Introducing Dr. McKenzie's Insights into PTSD, Trauma, Schizophrenia and Attention/Brain Function Concerns

[v. August 3, 2014]

I developed this page from an earlier page to share crucial information about brain health, trauma, and mental health issues. The focus of this page was Dr. McKenzie's book. However, there is additional information below and on my other internet pages about recent developments in brain health and the effects of trauma, both psychological and from military combat.

Note re recent establishment of DC Area Naturopathic Neuropsych Support Services [link]:

Dr. McKenzie's insights can be further empowered by combining them with recent neuroscience discoveries on: Neuroplasticity, "Mirror Neurons" and "Implicit Memory". A resource that has interviews with luminaries in mental health is Shrink Rap Radio. These three are described in the interview, "Unlocking the Emotional Brain with Bruce Ecker, M.A." I think that when combined with that technique (Coherence Therapy), and two other methods of engendering change (Family Constellations | FlexAware neuro-structural rehab and fitness), his work can lead to major shift and possible complete removal of the situation called, "Schizophrenia."

Items below: Psychology Interviews | Amen Clinic brain imaging | Dr. Mckenzie's book and videos | Assessments (some labs) | Neural Nurturing | QEEG | Craniosacral | Family Constellations | FlexAware | Somatics/Bodywork/Biofeedback | Biological Dentistry | Acupuncture | Homeopathy & Heilkunst | Warm Water Therapy | Toxics and the Healing Process | New--"What Treatment Should I Select For a Chronic Medical or Psychiatric Disorder?"
See also: New Brain Science
Having Schizophrenia is Unnecessary: Origin, Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention.(Part 1)
Having Schizophrenia is Unnecessary: Origin, Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention.(Part 2)

The new book by psychiatrist Clancy McKenzie, M.D., Babies Need Mothers, declares that delayed PTSD explains schizophrenia. He observes that PTSD  resulted from an initial incident of perceived childhood separation from mother that implanted a deeply ingrained "survival circuit" (my term, not his) of fear and distress. Later in life this circuit can be reactivated resulting in extreme fear and distrust of others. The results can be devastating; the movie "A Beautiful Mind" shows this; Dr. McKenzie knows Dr. Nash, who endorses his book (see below).  His treatments include careful understanding of the genesis of the condition and administering treatments in accordance with this genesis. See the book for details.

[Note, Sep 3, 2009: Dr. McKenzie knows Dr. Charles Gant. I think that there would be more rapid recovery if Dr. Gant's BioFunctional Psychology insights were incorporated into treatment plans. Dr. Gant interviewed Dr. McKenzie; you can listen to the interview podcast below.]

Book Cover w/endorsements [ PDF] | PTSD/Mental Illness article: "Delayed Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Mechanism and the Unification Model for Mental Illness" | Dr. McKenzie's Internet Site


*This abandonment event imprints what is like a "hard-wired" circuit in the infant's brain. Later in life some event triggers that circuit to take control and guide the person in survival-oriented interpretations of inputs and self-protective actions. This split from sophisticated adult mental processing results in a puzzling shift into behavior that seems bizarre. The trigger event can be any of a number of events including side effects to medications (or withdrawal such as from Adderal), traumatic events such as loss of a loved one, possibly chemical toxicity in a susceptible individual.

Cover flaps from hard-cover edition

               Inside front cover flap:


Sometimes what is most profound is profoundly simple once revealed. This might apply to concepts found in this book.


New understanding is presented with such simplicity that a child can comprehend, and it is changing the thinking of renown leaders in the field.


A simple process is hypothesized, one that everyone already knows, one for which twelve precise parallels are drawn, one that is backed with significant data.


Did the brightest minds, the costliest research, the mountains of peer-reviewed literature and the billions of research dollars fail to make the critical distinction between cause and effect?


Could this possibly be?  


Evaluate this for yourself and see. If indeed a true cause has been identified, then true prevention is made possible, for the first time.   


Schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, school violence, autism, symbiosis, drug and alcohol dependence, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and more, might fall into the ranks of what can be prevented, and prevented at three levels:

1. prevention of origin, very early in life, 

2. prevention of a first breakdown later in life,              

3. prevention of a recurrence, based on new understanding of origin and mechanism.

               Inside back cover flap:


Dr. Clancy McKenzie is a widely acclaimed authority on the understanding of origins, mechanisms and treatment of schizophrenia.  He graduated from the University of Michigan School of Medicine in 1962, and then focused his attention on the study of the human mind. 


Dr. McKenzie acquired valuable knowledge about the complex realm of mental illness while studying at the Menninger School of Psychiatry, followed by several years of training at the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center and the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute.


In 1986 Dr. McKenzie was nominated for the Dana Award for Pioneering Achievements in Health.


In 1996, Dr. McKenzie wrote a textbook – Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorders From Infancy: The Two Trauma Mechanism – with co-author Dr. Lance Wright. 


Dr. McKenzie’s deep commitment to serving people was recognized when he was awarded Temple University ’s Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s Humanitarian Award for his outstanding devotion to patients suffering from the effects of schizophrenia.


Since 1966, Dr. McKenzie has studied the relationship between trauma and Schizophrenia.  Through the years he has dedicated himself to the evaluation and analysis of trauma and its immediate and long-range effects on behavior and mental health.


Dr. McKenzie's new book is a rare example of careful conceptual reasoning about basic categories in medicine. Ultimately this is what is sorely needed in rational thinking about the mysteries of mental illness. This book is a fascinating contribution and well worth reading, precisely because it upsets the applecart. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get beyond rigid categorization in psychiatry and look at enduring problems of the mind in new ways. -- Raymond Moody; author, Life After Life; M.D., PsyD, PhD philosophy

Psychiatry has become, in my opinion, too much of the idea of merely "drugs and observations," and of course this pattern can be considered in relation to the profits made by the companies developing and selling the drugs. I endorse broader considerations in psychiatry, such as Dr. McKenzie proposes. -- John F. Nash, Jr.; Nobel Laureate (

Dr.McKenzie's book is revolutionary. Some long sought answers to causes of psychosis and other severe mental illnesses are explained in clear and understandable language. He not only describes cause and effect, but also provides remedies for healing that are unique and long lasting. He shows clearly and unmistakably the way to recover health, and his findings could change the prevailing way of treating chronic mental difficulties. -- Harold Stern, PhD, Psychoanalyst

Old theories of modern science literally melt away before the riveting and crystal clear logic that erases any thought of current hypotheses. -- Dr. Stephen Levine, Scientist, Author; Founder & CEO, Allergy Research Group

This book is rich in new ideas that are a further development of the enlightening, stimulative and provocative ideas described in his earlier book with Lance S. Wright, MD: Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorders from Infancy: The Two Trauma Mechanism. I have used this latter book in my courses at Georgetown University and I plan to continue to use the ideas of Dr. McKenzie in my classes. No one will ever regret reading this book. -- Wilfried Ver Eecke, Professor in Philosophy; Adjunct Professor in Psychology; Georgetown University

 Daniel Amen, M.D. and the Amen Clinics network of brain health options.

My page for my certified site in the Amen E-Center network.

New CBS interview. Also: Dr. Amen's new brain health book and DVD; plus a classic that I've enjoyed

Dr. Amen's main site store [here] -- Remember the 15% discount: Code -- ECENTER42



 Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Links

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and "Generation Mars" [his site]
-- My blog on Autonomic Science & Brain Mapping, etc.--
1. Dr. Amen has used Brain Mapping and neurofeedback.
There are local resources for this in DC.

2. I am proud to have seen patients in the office of Dr. Tom Budzynski and Dr. Helen Kogan Budzynski.

Buzz Lightyear with Neurofeedback telemetry 

The genesis of schizophrenia is described by Dr. McKenzie as a PTSD event in infancy.* [His book can now be ordered -- $20, paperback: call 610-664-0948 ]

Assessments for Helping Treat Mental Conditions such as Schizophrenia[see More Details below]:

See also: New Brain Science


The work of Charles Gant, M.D., founder of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics. [info]  



     In some situations additional intravenous minerals/vitamins/amino acids may be recommended.

     Dr. Gant's program includes recommendations for heavy metal detoxification when necessary, or other measures.

     There is testing for genetic markers for need of specific metabolic therapy, see "Laboratory testing overview".


Addendum:  Dr. Gant's functional medicine psychiatry viewpoint about dealing with symptoms -- "What Treatment Should I Select For a Chronic Medical or Psychiatric Disorder?"


New: Neural Nurturing. This is the collection of approaches that Kat Michell has combined to create individually tailored programs to balance and harmonize the brain. [Site: Neural Nurturing.]

Chronic Lyme Infection: A major risk factor for neuropsychiatric effects is chronic infection with Lyme and co-infections. This is a matter that I plan to address with more information in the future. Some important links about this include the following:
1) New book: Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment 
2) Neuro-Cognitive Lyme Disease
3) A psychiatrist's personal ordeal with Lyme

4) Dr. Klinghardt re Lyme Disease
5) My information about Dr. Klinghardt

6) Scott Forsgren's Lyme disease site [BetterHealthguy]
7) "Turn The Corner"  Foundation: The Fight Against Lyme Disease
8) International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (

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Non-invasive qEEG brain function assessment [promoted by Dr. Xenakis below]: "Brain Mapping" .


    *New program that uses Quantum EEG brain imaging is part of The Coming Home Project [see qEEG video below, from Project]

Stephen Xenakis, M.D.: Brain Injury and Quantum EEG (qEEG)

[supporter of The Coming Home Project (click on the strip of photos below the video)]

Dr. Xenakis is also a retired general in the Army (he likened it to being a CEO, helping to get things done) and is promoting the rapid assessment and help for soldiers and veterans who have experienced brain effects from blast concussion and direct trauma. He also speaks (near the end of his talk) about the positive things that we can do to help people understand their life after injury and how they can move ahead into full and rich lives.

I think that qEEG will be helpful for examining all types of brain function, in both civilians and military. This would help us to advise people on how to most effectively rebuild their lives after traumas, whether physical or psychological.

The Coming Home Project (click on picture strip):

[Click on picture to jump below to sign-up information for this free training for those who help victims of trauma.]

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Psychology Interviews:

Resilience: Interview by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., of Shrink Rap Radio: Linda Graham on resilience and mindfulness. [link; opens in new window]

Comment: Dr. Van Nuys reads Dr. Wilson's description of the new psychotherapy of resilience. [MP3 - right click to download; opens in new window]

Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Interview with Bruce Ecker by Dr. Van Nuys. Coherence Therapy explained. [link]

The Unification of Clinical Science and Psychotherapy: Interview with Jeffrey Magnavita, Ph.D. [link]


Psychotherapy Options: My clinical site's page on options for making changes in your life [link]


SPECT imaging: Such as at the Amen Clinic [my introduction
     The work of Daniel Amen, M.D.

     See their site for books, DVDs, and the online SPECT Image Gallery


Relox therapy: Oxygen plus rapid infusion of IV nutrients.

     Described on the site of Bruce Rind, M.D., Washington DC: Click on screen picture below.

     Note: This is only available at NIHA ( .



Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Spa visits:

     For relaxation and increasing sense of connection with others, as well as for its enhancing tissue function and boosting metabolic processes, etc.


Craniosacral Therapy: [more info]

     This is a subtle method of enhancing communication between the conscious brain and the autonomic nervous system. It is perceived as very relaxing and rejuvenating; however, it is a powerful method of bringing awareness to the conscious mind of the deeper activities of the autonomic nervous system. "Somato-Emotional Release" is an option that Dr. Upledger describes as potentially very important. See information on treatment program they offered to Vietnam veterans (Healing Combat Trauma: the Healing Hands Project). 


Family Constellation Therapy:  [more info]

     I have taken many of these classes which are therapeutic events regarding the experience of one's place in the flow of love and nurture through the generations. I have found it useful for my own life, and have seen its benefits for many participants of "constellations".

Click picture to go to site of Matthew Blom and see the video. The video gives a glimpse into the results of this work.

Visit site of Stephan Hausner, Constellations facilitator, frequent visitor/teacher in USA. Visit site of Sheila Saunders, RN, LMFT, facilitator and sponsor of Stephan Hausner's visit.

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FlexAware [described on this site]


Somatics/Bodywork: This is a term, "somatics" that was coined to describe the range of approaches that include the body as part of programs to help the mental and physical health. Here is a link to an excellent interview by Dr. David VanNuys, of Elizabeth Criswell, EDD, about the devlopment of somatics and biofeedback, Feldenkrais, Hannah Somatics, yoga, mindfulness, animal bodywork and more: [link to Shrink Rap Radio interview]


Biofeedback: [described on this site] Such as HeartMathTM biofeedback, from stress reduction device (emWave).


Biological Dental assessment: [described on this site]: 

     Performed by a Biological Dentist (a good choice locally may be a member of IAOMT)

     To assess for benefits of dental revision. Also for cavitational osteonecrosis that often develops

     after extractions.


Acupuncture Treatment Options:

     I write about the emotional correlations of acupuncture Organs on the meridian system: [click here].  

      There are over 2 million findings with Google search for Acupuncture and Mental Health. 

     Articles [I plan to include additional ones]:

       Acupuncture: A Valuable Adjunct Therapy; Michael O. Smith, M.D., D.Ac. (He is a psychiatrist and the article is about addictions but it is a valuable presentation about acupuncture and mental health.)

       Book: I recently read Acupuncture is Like Noodles, about the mental health benefits of acupuncture in a group setting.

       I could write more about acupuncture [read more here], but I want to make it clear here that acupuncture has a very practical benefit and the patient does not need to spend a lot of time learning about theory. As the book, Acupuncture is Like Noodles, puts it, acupuncture should be widely available and not be seen as a high-priced medical treatment (they describe "Zen-Golden Needle Acupuncture", or "White-Coat Acupuncture", delivered at high cost and not used frequently, or not used at all by those with low incomes). My own scientific explanation of acupuncture includes the social benefits of the Autonomic Nervous System (see Three-Level Autonomic Nervous System information), and I see acupuncture as an experience of both a focus on one's own physical body with at the same time a connection to the nurturing energy of the universe and human family that surrounds them. (See Science and Spirituality.) I often fall asleep when I am receiving acupuncture, and sleep is a very good state for the healing process to work without the interference of the mind.


Also recommended by Dr. Wilson:

A) Medical Heilkunst program: [described on this site]

Integrated program of counseling and homeopathic/herbal treatment of fear states:

Under the care of one of the graduates of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy ( This program includes information from Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, Samuel Hahnemann. The program is known as Medical Heilkunst to honor Dr. Hahnemann who wrote das Organon Der Heilkunst.

B) Warm Water Therapy/Watsu [more]


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More details on treatments mentioned above

Dr. Gant's BioFunctional Psychology program:

The laboratory results are assessed and long-term nutritional intervention follow-up program instituted. They coordinate other treatments that may be discovered by laboratory testing such as for heavy metal burden and parasites/gastric flora dysbiosis. Psychiatric medications are acceptable. Dr. Gant supports Dr. Amen's work and the program of Brain Mapping/NeuroGeniSys.


Amen Clinic

Clinics in Washington DC and Seattle areas. I met with Dr. Joseph Annibali, the Chief Psychiatrist at the Reston, VA, branch of the Amen Clinics. Their psychiatrists review the SPECT scan and give the report and make recommendations for both psychiatric medications and nutritional interventions that have been shown to improve the brain activity pattern discovered. Several of their staff have also experienced the "Brain Mapping" and Neurotherapy treatment of the Crossroads program. This does include a short-acting radioactive tracer, so there is some degree of stress to the body from that; however, the heavy metal detoxification measures can help to reduce these after the study.


Heavy metal detoxification:

Mercury dental fillings leak Mercury and this can lead to multi-system interference in susceptible people. 

Mercury can interrupt many physiological and mental functions. Dr. Gant's program includes a focus on heavy metal detoxification.


Dental factors:

Patients often have osteonecrosis and other concerns that biological dentists can address. Many patients have absorbed Mercury from their dental fillings; even if these have been replaced, the tissues of the body store Mercury and it is not subject to a natural excretion pathway, needing to be actively removed by a biological dentist. (see Biological Dentistry)


Integrated program of counseling and homeopathic/herbal treatment:

Under the care of one of the graduates of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy ( This program includes information from Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Samuel Hahnemann. The program is known as Medical Heilkunst.


Other Support:

Social support and encouragement, with awareness of the warnings from Dr. McKenzie about never talking to the patient as if they were a child, and never saying or using gestures that could be interpreted as disapproving.

Important Alert About the Healing Process: If anyone begins treating someone with schizophrenia, there is important wisdom from German Homeopathy. After extensive case management over many decades Dr. Hans Reckeweg developed the model known as Homotoxicology. The Homotoxicology table gives some sobering information about possible developments once a person begins the healing process from schizophrenia [see the bottom row]. Click on the picture to go to the Homotoxicology description page.

Post-Combat Behavioral Health: Certificate program from Alliant International University

[Alliant International University]

This is the information that I originally viewed. It may still be offered. You can contact them.

Post-Combat Behavioral Health Certificate program: To receive a certificate in Post-Combat Behavioral Health you need to complete the four “Introduction” courses we have given you access to. After you have completed the four required courses send me an email and I will verify you completed the necessary requirements for the certificate Post-Combat Behavioral Health and we will send it out to you.


CEU Certificate: If you want to receive a certificate of continuing education units for each course there is a $35 fee per certificate. Send me an email if you want CEU’s and I will send you a payment registration form.



Special Announcement from Alliant International University

> Calling all providers! If you are new to our Web site, please start with the
> "Dear Provider" letter below. It outlines our expectations and procedures,
> and offers guidelines. Providers new and old, please take a look at our
> Provider Outreach Toolkit. In this collection of materials you will find all
> sorts of opportunities to "give an hour" in your community while you are
> waiting for your first GAH referral. Be sure to login and click here.
> ________________________________________________________________________

Special Announcement from Alliant International University

Dear Give an Hour Providers:
> The Continuing Education Department at Alliant International University has
> developed a comprehensive suite of classes to help prepare clinicians to
> work effectively with today's returning vets and their families.
> Delivered online, the classes are convenient, informative, engaging--and
> lead to a Certificate in Post-Combat Behavioral Health.
> The Certificate has four tracks--Combat Operational Stress & PTSD,
> Concussive Injuries & TBI, Military Culture, and Vets Benefits --with an
> "Introduction to ..." class for each track. Continuing Ed at Alliant is
> happy to make these Introduction classes available to all Give an Hour
> providers, along with CE certification, for a reduced fee of $35 fee per
> class. Without the CE certificate, they are free of charge. Although we
> refer to the four classes as Introductions, please do not assume that they
> are brief and superficial. On the contrary, they are among the lengthiest
> and most substantive classes we provide online.
> We offer other valuable classes beyond the Introductory level, and are
> constantly adding more. We hope you will be interested in deepening your
> training in some of the areas; at CE pricing, they are quite inexpensive.
> However, if price is a barrier on these additional classes, please contact
> us.
> To register or get additional information, contact our registrar, Eric
> Melendez: 415-955-2029
> .......................................
> CE at Alliant is also experimenting with other, nonpresentational, methods
> for training clinicians.
> One new method is a narrative approach to teaching about military language
> and culture as it would be relevant to clinicians. We have begun to develop
> this approach in an online course called Web Stories: Military Talk. If you
> are interested in this course, please contact our registrar.



[From Eric Melendez: ( ]

Hello Ralph,


Here is what you need so you can get started:


Thank you for taking time as a Give an Hour volunteer to receive additional training in post-combat behavioral health. We are providing you with listening access to the following courses:


Introduction to PTSD for Clinicians (3 hours)

Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury for Clinicians (6 hours)

Introduction to Military Culture for Clinicians (5 hours)

Introduction to Vets Benefits for Clinicians (1.5 Hours)

Web Stories: Military Talk.  (2 hours)


Here is how you can access the Post-Combat Behavioral Health courses:


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