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Hypochondriasis - Solving the Puzzle

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Addendum June 2012: Interview about "Living with Bipolar Disorder" -- This is an example of how a high-functioning individual can be persuaded that there is no metabolic cause for her "disorder." This is an interview by psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. who offers his Shrink Rap Radio podcasts. I consider this example to be a major reason for developing the naturopathic mental health services.

All too often have I met patients who have been told by medical doctors that their problem was "in your head," because there was no western medical disease label that could be given. These patients and their dismissal by western medical doctors drive my commitment to the knowledge I have that makes sense of puzzling, chronic conditions.

Mary Duenwald reported in "A New Era in Treating Imaginary Ills" (New York Times, March 24, 2004) that psychiatrists and psychologists have announced a new approach to helping "hypochondriacs." For people who complain of worries and problems that are not detected by medical doctors, they will use "cognitive therapy" and occasionally psychiatric drugs to help them stop focusing on "imaginary illness" and get on with their lives. The bottom line is: If they can't find a disease they recognize, it is classed as imaginary.

As an example of how their approach is tunnel-visioned:

 "The Hypochondriac" illustration in the NY Times.

Other Hypochondriac cartoons

This "Imaginary Ills" approach shows that the Flat Earth Medicine way of understanding health and health care is still blocking access to effective treatment options. That approach is short-sighted because it does not include the larger scope of knowledge available to practitioners of the Integrative Medicine approach. Neurotoxicity is a major danger often found in dental conditions; Biological Dentistry sheds light on previously puzzling conditions. Also see the book, It's All In Your Head, by Hal Huggins, DDS.

[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

Below are some expanded ways of evaluating the person shown as The Hypochondriac. It falls into place if one understands neurotoxicity, nutritional medicine and has studied the work of doctors and researchers of acumeridian theory, Ayurveda, and other non-mainstream systems of health care.


Humorous presentation of this information:

Homo toxicanus: a "new species."

Clothing:  He is wearing a mercury-processed felt hat-- at risk for “Mad Hatter Syndrome” with many mental and physical correlations (including the extensive drooling humorists have associated with the British elite). [See book by Hal Huggins, DDS, It's All In Your Head / Mecury toxicity references on Biological Dentistry page.]

Constricting clothing-- Reduced movement or Qi flow, lymph stasis, poor oxygenation.

Face:  Sunken face and flaccid skin may be due to poor nutrition (overcooked food, little fruit or vegetables, white sugar, white flour-- possible indigestion, parasites, yeast, flatulence).

Teeth:  May have dental infections and he may be missing teeth.

Eyes:  Whites of the eyes show below iris when gazing straight ahead (“san paku”, Oriental medicine sign of imbalance).

TCM meridian understanding: “The Liver meridian opens to the eyes” reveals poor digestion, hypochondria, etc. (TCM organ information.)

Extremities:  Fingertips show probable effects of poor oxygenation; he likely lived in closed house, heated with coal that produces mercury vapor and petrochemical fumes. He may have used oil or gas lighting.

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