commercially available and Dr. Weiner is in charge of the dental medicine interpretation of the imaging.] When printed on glossy photo paper it was stunning. I was deeply moved by these. The rugged symmetry of a warrior is immediately evident to me; the wonderful way that we are created to smile was easy to see; and seeing the huge openings we have for eyes with vision to take in the energies of the Creation was a moving experience. Finally, the most obvious "Ah-Ha!" experience for me was to visually inspect the "bowl", the goblet, the Chalice that holds the precious substance of my life on earth that will some day be fully poured out.


You will make of this what you need to. As for me, I am using it to re-examine my life and what is going on around it. We can apply the lesson to everything we see in our days.




Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.

Washington, DC  summer 2003