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The Autonomic Nervous System as part of  the human experience: A fast-paced review for our clinic staff about the ANS as complex "Inner Protector" and how it helps or hinders your free expression of dynamic health  [MP3, 22MB] Please note that this talk does not include "Part 2" in which I intend to tell them about homeopathy and the higher levels of influence on the ANS so that the "Inner Protector" is not the negotiator and that there are higher energies to consider.

"The ANS: How Health Happens" [click here: PDF] and Slide Show for talk above [click here PDF].  >> Autonomic Science Section

The Eye as a Window to Integrative Medicine: A presentation made at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's health fair for its employees, September 2007. [ MP3, 42MB]

[Information about the author and the book: Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture]

Handout [click here, PDF] and Slide Show [click here, PowerPoint]

for above  >> Go to Iridology Science Section of this site

E-Books For Download


New: Natural Practitioner Magazine [site]
[First Edition]

New Upload

Diagnosis Unknown
free e-book [click to download]

 I spent a delightful weekend at the country home of a couple who went through devastating illness over many years.

Their search for answers brought them through standard western medicine and then into the new landscape of alternative and complementary medicine.

The answers -- A major part of their success came from dealing with dental traumas, and with using the EAV/Computron technology of Doug Leber

Dr. Porges' new book is now available from Amazon.

[Click here for Amazon listing]

See his April 2011 event in Washington DC

New Book: Which Poison Will Change Your Life?


Glenna Chance, a professional musician, environmental consultant and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity advocate/activist. She is the founder of


 This is an agency that advocates for the MCS-disabled and their families who need assistance in finding housing, benefits, non-toxic products, and medical and legal resources. She is a proponent of life lived in harmony with the universal truths of nature.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Resource


Chemical Dangers and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Website of Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

dedicated health advocate.


Author of: Candida Secrets

Candida Secrets
The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses 
[Interactive CD Inside ] (see at Homeopathic Educational Resources)
Publisher says: This useful guide is a single, indispensable resource for anyone interested in using homeopathic medicines. Noted author Dennis Chernin introduces readers to the basics of homeopathic theory, laws, history, and practical applications, as well as to clear explanations of the fundamental homeopathic vocabulary. He provides a brief synopsis of homeopathy's present status and compares it with conventional medicine, before proceeding to a step-by-step guide to creating a home remedy kit. The bulk of the book focuses on more than 150 common disorders, conditions, and illnesses, each treated in a separate section, alphabetically organized. Each section includes basic background information as well as accessible guidance on how to consider the symptoms and how to treat and heal them. For each condition, all the possible symptoms are matched with the remedy appropriate to them. The bundled CDROM integrates these resources with a simple, graphics-based user interface incorporating the latest research.
The Unturned Stone:
A Revolution in Preventive Healthcare
Introduction of the NES technology [more]
[download free PDF e-book]
Healing Yourself & Others:
By Mastering Energy & Information
[download free PDF e-book]
The Quantum Challenge
by Steve McCardell

An excellent and unvarnished account of why he chose to sell other devices he owned and work with the
NES ProVision technology.

Download the free ebook

His site: The Biophysics Center

De-Stress Kit: New Institute of HeartMath book and audio. "...Now more than ever it's time to take personal responsibility for your own energy system."

Download book [English]

Go to Site: for German, Japanese, Spanish versions and the Free Audio Program Download (for Mac or PC)

"Feel free to post this booklet on your Web site, e-mail it to other Web sites to post, or print and share with family and friends."



HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique [link to audio and text]

State of Ease
A free gift from HeartMath
There is a "state of ease" that each of us can access to help release emotional turbulence and help maintain coherent alignment between our heart, mind and emotions. Learning to access our personal space of "inner-ease" can be done with minimum practice and in just a little time. When operating in an ease-mode, it’s easier to choose less stressful perceptions and attitudes and re-create "flow" in our daily routines.

Download PDF: Four-Color | Black & White

[Description on HeartMath site]
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Free e-Book:

The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

"How to fix the 5 big mistakes that keep you from putting gratitude to work for you."


This is a gift that I was given and it may contain some thoughts that you will find uplifting.

Download book

Psychologist links for free documents and handouts that they provide to support good mental health.
Therapyworks: Christine Korol, Ph.D., R.Psych.
Career Intervention Course: Markus Buckingham on Oprah program; video on changing your life

World Health Organization Reports [site]

Latest World Health Report (2008)



Window of Health

A book that I helped to re-publish

[description and Print-On-Demand link]


Some books that I recommend

Tolerance Lost: DVD on autism/brain damage after vaccinations. [info]

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology

Online storefront for manuals, DVDs, supplies, etc.

Other Books and Media

[Some of these pictures link to other sites] [Medical Disclaimer]


Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

Dr. Nordenstrom's book is now available to read online, or to purchase via print-on-demand
at Google books.

Search for: Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

Click Here 

Homeopathy e-Books online library:

[link to site library]


The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing

by Allyson McQuinn, DMH

Now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Allyson McQuinn came through harrowing and uplifting experiences with behavioral problems in her child and severe health conditions herself. This is a story of triumph of one person, but also of an understanding of Natural Law that is offering humanity a deeper opportunity for healing than ever before recognized. It describes what true Disease is, how illness is generated, what is a Constitution, what are Miasms, the Journey, and "Facing the Shadow." 

Book Description and Order/Download links



A Recent Book

describing much of the

groundwork on which

I and the NIHA doctors stand

for our approach to health care.


Dr. Louisa Williams


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets
and Their Effects


Weston A. Price, MS., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
Member Research Commission, American Dental Association
Member American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Author, "Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic"

Landmark publication now free online.

[click here for free version online]

The Yellow Emperor's
Classic of Medicine.

An example of functional assessments
that do not require the labeling that
is customary in western medicine.

This presents the reader with the concept
of health as a relationship of the flow of
energies within the body's organ sysems.
It details the effect
of external negative forces that
attempt to invade the body and
alter one's health.

[It has been dated as over 2,000 years old.]

View in's preview reader.

Amen Clinic Educational (E) Center
Click here to go to my description page about this uplifting new educational service.


Daniel Amen, M.D: This insightful doctor has contributed major information that can help multitudes of people who have brain and nervous system problems. I recommend his books, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, and Healing the Hardware of the Soul. He has a very powerful DVD: Which Brain Do You Want?

The link to his website (click on the picture or words) brings you to his central menu where you can purchase books and DVDs, or go to his brain imaging clinic information, or go to the atlas of brain pictures (BrainPlace).


Sugar Shock Support Site:

This is a supportive community designed to help save lives that are struggling with diabetes, cancer, obesity and general un-wellness. I am tremendously impressed with what they are doing. Check them out.

Check out the book, "Sugar Shock" with info on their order page.


1. IBIS: Interactive Body-Mind Information System

2. Herb, Nutrient & Drug Interactions Textbook

3. Interactions CD

4. Natural Medicine/Integrative Medicine Forums

--Available at

A powerful interactive software about Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Recent release of Drug-Herb and Drug-Nutrient interactions book and also a CD.

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Book and Video of Stuart Brown, M.D.
National Institute for PLAY

See Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute
[click here]



International Alliance of Healthcare Educators: Excellent selection of videos, books and other supplies for students and practitioners of health care.


Medicine Cards: Similar process to what Jung was describing about the I-Ching. This is a set of cards with First Nations ("Native American") animal totems and a book of descriptions of what this animal represents. When you visit the website the front page includes a free Medicine Card viewing and words describing its significance; I find it quite contemplative and beautiful. From teacher David Carson.


Autism: The Journey Back -- Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst

     [Ordering site  |  more information on the book]


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