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Iridology Science:

Iridology / Iris Biometrics

"Your eyes are lovely!"  Microcircuits -- Key to the enthusiasm of iridologists

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I support the study of the structure of the fibers of the iris as a way to learn more about the dynamic development of the body both while still in the womb and also during the body's adapting to the stresses of life during the person's life. The Introduction to Iridology written by Bill Caradonna, N.D., R.Ph., of the International Iridology Practitioners Association, is an excellent background before you read further.

My study of acumeridian circuits, meeting Björn Nordenström, and my clinical experience all give me hope for the future of health care now that doctors and the general public are beginning to consider how to include "body energies" as part of their efforts to solve their "health puzzles." New: Recent neuroscience discoveries into the "Social Engagement System" (ref Mirror Neurons) point to the value of simply looking into the eyes as a way to engender changes in the client -- read more on my pages about New Brain Science and Dr. Porges and his PolyVagal Theory of the Autonomic Nervous System. This is why iridologists throughout healthcare history have been so dedicated to using it as a way to help heal the whole person: they sensed that there was something important linking the eyes to the rest of the body. We now have increasing amounts of science to back up that intricate relationship of all parts of the body. I have been the Principal Investigator of an IRB project to research the topic, "Ocular Signs of Cardiac Pathology."             Iridology Posters: Poster 1 | Poster 2

See below: Neuro-Emotional Correlations | IriTech and research | Iridology Resources Links | Why is Iridology so Misunderstood? | Hyaluronic Acid to boost eye health and Qi | ASEA cell signaling technology

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Recent presentation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual Health Fair, held here in Washington DC.

I introduced the book: Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture, by author

Dr. Hoy Ping Yee Chan.

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Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture, by author

Dr. Hoy Ping Yee Chan.

Read about her and the book and the connections that I see to Iridology.

[View and purchase the book online]

I provide both physical and neuro-emotional information.



Physical Iridology

 Study of the iris of the eye has been reported in ancient Chinese literature, and at the present time there is a high level of interest in the eye and information that can be learned from observing it. Retina identification has received a lot of attention for use in assuring identification for access to sensitive information areas of government and corporate sites in many places around the world. The iris structure has been studied as a source of information about a person's physical and also mental health. 

The International Iridology Practitioners Association: The IIPA carries on the work of the earlier National Iridology Research Association. A Past President is Ellen Tart-Jensen, daughter-in-law of famed iridologist Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D. The Director of Research earlier was Bill Caradonna, N.D., R.Ph., who was one of my teachers at Bastyr University.

 IIPA position on scope of iridology:

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. Iridology has been practiced since the 1800’s. Hungarian Dr. Ignatz Von Peczley was the first Iridologist to have made a chart, or “map” of the iris, illustrating how it corresponds to the physical body. Since then, Iridology has been researched, studied and thoroughly documented throughout the European Countries and Russia. A majority of Iridology research was performed in Germany, where Iridology is used by physicians as a means of identifying genetic health tendencies and current states of the body systems by examining the nerve reflexes in the iris.

Iridology identifies inherited predispositions that negatively or positively can affect one's health, as the iris shows which systems of the body are the least and which are the most resilient. During iris analysis, a certified practitioner can help you to identify which areas of the body cannot withstand a lot of abuse and which areas are stronger, because truly, we do not have to “get” inherited health problems, from our parents. Once these potentially weak areas have been identified, we can make health & lifestyle changes to improve their functioning. At the same time, we can identify our strongest functioning parts of the body, those that we can depend upon to carry us through periods of stress, keeping the body in harmony and balanced functioning. Many people wonder about the stories they hear of an old uncle who has drunk alcohol and/or smoked cigarettes well into his 90’s seeming to never have his health affected by the “abuse." Well, when looking into an iris of such an individual, what one would likely see is a very strong looking area of the iris that corresponds to the lungs and the liver. Although we may also see less resilient areas of the thyroid or the digestive system, these weaker areas would not necessarily be affected by the particular abuse of alcohol & cigarettes. So what we identify in the iris can actually allow one to create a lifestyle to protect against health problems to which one is genetically predisposed. We also need to take into consideration a person's lifestyle, age and belief system. It has been said many times… "What we think, we become." A person's mental attitude also has a great deal to do with what actually does manifest in the body, in accordance to what we are genetically predisposed to.

Why Is Iridology So Misunderstood?

By Bill Caradonna, R.Ph, N.D.

Research Dept. Director

International Iridology Practitioners Association

Note – There are 3 groups of people this article is directed to. First are critics who have no real understanding of Iridology, but have negative opinions from what has been voiced in medical or popular media. Second are Iridologists who have not been exposed to, or are resistant to updated practices in the field. Third are those who understand and practice modern Iridology, but don’t have a historical perspective of this evolution.


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Iridology Educational Services

Home of the new Iris Analysis Report Software [now available from Dr. Wilson -- contact.]

Iridology International [formerly The Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute], founded by Prof. Bryan Marcia, has an extensive site that promotes study and research in iris analysis. I am on the Board of Directors. To join in classes or order their hardware click on the following image:



I currently offer digital photograph support for the iridology assessment, using the CNRI's Iriscope. This is a very helpful tool for clinicians and researchers, that allows us to save digital photographs and add comments and labels to describe the meaning of the features we consider significant.

Neuro-Emotional Information from Iris Structure and Markings

[More will be added] The Rayid information below is the most easily accessed store of information about the emotions and the structure of the iris. However, at the start of introducing the Rayid insights, I want to point out the recent neuroscience breakthroughs about the Autonomic Nervous System.

1) Check out the New Brain Science teleseminars and other information on my other site: [link]

2) The PolyVagal Theory and the Social Engagement System provide science to back up the observations that when a doctor, counselor, therapist, etc., looks into someone's eyes, the other person experiences a change in their emotions or their awareness. For more about this visit this page about Dr. Porges.


RAYID: Emotional-Spiritual Iridology

 I have taken trainings from iridologist Denny Johnson, who developed the Rayid system of iris analysis and evolved into directing a network of practitioners dedicated to the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of the human being. His work on family birth order dynamics is unique. I have been fascinated by the possible research that could be done by looking at correlations between iris fiber structure and predisposition for dominance of specific neurohormones in light of Acumeridian theory links of organs with emotions.  [Eyesite an Australian site for Rayid info|To Rayid originator's info]

"The future will prove Rayid a leader in counseling techniques. Using it along with what we know about human behavior, we can more wholly problem-solve and integrate questions on educational, career and marital choices and how to change personal, familial or parental attitudes and behavior.

-- Dr. Hester Lewis, Harvard Medical School , School of Psychiatry


From Eyesite an iridology site in Australia: 

The iris (the coloured circle in the middle of the eyeball) can be interpreted as a map of your life. The Rayid model is a means of interpreting the symbols on the map to better understand the interactions which make up events and circumstances we experience in life. Especially powerful are pointers and guidelines to what we can do to take the sting out of life's trials and tribulations.

The first step is to decide on the structure of the irises in question. You can choose from four basic structures - Rayid refers to these as Stream, Flower, Jewel and Shaker iris structures.

These structures are presented below ... Please be aware that most irises are a combination of types. However, as we're just starting out, it will be easier if you are content with identifying the most prominent characteristics and using these to determine the structure. [link to their website]



My Iridology Background:

Bastyr University training. NIRA certification training with Bill Caradonna, N.D., R.Ph. Workshops with Harri Wolf and Bill Caradonna. Seminars with Denny Johnson and the RAYID approach to neuro-emotional iridology. I met and shook hands with pioneer iridologist Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D. Certified with IIPA in the past, I am on the Board of Directors of Iridology International (formerly the Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute).


Significance for Energy Medicine Paradigm of Understanding Health and Health Care:

[See The Expanded Paradigm]  Iris fiber structure and zones around the circumference of the eye have been linked to organs of the body (more information available via the links below). The Five-Element approach to Acumeridian theory links different organs with emotions. Basic emotional correlations include: Liver >> Anger;    Lung >> Grief; Kidney >> Fear, etc. In the same way that ear acumeridian maps have been constructed that show relationships to emotions, the Rayid map of the iris (inside book, see below)  shows emotions related to position in the iris. Dr. Jensen focused a lot of energy in studying the zone of the iris at the top of the "clock" of its circumference, and related this area to "Psychological Brain", and "Animation Life," and this is found on his iris maps (see the web site below).


In sum, iridology shows that "everything is connected to everything else." Practitioners use the iris information in different ways according to their training and the patient's needs. This can be a purely physical assessment -- of potential areas of the body that could experience stress in life -- to the more emotional and even spiritual aspects of human experience.


Research in Iridology:

Iridology International: Formerly, the Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute, has a list of web sites that you can access at their site. I receive the IIPA (below) newsletter and Dr. Caradonna reports about significant advances in research overseas.




View Your Own Iris
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Western Ophthalmics
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Iridology Educational Services

Home of Iris Analysis Report Software

Update: Now available through Dr. Wilson

International Iridology Practitioners Association

Bernard Jensen International:

Nutrition, Iridology and Wholistic Health.

Rayid International web site.  Their basic book I recommend: What the Eye Reveals.


Eyesite an Australian site for extensive Rayid information.


Online Certification Coursework and Equipment for Iris Analysis [formerly The Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute]:

Iridology International

Miles Research
Jon Miles
Iris Photographs and interpretations.
His Research Links Page
He has information about the Rayid neuro-emotional model of iris analysis.
Hyaluronic Acid for Eyeball support. Also may boost the activity known as Qi flow.
1. Company site.
2. Hyaluronic Acid page on this site.

Iritech, Inc.

A corporation specializing in
iris identification for security purposes.

Now interested in the possible
correlations with aspects of the health of the person. I have recommended that they contact Bastyr Research Institute.

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