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Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

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A Pioneer, in Controversial Territories

[Note, 2015: I used to say that he was ahead of his time, now I am convinced that he is an innovator whose insights are needed now.]

I include him on this Internet Site because I've come to know him and appreciate the powers that he has become acquainted with. These powers can be destructive, and this is a main reason for the controversies surrounding this innovative and brilliant teacher.

Dr. Klinghardt has made many contributions to the fields of integrative medicine and Biological Dentistry.

He has popularized the five-level understanding of the makeup of human beings. He calls this the The Five Levels of Healing. He has also diagrammed these aspects of health as being concentric Shells, with the center core one being the physical, and other levels surrounding this in sequence.

His essay on the "Vertical Healing System" describes how to utilize the map.

See below: Tooth-Organ-Emotions chart.

His main site in USA

New DVD Set now available: I am pleased to have permission to give you the option to receive a discount on purchase of his new DVD set, "Fundamental Teachings of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD." When you order, use the Code: DVDRWS. 15% off, or $123.25 plus shipping. [Go to site; I receive no money for referrals.]

These are critical days for the future of health care in our nation and worldwide. His techniques are cost-effective and can be taught at different levels (such as some home care methods that patients might learn, and the more involved teachings that require the "thoughtware" of healthcare professionals). He has authorized me to teach some of his work and for that I am deeply grateful; you can explore my internet site to see how I have integrated his work into the various aspects of my practice. His 5 DVD set is a comprehensive overview of his work and shows his compassion for helping humanity at this important time in our history. This should become an important part of the healthcare library of anyone who is serious about taking control of their own health or about deepening the care that they deliver to their patients.

>> His DVD on Mercury and Autism

>> Autism: A Global Challenge

>> His review on Heavy Metal Detoxification [MS Word document]

>> Dr. Klinghardt highly recommends Family Constellation Work:  As part of his Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) trainings he includes the importance of Family Dynamics.

His teaching site in the USA

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt will speak in London at a major conference on autism.

[description on his site]

This information-dense site is by Scott Forsgren, who has fought the fight against Lyme and met a lot of the leaders in the field of Lyme-related illness.

I recommend that you visit his site. The image to the right includes an interview that Scott conducted with Lyme expert Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. The Public Health Alert site created the article that you can download from Scott's site.

I have met Scott and am impressed by his vitality and his humble gratitude for having recovered significantly. He presents his story in detail on the website.

February 2009: Dr. Klinghardt and Thomas Rau, M.D. of Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland, have joined others to call for biologically based restrictions on electromagnetic radiation. [more]


The Expanded Paradigm that encompasses his work. How we apply the Map/Model to our work at National Integrated Health Associates: Integrated Biological Evaluation and Autonomic Response Testing: What is it?. Article on ART and homeopathy. See also Acumeridian Science and Autonomic/Neural Technologies: Trainings.


>>His presentation of basic models that explain Autonomic Dys-Regulation.

>>My "Checklist" version of Klinghardt/McClure factors that block healing.

>>My adaptation of his information in my Healing Power of Nature handout.

>>His Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN).

>>Related approaches to the APN tapping: Attractor Field Therapy | Callahan's Work

Neural Therapy:

His web site: American Academy of Neural Therapy. It has many good screens of information. The Articles section is a very informative part of the web site. Especially important is the "Products" section, which lists training videos, manuals and other aids to applying his insights into integrative medicine.

Background information on the origin of Neural Therapy and the Drs. Huneke.

His articles: Neural Therapy Basics and Neural Therapy and Headaches. [PDF files]

A practitioner of Neural Therapy in the USA, who uses the needle-type of this.

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"Autonomic Response Testing" essay by Dr. George Georgiou, N.D., Cyprus [click picture below]



[gives theoretical background for ANS work of Klinghardt]

See: Dr. Porges Information. The work of Dr. Stephen Porges helps explain some puzzling aspects of human Autonomic Nervous System behavior. Dr. Porges founded the Institute for Child Study where he has developed interventions that help children develop more control of their autonomic function and this improves the social dynamics of their relationships. I have talked with him and appreciate his insights.

[Note: Porges' work is gaining appreciation for its help in understanding nervous system function and is being taught in some medical schools. See: Dr. Porges Information. ] 


FYI: Mercury and Brain Effects

This could be expanded. See Biological Dentistry | Understanding Your Health | The Expanded Paradigm | "Homo toxicanus"

Example of a Mercury-Stressed Dentist:

This is an individual with whom I have communicated, and he did not realize how his mental function had been affected by mercury over his career as a mercury-using dentist. He became wildly creative and imaginative in ways that I think are evidence of how mercury affects mental function. You can judge for yourself. He decorated his dental office waiting room with a disco ball with reflective mirrors and flashing lights; now he has several Internet pages about his fantastic visions of colors and shapes. His stage name is "Pygoya." You can examine this for yourself by using a search engine >>

Click here for Google search of "Pygoya".

One of my major concerns is that people "do the best they can with what they understand"; this ends up with them living lives that are often far less than what they could have been if only they had known about toxins and obstacles to full health.

Tooth-Organ-Emotion information


Toxins can overload the body leading to physical/mental conditions


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