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Graphic of Possible Science Explaining Acumeridians

Basically -- "It's all about the Photons!!" [my enthusiastic conjecture]

["H.A." on web site where it was found]

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Below: Articles about Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) binds water and ions to create electrically insulating tubes within which free aqueous ions provide highly conductive pathways, the meridians of acupuncture.  

Disclosure: I have received sample bottles of Synthovial-7, and given them to some patients as well as using it daily myself.

This Hyaluronic Acid model would explain why energy and information can flow in the body along lines known as acupuncture meridians, but channels have not been found on dissection of the body. In this model, Hyaluronic Acid molecules are pulled into position by the electromagnetic charge around the arteries and veins. I base this explanation on the work of Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. -- author of  the book Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits -- who discovered different charge in arteries than in veins. [I was privileged to meet him in 1987 at a conference that Dr. John Bastyr helped to support in Seattle; John Ott also attended, it was a marvelous event.]

H.A. is a key component in movement such as in tendons; it is mentioned in the DVD, "Strolling Under the Skin" helping support energy transfer in the body.

"It's all about the Photons!!"
[yet to be proven, but it is a stimulating possibility to consider]

What acupuncture meridians may be is a fascia-based network of protected light-transmission. This dovetails with the work of Popp and Klinghardt.
Basically, if you protect your photon transmission you boost your Qi energy.
One could even include stabilizing your electromagnetic matrix such as via minerals in your diet and products that help with "Earthing." [As stated elsewhere this is conjecture; the Hyaluronic Acid zones/"tubules" may be acting as protected pathways for easy flow of electrons.]

I am more convinced than ever that the Hyaluronic Acid component of the human fascial system is the key to the dynamic autonomic regulation that makes human beings different from other mammals. Our extensive matrix of soft, pliable fascia with a supply of Hyaluronic Acid that can rapidly shift to be where there is injury or a need for more attention of the body to healing a specific area is the reason that humans are so adaptable and so intelligent. H.A. and the meridian system are at the core of what makes us human. The crystal-clear Hyaluronic Acid is in my opinion the matrix that carries the photons that then begin the minute changes in the electroconductivity that end up causing major changes in physiological function.

If we could use the AcuGraph to document electrical conductivity changes as being affected by increasing a person's level of H.A., then I think that we would be able to get the interest of major research institutions.

Note: The concept of "the matrix" is also important in understanding the Biotensegrity matrix that is the basis for FlexAware mind-body therapeutic exercises for neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation

Wikipedia: Description of Hyaluronan ["High concentrations of hyaluronan in the brains of young rats, and reduced concentrations in the brains of adult rats suggest that hyaluronan plays an important role in brain development."]

Longevity and Hyaluronic Acid: A good article about this important molecule. By Monte Kline, Clinical Nutritionist.

Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of foods eaten by people who live long lives: Yams, cassava, okra, etc. It has commercially been harvested from animal products such as chicken rooster combs and beef joints and eyeballs. Now the company has a patented predigestion method similar to yogurt-making, but vegetarian; see below.

Hyaluronic acid food supplement [possible breakthrough]

I hope to inspire clinicians to work with this and see if we can observe improvement in "Chi flow", i.e., better function of any physiological system in the body as assessed by acupuncture pulse and tongue diagnosis. The company has information about health benefits. I think it may have acumeridian benefits; this would be a way we could see how western science and acumeridian science combine.


A Recent Discovery (Hyaluronic Acid is in the clear matrix shown):

"Strolling Under the Skin" -- A DVD with a deep view of how Life energies flow within the human body. This is the work of French hand surgeon Jean-Paul Guimberteau, M.D., who discovered that a new way is needed to describe what happens as the body converts energy to movement. The music (e.g., Blue Danube) and words are inspiring. It shows functional relationships of important aspects of the body: the clear light-carrying fascia and the mineral-rich/mobile blood system.

[Viewing this, as a former Licensed Massage Practitioner, was a deeply moving experience. I wish that all health care practitioners could view it. I also think that any human being would understand and appreciate their own body a lot better if they watch this.]

Available from Anatomy Trains [in the USA].

Dr. Guimberteau's web site.

Converting energy to movement

Download descriptive overview


The video to the left is one of several clips from this superb production.


The body is far more dynamic than most people have realized.


Take care of your body and it will serve you well. FlexAware and Craniosacral Therapy are two of the most empowering additions that you could make to your Health Menu.

Articles about Hyaluronic Acid:

Talking HA with Dr. Cooper [from]

Who is Dr. Cooper?

Dr. Carol A. Cooper is one of the consultants on HA here at Hyalogic, LLC. She has 25 years or experience with Bayer Corporation, holding positions of increasing responsibility in various areas including product development and value management. As part of Dermal, she has worked in the area of hyaluronic acid for over 15 years. Dr. Cooper received her BS from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, in Chemistry, and her Ph.D. from Wayne State in Biochemistry. She also graduated from the Executive MBA Program at the University of Pittsburgh and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Phi.

A bit about HA

The chemistry of hyaluronic acid
The hyaluronic acid molecule was first described in 1934 by Karl Meyer as the structural material comprising the interior of the eyeball (the vitreous humour). It is a naturally occurring, straight chain biopolymer based on two repeating units: N-acetyl glucosamine and glucuronic acid. Yes, “glucosamine”, as in the supplement of the same name. Glucosamine is a raw material for the biological synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

This single repeating unit represents just over 400 molecular weight units or “Daltons”. However, in the living organism, the active hyaluronic acid molecule contains thousands of these units, weighs anywhere from 50,000 to 4 million Daltons. The higher the concentration of HA, or the higher the molecular weight of the molecule, the more viscous it becomes.

Hyaluronan, or hyaluronic acid, is found throughout the tissues of all vertebrates and in some microorganisms, in the interior of the eyeball, the synovial fluid within the joints, the umbilical cord, rooster comb, tissues between the organs, and in the skin. Fifty percent of the hyaluronan of the human body resides in the skin.

It is a very dynamic molecule. About 1/3 of the total HA of the body is replaced daily. The turnover of the molecule differs, depending on the tissue. Scientists measure the replacement of HA in tissues by measuring half-life, i.e. the time it takes for half of the material to disappear.

Tissue Half-life
Dermis 24 hours
Bloodstream 2-5 days
Cartilage 2-3 days

Where does the hyaluronic acid we buy come from?

Hyaluronic acid was first manufactured from of rooster combs and this is still the only source for the HA used for intra-articular injection to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. The product is used by injecting the HA directly into the space under the knee cap, between the bones (hence, intra-articular). Besides being a very painful procedure, the only side effect noted has been an injection site reaction resulting from an allergic response to residual rooster protein that might remain in the preparation.

Hyaluronic acid can also be manufactured from bacterial fermentation. This material has the advantage that it can be made using totally synthetic media, and thus there is no animal origin material in the preparation that could cause an allergic reaction. HA from bacterial fermentation is identical to human HA and can be obtained in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic grades. This material can be injected or used in oral preparations. Hyalogic uses only fermentation grade hyaluronic acid with no animal origin contaminants.

Functionality of hyaluronic acid

In vivo (in the living organism), molecular weight is very important to the activity of hyaluronic acid. Very large, high molecular weight HA molecules (approximately 500,000 Daltons and above) show anti-inflammatory activity. Smaller units, on the other hand, do not. These smaller units appear to serve as “signals” for other cellular activities and are actually pro-inflammatory. These “fragments” must be important, however, because an entire gene is devoted to their synthesis and this gene is active throughout the life of the organism.

Hyaluronan and Inflammation

While the role of HA “fragments” is the under intense investigation, the role of high molecular weight HA is clear.

HA has been shown to decrease both acute and chronic inflammation.

Clinical scientific literature is filled with research that confirms the anti-inflammatory capabilities of high molecular weight HA.


Trauma & Hyaluronic Acid

[Originally found at describing their Infratonic devices that stimulate Chi to help circulation.]

*** For the last two decades Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has been heavily used by podiatrists and veterinarians by injecting it into joints to reduce swelling and inflammation.

***Today it is frequently injected into the injured joints of professional athletes to get them back into the game and to accelerate recovery. It is also one of the most heavily researched substances in medicine today with thousands of clinical trials, mostly in the fields of orthopedics and eye surgery.

***This amazing substance, a clear, odorless liquid with the consistency of motor oil, lubricates joints, reduces inflammation, strengthens meridians, melts hardened scar tissue, improves surgical outcomes, and shortens recovery times. HA also explains many of the seemingly miraculous results doctors have observed across the country after infusing patients with the infrasonic sound of the Infratonic.

How can the Infratonic increase HA production?

***The answer is TRAUMA. When cells are traumatized they cease their normal functioning and go into“emergency” modes like inflammation, reproduction, effusion, and hibernation.

***When cellular tissue is traumatized, it becomes inflamed, and the products of inflammation break down HA. In addition, in traumatized tissue HA production plummets. The result is not only lubrication problems and inflammation, but also muscular and myofascial tightness. The Infratonic dissolves trauma and restores normal cellular functioning, producing the much needed HA and other needed chemicals.

***In cases like FIBROMYALGIA and MUSCLE SPASM, the combination of reduced trauma and increased HA soon softens the hardened tissue, restores circulation, and relieves pain, opening the door for accelerated recovery.

What Makes HA so Magical?

***HA is a viscous, water soluble oil which is capable of selectively bonding to water molecules and aqueous ions like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, providing firmness, in what would otherwise be very limp, soft tissue. It is able to uncoil, releasing its bonds, and act as a lubricant, allowing fibers to pass over each other smoothly, making the tissue soft and supple.

***When we are tense and “uptight” our HA is tightly coiled, bonding firmly to everything it can grab, making our muscles and skin tense and uncomfortable. And when the HA is tightly coiled and bodily tissues tight, there is little flexibility in the HA to bond to and release ions. This cripples our healing ability. And as we relax the HA literally unwinds, allowing our muscles and skin to relax.

How does HA soften scar tissue?

***To form scar tissue, HA coils tightly, creating hard tissue on an emergency basis to solve an immediate problem of tissue damage. It stays because long after the emergency has passed, the trauma remains. By relaxing gradually, the HA releases unnecessary bonds. This offers an immediate reduction in hardness and allows the tissue to reorganize into more normal tissue. In addition, the released HA acts as a lubricant, allowing the fibers of the scar tissue to slide past each other, making what used to feel hard become soft and flexible.

***Doctors across the country have observed amazing result when the Infratonic is applied to old, hardened, inflamed scar tissue. Within minutes the redness fades, the scar tissue softens and becomes flexible, and the pain vanishes.

Does HA affect meridians?

***In a fundamental sense, HA is meridians. We have long known that regular use of the Infratonic increases the electrical conductivity of meridians. With this new understanding of the biochemical composition of meridians, we can now explain this localized increase in electrical conductivity.

***It now appears that, by bonding to water molecules and aqueous ions, HA can create an ionic barrier through which electrons cannot pass. And by withdrawing from an area and leaving a high concentration of free aqueous ions (salt water -- which is very conductive) HA can create a pathway of high electrical conductivity! Thus, by forming non-conducting tubes filled with highly conductive fluid, HA is capable of creating meridians.

***This also explains another mystery. When we cut open the body in search of meridians (we have not done this at CHI!!!) we find nothing but salt water and chemicals like HA! No meridians. Researchers have used this observation to discount the idea of meridians for decades. If meridians are created by HA, they are only as solid as the HA holding them together. As soon as the surgical incision is made, the HA relaxes its hold on this structure to help in the process of healing the incision and the meridian fades away, being replaced by other structures likeclotting and scar tissue.

HA Resolves Knots

***When the concentration of HA is low, or when it is coiled tightly due to trauma, we often observe knots and spasms in muscular and myofascial tissues. In the long term, Infratonic treatments work to resolve these conditions by stimulating increased HA production, and other normal healing processes. However, in the short term, the effective mechanism involves not just dissolving of trauma, but also the liberation of HA from holding patterns. As the release of trauma allows HA to relax, to unwind, to let go of the hardened tissue, it becomes available for a variety of uses. It can lubricate flexible tissues and strengthen other structures like nerves, blood vessels, and meridians so that the necessary resources can be transported to the local area.

Unwinding from Stress

***When we are overwhelmed by the stress of life’s daily problems we feel our bodies, usually neck and back, getting tighter and tighter. This is due to the coils of HA winding tighter and tighter as we try to make it through the day without blowing apart. When we take a break (perhaps like the break you took to read this newsletter) and begin to let go of our worries, we are releasing the trauma which has crept into our bodies. As we relax, our HA is literally unwinding. Thousands of practitioners use the Infratonic for ten or twenty minutes after work to relax before they head home to their families. Others apply it after they get into bed, to release their worries. As they sleep without the cumulative trauma of a busy day, not only do they fall asleep easily and sleep soundly, but their blessed fibroblasts are free from stress and able to spend the night leisurely producing all of the HA that will be needed to remain relaxed and flexible through a busy, stress filled tomorrow.


***Extensive research and clinical experience show the value of injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in relieving pain and inflammation, and accelerating recovery. Dr. Riegel’s new research shows that similar (and longer lasting) results can be obtained through application of the Infratonic…without needles!

***For more information on HA research, please call for our paper, “Clinical Research on Hyaluronic Acid” at 1-800-676-1352. To view: Infratonic devices

HA Research Studies

Reduced wound scarring: Increased levels of HA as observed during fetal wound healing or as achieved by the topical application of HA during wound dressing are associated with brisker healing and reduced scarring.
***Med Hypothesis 1996 Oct; 47(4):273-5

Reduced adhesions: A mesh made from HA, applied to the surgery site in repair of hernia, reduced adhesion formation.
***Surgery 1999 Feb; 125(2):211-6

Accelerated ligament and cartilage repair: HA injections accelerated ligament repair and protected and normalized damaged cartilage.
***J Orthop Res 1990 May; 8(3):425-34

HA applied to damaged or osteoarthritic cartilage “completely protected human cartilage in explant culture and facilitated a full restoration of proteoglycan in damaged cartilage.”
J Orthop Res 1999 Nov; 17(6):858-69

Accelerated wound healing: “The rapid production of hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts in the early stages of wound healing may be of crucial importance as hyaluronic acid stimulates the migration and mitosis of mesenchymal and epithelial cells.”
***Med Hypothesis 1996 Oct; 47(4):273-5