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Some Theoretical Groundwork to Understand Homeopathy

and "Energy Medicine" [I sometimes call it "Domain Modulation Medicine"]

[From article submitted to Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Re: Energy Medicine Connections]


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Domain Modulation & Pieces to the Homeopathy (and Acupuncture) Puzzle

Vibration and its crucial role in homeopathy

Disruptive vibrations and an unexpected danger

The Strongest Vibrations

Does the Theory Make Sense? New translations are opening doors

Fields and Domains-The future of medicine: Applying Domains and Energy Medicine Theory

Homeopathy and its energy insights are only part of a bigger picture

Craniosacral Dynamics

Yogic Death (and resuscitation) explained by energy fields and cranial dynamics

Monday-morning morgue "resurrections" + News stories about this

Reverse Speech phenomenon

References for this letter


[Note, August 2005: Please look at other sections on this website to see additional references to ways homeopathy fits into a dynamic model using chaos/pattern theory, fractal dynamics, resonance phenomena, etc. Example: Fractal Dynamics]


Domain Modulation & Pieces to the Homeopathy (and Acupuncture) Puzzle

… Here are some observations that may help persuade more researchers and students of health care disciplines to study the phenomenon of healing responses to homeopathic preparations. Homeopathy originated with western style doctors and I think it holds the doorway to an expanded way of looking at health and illness. The examples below show phenomena that should entice the thinker to see how they may fit into a larger paradigm than our current model of health. While my heart's desire is to get help to ill people, it will be necessary to increase the numbers of health care providers and researchers who are knowledgeable about the applications of the homeopathic phenomenon (and other "energy medicine" methods such as acupuncture and EAV/Electro-Dermal Screening). Patients who read this letter are invited to learn about homeopathy and bring resources (including that issue of the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients) to your health care provider that so she/he can reconsider the implications of homeopathy.


Vibration and Its Crucial Role in Homeopathy:

A key piece to the puzzle of homeopathy is the role of vibration in making the medicines. Without it there is no homeopathy. This was stated by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., the original describer of the homeopathic phenomenon. 1. When homeopathic preparations were only diluted (with a gentle swirling action for mixing with the pure water added at each step) Hahnemann discovered there was no healing response when it was given to a patient. 2. When homeopathic preparations were strongly vibrated (in a method described as "shaking" or "stirring" in modern literature but done in a specific way that Hahnemann called "succussion", "dynamization", or "potentization") at higher steps of dilution he found an increased healing response.


It is worth looking at this issue of vibration further because I think it will intrigue those who are familiar with quantum physics and with the increasing awareness of the effects of electromagnetic phenomena on biological health. Hahnemann and his students discovered that the quality of vibration made a difference.


1. When the vibration was done by pounding the vial containing the dilution against one's open palm, or against a resilient surface (Hahnemann would use a leather-bound book, often the Bible), then the preparation would evoke a healing response in the patient.


2. When the vibration was done by pounding the container against a wooden or hard surface then the preparation would not induce a healing response. When I considered this small technical note I had discovered (while trying to make sense of homeopathy for myself), it became clear that the difference was in the waveform of the pressure curve experienced by the solution. If the curve were in the form of a "spike wave" then the solution would not work. But if the pressure were in the shape of the familiar "sine wave" (parabola) then there would be activation of the homeopathic principle. It seems that too abrupt a change in direction of the solution causes a dissipation of the phenomenon.


[DRAWING of sine wave and spike wave forms.  If the pressure curve of the succussion of the homeopathic remedy were in a "sine wave" form, then there would be activation of the homeopathic principle.  However, if the pressures were abrupt and in a "spike wave" shape, then there would be no evoked healing response in the patient.]


Disruptive vibrations and an unexpected danger:

Further data about the homeopathic phenomenon is fascinating:

1. When the preparations are exposed to a strong electromagnet they seem to lose their ability to cause a healing response.

2. When they are exposed to direct sunlight they lose the ability to evoke a healing response

3. When some individuals sleep under electric blankets they have lost the benefits they had experienced from taking a homeopathic medicine.

4. When exposed to strong volatile oils the preparations lose their ability to evoke a healing response.

5. A report by a homeopath in New York City is sobering: He studied the problems in behavior associated with city living and considered the water supply as a source of destabilizing influence. He noted that as the water flowed down from reservoirs, falling down pipes and vibrating around bends in the pipes there might be a potentizing phenomenon on the chemicals in the water. One chemical added to the water was fluoride. Indeed, the symptoms caused by fluorinum include many of the social problems seen in the city (unsociable behavior, sexual over-excitement, mental exhaustion and fatigue, etc.). It was as if the entire city had been treated with long-term exposure to the vibrational energy of fluoride. He found that prescribing homeopathic fluoric acid helped a number of his patients. It acted almost like an antidote, or mirror image of the negative influence from the vibrated fluoride water.


The Strongest Vibrations:

A curious note I found was about an experiment in the 1800s, the making of the "Wainwright dilutions." Someone went to a flourmill that was powered by a waterwheel. They fastened the bottles with the dilutions to a pounding pole that would go up and down day in and day out. Dilutions could be left for days or weeks at a time for each stage of the vibration. It was said that those were the most powerful homeopathic remedies ever made.


In modern days there have been devices successfully used for making homeopathic dilutions. Some have a holder for the bottle at the end of a jig arm that would have a slight bounce at the end (a "sine wave" pressure curve). Some practitioners (notably Dr. John Bastyr) would make homeopathic preparations by holding the bottle onto the upturned head of an ultrasound treatment device for a few seconds at each stage of dilution. Some companies use a rubber pad to pound against. And I have heard of one that is using a Bible for preparing their medicines in the original way.


Does the Theory Make Sense? New translations are opening doors:

The skeptics' main question is how does homeopathy work? Readers need to know there are more than one theory about homeopathy. (I will sketch my understanding of the electromagnetic dynamics of homeopathy below.) Many current explanations of homeopathy are not satisfying for those who ask how it works. Proponents of homeopathy are convinced of its validity, and there are many explanations and rules about homeopathy. The biggest problem is that the original German language texts of the discoverer of the phenomenon, Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. have been incorrectly translated. Now that more accurate translations are coming available I think homeopathy is finally in a position to come out of the depths of mystery and "metaphysical" language that is used too often. Homeopathy will be expanding its place in the scientific investigations being conducted on the body's energy field. If you read one book about homeopathy I would say read Hahnemann's The Organon of Medicine, in the O'Reilly/Decker translation. The second most important to getting a solid start in making sense of homeopathy is Homeopathy Re-Examined: Beyond the Classical Paradigm. These two books contain many additional references that will guide those who are learning about homeopathy. They also contain guidelines for discerning the problems and the useful parts of current writings based on the inadequate translations. It all boils down to an intricate world of substances, energy fields and domains.


Fields and Domains-The future of medicine:

"Domain Modulation Medicine" is the name I coined to describe the way I describe the practice of true healing. This provides a framework to explain the place of homeopathy, acupuncture and technologies using these two. Domains are concepts found in physics and in biological medicine. In the language of physics a "domain" explains where a given entity exists--rather than a specific point, it is a locus or zone in which the entity can be found. In biology the word "domain" could for example describe the zone in which a fungus that makes penicillin lives, and another "domain" could be where a bacterium lives. These two life forms exist in their own locales, but they can't be in the same place. Over the millennia whenever one has mutated to be more effective, the other one modified itself and a balance of power was regained. An example of a shortcoming of western medicine is the creation of "antibiotic" drugs. First scientists isolated penicillin and used it against a bacterium. However, the bacterium eventually developed a resistance by mutating. Now in treating patients with penicillin we find problems because of the resistance to medications. The answer to that situation is to modify the domain of the patient in a more flexible way. Newer drugs to fight bacteria and organisms might be a solution. Modifying the human is another way to deal with illness.


As a doctor my goal is to get the patient to a situation in which they can have a satisfying life in their own domain. I want a person to be comfortable in their surroundings. The Domain Modulation Medicine concept helps illustrate that I want them to focus on their individuality and not worry about stresses that do not impact them. It also helps explain why small changes in their domain (better food, air, exercise, sounds, light, etc.) can act to strengthen their life so they can have a livable space to enjoy. For the more exacting reader, consider the difference between domain (physical location) and field (the longer range of effects emanating from the object itself).


The Bigger Picture: Applying Domains and Energy Medicine Theory:


A. Acupuncture [more info]:

There is a slight difference in the ionic charges of arteries compared to veins. This was explained by Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. Electrical theory describes how a magnetic field is created around a wire when ions travel from one end to the other. When the wire is bent or wires come near each other, there are changes in the electromagnetic fields. This means that the human body is "wired" with an intricate mesh of cables carrying charges. This gives an explanation for the existence of points on the body that are different in their characteristics as described by acupuncturists. When a point on the acupuncture lines of the body is stimulated, (by needle, electrical charge, pressure, essential oil, laser, colored light, etc.) there are changes in the physiology. Recent reports of MRI studies of the brain during acupuncture are fascinating. These show brain activity in the visual cortex after light is shined in the eyes, and similar activity in the brain when the subject is in darkness but has stimulation to acupuncture points on the feet that are traditionally used for eye problems. A style of acupuncture called Five Element Acupuncture highlights changes in the pulse at the wrist after needling of specific points. I was amazed when I discovered that there are changes felt in the pulse when homeopathic preparations are brought near the body. That is, not taken internally but only brought into proximity of the skin. This effect seems to last for a few seconds and then the body seems to adapt and changes are not detectable.


B. Homeopathy [more info]:

The phrase "are brought near the body..." means that a field of some kind surrounds the container of homeopathic medicine. Another piece to the puzzle: Glass vials do not seem to block the passage of this field, but some practitioners say that this effect on the body is blocked by certain types of plastic. Researchers such as Reinhold Voll, M.D. in Germany found that the skin's resistivity to electrical currents is different at acupuncture points compared to areas not traditionally used for acupuncture. Dr. Voll discovered that homeopathic preparations would cause changes in the measurements at these points when they were brought near the body or placed near the circuit connecting the electrodes used to make the measurements. I am convinced that the hypothesis that the body has a field around it that can be affected by other energies will explain all the phenomena seen in homeopathy, acupuncture, and other Energy Medicine therapies including laying on of hands and prayer. The discovery of the problems with translation of Hahnemann's books (and notebooks not widely circulated) has cleared the way for explaining homeopathy as an intricate set of interactions between objects--living and inanimate.


Verspoor writes about his clinical experience and examples in literature by other doctors that show the body acting as if it were a recording device holding memories of past energy impacts, especially if they overpower the body's ability to dissipate the energy. These impacts act as layers of disturbance that alter the expression of our innate energy field. The clinical application of this information is to sequentially address the effects of traumas of various kinds that have occurred over a lifetime. This is sometimes called "peeling off layers". He also describes the practice of some homeopaths who treat a person for the possible effects of diseases that contaminate society in general (such as syphilis and gonorrhea) even though the individual or their parents may have no record of such diseases.


Homeopathy and its energy insights are only part of a bigger picture:

Are thinkers and researchers doing the work of looking at life as interactions of energy fields? Yes. There are several in many disciplines of health care. The logical thinker will be able to create lists of ways the body might react and treatments might be given. There is a wealth of writing about different attempts to use homeopathy and other energies to affect health. Verspoor has references to varying methods of homeopathic practice. The differences in successful use of different methods make sense if you look at the person as a living repository of energies. If everything is in relationship to everything else, then changes can be made by bringing things closer together when desired, or removing things and their fields if that is more desirable.


Craniosacral Dynamics [more info]:

There are rhythms and motions of the bones of the skull., (and, indeed, all the organs). This occurs at a rate of six to 12 times a minute, and probably starts in utero after the closing of the dural tube and the formation of cerebrospinal fluid. You are encouraged to read Craniosacral Therapy by John Upledger, D.O., and other books he has written. I have also studied under Solihin Thom, D.O., and he talked about an entrainment of the human spine/skull with forces outside them so that the brain "uncoils" and recoils, up and down, above the spine, thus pulling fluid in and then pressing it outward again. For me this teaching leads to an understanding of Craniosacral Dynamics that shows a connection between the human body and the electromagnetic energies surrounding the earth and affecting the movements of the tides, the moon, etc. I myself have witnessed a change in the rate and intensity of the cranial bone movement when homeopathic medicines have been brought near to the body. This is yet another intriguing piece to a larger puzzle which homeopathy is helping us to understand.


Yogic Death (and resuscitation) explained by energy fields and cranial dynamics [more detailed explanation and implications] :

Here I want to include the fascinating story in the book: The Future of the Body, by Michael Murphy, where the yogi Haridas was carefully wrapped and buried for six weeks, then revived ("....The servant then began pouring warm water over the figure; but as my object was to see if any fraudulent practices could be detected, I proposed to Runjeet Singh to tear open the bag, and have a perfect view of the body before any means of resuscitation were employed. I accordingly did so; and may here remark, that the bag, when first seen by us, looked mildewed, as if it had been buried some time. The legs and arms of the body were shriveled and stiff, the face full, the head reclining on the shoulder like that of a corpse. I then called to the medical gentleman who was attending me to come down and inspect the body, which he did, but could discover no pulsation in the heart, the temples, or the arm. There was, however, a heat about the region of the brain, which no other part of the body exhibited...."). See also below about "Monday morning morgue resurrections."


Craniosacral correlation: The story of Haridas holds the clue that the cranial fluid system is still operative as long as we are alive, and may be kept moving by the celestial electromagnetic forces. This would explain the following observation of Dr. Upledger: I have been told that cranial therapists have detected the cranial rhythm continuing after medically pronounced clinical death and it then slowed down and eventually everything was still and the person really was dead.


Monday-morning morgue "resurrections":

This would explain the fantastic stories of people who were authoritatively pronounced dead and put in the morgue on a busy Friday evening, only to be brought out for embalming the following Monday and were found to be alive... It is my contention that the cranial rhythm continued after clinical death was pronounced and later "jump-started" the heart. I have been told that one or more Dr. Upledger's craniosacral practitioners was able to feel the skull of a patient who had died and there was still the cranial system pulse even though breathing and heart pulse had ceased; I do not know if they continued to monitor the cranial pulse until it also finally ceased, which I must assume is the case because they did not say that the patient came back to a state of full life. A case in North Carolina [click here for MSN and their news story]; some of my letters that I sent to the paramedics, the man's family, and a medical neurological society that harvests organs of (hopefully) dead people [click here for PDF with picture].


Note: March 26, 2008. Yet another news story in the paper yesterday shows this phenomenon, "Zach Dunlap declared dead" [click here for Google listing of coverage]: A man was prepared for embalming after being declared dead and was found to be alive. I hope this time to get the attention of neurologists, and craniosacral therapists and help them to expand what they understand about Life and the process of death. Note #2: Also yesterday a new patient who saw me at the office told me that he knew a man who demonstrated with a heart monitor that he could slow his heart down to one beat a minute (the crowd was astounded and they had resuscitation equipment ready). That same man also said that he had at times completely stopped his heartbeat, but that he would have assistants around him to be able to make sure that he eventually started his heart again. This is a modern-day example of the "Yogic Death" that I write about above. I intend to contact that individual and see if he can meet Dr. Upledger or others who would understand this phenomenon.


Reverse Speech phenomenon: [see also: Reverse Speech Phenomenon]

The work of David John Oates reveals the sound-bytes of intelligent speech heard when recorded speech is played backwards. You will need to check his web site and literature for greater detail. However, I thought of craniosacral therapy immediately when he said that he can detect these "reversals" every 10 to 12 seconds. This is virtually the same rate as Upledger's 6 to 12 times a minute. I am convinced that the rhythm of the cranial fluids and the pressure changes this causes in the skull and on the brain is the basis for the reverse flow of speech. We all have this going on since childhood (he has some sound clips of pre-verbal babies making intelligent statements when their "babbling" is played in reverse). We are not aware of this reverse communication but our subconscious probably hears the talk from other people. This may be the explanation for much of "intuition" when people can "sense" what is behind another person's forward speech. Because I have witnessed changes in the rate of cranial movement when homeopathic preparations are brought near to the body, I think there should be research into the effects of homeopathy on the reverse speech phenomenon.


NOTE: I have attempted to bring Dr. John Upledger and David John Oates together, but neither of them had time to expand their work to include what seems like an unrelated discovery.  However, it is my firm belief that they are describing phenomena that are intimately interconnected. Perhaps some day others who are in their specialized communities will "look outside the box" and see how wonderfully they help to add to what humanity knows about the process of Life. May God help us all, we are so often blind to glaring truths.


Other areas the reader may consider:

The work of Dr. Candace Pert: She posited one hormone for each emotion. There may be frequencies associated with emotions.

Vithoulkas's book The Science of Homeopathy has excellent illustrations explaining energy fields of the human.

Dr. Hans Nieper talked about nerve fibers acting as capacitors because of the charge separation caused by the myelin sheath.

Rhythms, pulses, energy fields, this is what life is all about. You can add your examples. This letter is broad in scope but understanding homeopathy may make sense of the energy-based paradigm that is developing.

I hope this is stimulating to some of the readers.

Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture


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