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Integrated Biological Evaluation

[excerpted from another practitioner's description of Klinghardt's A.R.T. For articles to download, see the Library on the internet site of National Integrated Health Associates]


Below: Autonomic Nervous System | Autonomic Response Testing (ART) |Direct Resonance Testing

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Overview of the Integrated Biological Evaluation


The most leading edge information available to us today suggests that the best way to restore health is not to suppress symptoms but to clean up the body’s internal environment so that the body systems can function normally and without interference. That is the strategy behind health-centered medicine. This clean-up is simple in principle: sound lifestyle, modifications in diet, exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, and removal of the internal accumulation of toxins and pathogens. In order to be effective it is necessary for -patients to actively participate while the professional must make detoxification safe and effective.

Detoxification, as the name implies, involves removal of toxins, which are generated by parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxic emotions, solvents and other chemicals, and heavy metals – all of which impair the body’s immune and autonomic nervous systems. Those are the systems in charge of our survival and well-being. Thus, it is important for a holistic physician to employ a safe and effective detoxification process and to make that process as predictable as possible.

The Road Back To Health

Unless we have a guide to treatment we are either guessing or going by an arbitrary rule that suits our current view. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not. A preferred option is to use certain systems of the body as a guide to treatment. The immune system and the autonomic nervous system (the very systems impaired by toxins of all types) can direct us into an effective “Sequence of Therapy” that will render healing.

The Immune System

Marker number one is an immune system that is confused and misrouted due to chronic unresolved focal and other toxicities. In such circumstances the immune system turns inward to attack the person and renders the person in an autoimmune state. The practitioner is able to determine if the immune system is in an autoimmune state and also the primary cause of the autoimmunity. The cause of autoimmunity is prioritized as the first issue to treat.

Autonomic Nervous System

The other major marker we can use as a guide to healing is the autonomic nervous system (ART). The autonomic nervous system is the automatic nervous system. It performs vital duties without our thinking about them. The duties include regulation of digestion and assimilation of food, hormone production, temperature control, and timing/arousal mechanisms (fight or flight). This information will allow us to further prioritize treatment. If the autonomic nervous system is regulating the normal body functions in the defensive or protective mode against a condition it perceives to be present in the body (such as metal toxicity, root canal toxicity, parasites, viruses, etc.), we are able to find exactly which issue is responsible. This issue gives us a further order of treatment that will open up normal regulation of nerve supply and circulation to deprived areas and lead to healing. [Note: See description on a homeopath's website, of interconnections between ART, Chinese pulse testing, and homeopathy -- click here; if site is unavailable for any reason click here for backup of same text]

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Autonomic Response Testing

The safe, non-invasive method for gathering the diagnostic information is termed Autonomic Response Testing (ART), taught at the American Academy of Neural Therapy in ART I and II workshops. This procedure consists of testing muscle strength of a strong and testable muscle either in the body or that of an indirect testing assistant. (Research has shown a small branch of sympathetic nerves innervate the fibers of each muscle spindle that makes up part of every muscle). Dysfunction in the body is displayed by a change in muscle strength while an organ, gland, tooth, area of the body, substance, or function is being tested. Dysfunction in any abnormal area of the body is thus evaluated along with their solutions. Originating with the discoveries in Applied Kinesiology, this A.R.T. approach has a lineage that includes Alan Beardall, Louisa Williams, Dietrich Klinghardt and others. See: ANS Proofs | Autonomic/Neural Technologies ResourcesResearch into Applied Kinesiology | Quotable Research [PDF document | [free PDF viewer] | article on ART and homeopathy.

Clinic in Cyprus: Dr. George Georgiou Describes Klinghardt's A.R.T.

Dr. Mark McClure teaching Autonomic Response Testing

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Direct Resonance Testing

Another vital piece of the puzzle is provided by direct resonance testing. [This has been extensively researched in the U.S. and Japan, as a result of the labors of Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., of New York City -- http://www.icaet.org/symposium.html and http://www.baobab.or.jp/~oring/e_basis.shtml.] The Biological Law of Identical Substances states, “If there is an identical substance outside the body as there is inside the body, a stress reaction in a muscle is created.” When samples of various organisms are placed directly over areas in the head, face, jaw, TMJ, or other body parts, and if that organism is present in any of those areas, a muscle is weakened. The presence of intracellular organisms that are hidden from most tests are thus revealed and a treatment is also revealed in the same manner.

All of this information is organized into a treatment plan with priorities ruling the sequence.

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The First Step Back

It is imperative to make sure a person is “fit to treat” before they can be treated effectively. In order to do this it is necessary to desensitize the person to all substances the immune system has “tagged” as part of a problem, i.e., all the substances to which the person reacts negatively. The immune system reacts in an allergic way to things (including body parts that it associates with the main problems).

Health-compromising substances and organisms react with the body in three ways: the toxic way (as a poison), the neural way (affecting the body at distant sites through the autonomic nervous and acupuncture meridian systems), and the allergic way (reactions through the immune system). The allergic way is handled first, then the other conditions are treated in a determined order that leads to healing and immune systems rebuilding.

All of the items, substances, body parts, etc., that the person is sensitive to, combined with the intracellular and extracellular organisms living in the person are determined. These are then inactivated as the first step of treatment. As mentioned above, an individualized sequence of the rest of the treatment can then be followed for each person with risk of adverse reactions.