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The Short Version:


For over thirty years I have been talking with and learning from homeopathic scholars and clinicians. They are each enthusiastic about the positive changes they have seen in people because of the homeopathic phenomenon caused by repeatedly diluting and vibrating substances.


Observing and participating in Nature led Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., to begin uncovering natural laws behind Life.  He discovered what is a science of energy in the human being. However, he had no terms to describe his discovery to medical doctors of his age. They thought that he'd simply discovered a way to make more effective prescriptions. He knew that he had discovered what I call processes and relationships that can free the patient's own creative inner healing capabilities to do the work of healing. Read further to learn about places that you can begin to study what this discovery can mean for you.


If you are a scholar, the Structure of Medicine (Hahnemann's book, das Organon Der Heilkunst) can be a lifelong touchstone to stimulate learning. I have studied several schools of homeopathy, including under Dr. Verspoor who joins colleagues to teach the larger system of care that Dr. Hahnemann was describing when his life's work on Earth ended. You can read about that school below.

The Longer Version:

See below: Neuroscience & Homeopathy| True Homeopathy/Notes for Visiting Homeopathy Scholars | "Dynamization" | What to Do After the Revolution | Cuba's Successful Massive Homeopathy Immunization Campaign 2008 | Disease Defined | Energy Anatomy | Chronic Miasms: A Crucial Concept [ref Sankaran's work] | Jurisdictional Prescribing | Homeopathic Personality Types | Books: Treating Autism, The Path to Cure , Love Story, | Homeopaths Without Borders/Epidemics/Bioweapons

See also on this site: New Brain Science | Autism | Chthonic/Ideogenic Disease |NES ProVision technology | Counseling | Expanded Paradigm | Multi-Dimensional Diagnosis | Flatland: Einstein, Hahnemann and Abbott | Notes on Dynamization | Homeo-tonic & Homeo-pathic | What Can Homeopathy Treat? | Unleashing Your Nuclear Energy | Fractal Science | Journey of Healing | Photos of Dr. Verspoor talk | Classical Homeopathy: Deadly by Default? | Acupuncture Science | Nordenstrom's Bioelectrical Research | Autonomic Science | AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging | Spirituality Considerations | Dr. Hamer and Cancer | I don't want you to lose your faith | New Book: The Invention of Air | Heilkunst Practitioners | Homotoxicology | The Vis medicatrix naturae

For Veterans and their families & physicians: Trauma and Addictions are only some of the situations that benefit from inclusion of homeopathic prescribing. As you can read on this main page about homeopathy, there are several different schools of thought about how to include the homeopathic phenomenon in life-supportive programs. [Integrative Homeopathy as I use it.]                                                                                                                  --- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.

Just discovered: This video is from a homeopathic site where they have a special interest in serving veterans -- Empowering U Homeopathy:

New program of Homeopathy in Africa [ ]
They are very scientific in teaching homeopathy on a first aid level.
This is a remarkable program -- you will be glad to know about them.
This was sent to me Kent Homeopathics/Jeremy Scherr and is supported by MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. [Company site]

Samples of Homeopathic Pharmacy promotional videos: Welcome to Boiron | Oscillococcinum for flu onset

Books and supplies: One resource Homeopathic Educational Services [site]

Along with using homeopathic remedies, also include food and physical support aspects. [More on Hyaluronic Acid]


Yes, Homeopathy IS that powerful of a basic truth.

Homeopathy: A New Understanding of the Natural World

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., has been called The Original Naturopathic Physician. Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Physical Manipulation, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic body typing, Counseling, Detoxification and much more all fit within the multi-layered system known as "Heilkunst" (in German this means The Medical Art, or "Wholeness-Making"), that Dr. Hahnemann envisioned and practiced the best he could at the time (early 1800s). Hahnemann had discovered the science of life energies. This is taught at the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst.

E = mc2 This is a way of understanding Life as simultaneously Substance and Energy. Dr. Hahnemann was ahead of his time -- over 100 years before Einstein he developed a dynamic scientific system of thought that led to a more powerful system of cure for Disease by treating people as both Substance and Energy. When used as part of a series of steps taken using the Heilkunst program, many seemingly unrelated approaches can be integrated into an individualized health improvement journey that frees the person to enjoy more vibrant health.

The multi-factorial thinking inherent in the practice of homeopathy helps make sense of body and mental symptoms and unseen processes that typical western medicine don't consider.

Major discoveries that come from this approach to observing life include the following. There are two kinds of Diseases -- called Tonic (causing mis-tunement) and Pathic (the pathologies created from that mis-tunement) -- that have been found deep inside of people causing imbalances and inappropriate functioning at all levels. These are the classical homeopathic term,"Miasmatic Diseases." There are also related diseases that have been recently classed as separate, called "Chthonic Diseases" [more]. Chronic Miasms and sometimes Chthonic diseases are present in virtually everyone to some degree until they are removed using homeopathic treatment [more on these below]. Dr. Hahnemann named the Dynamis and its two aspects, called the Sustentive and Generative, which are described below on this page [see below].

The information on this page lays out many of the important aspects of this system.

Describing Truth [from Leading Voices in Homeopathy]:

"Heilkunst: Dr.  Hahnemann's COMPLETE Medical System"

Forum description by Rudi Verspoor, DMH, explaining the need for clarity in exploring what Dr. Hahnemann began to disclose about the homeopathic phenomenon and how he  used it as part of his complete medical system; with Dr. Wilson's comment about eager students who seek to know truth. This contains additional description of the Dynamis within each person and its Sustentive and Generative aspects -- a unique contribution of Dr. Hahnemann to the science of healing.   Read online  |  Printable PDF document

[For more see: and its articles such as Sequential Therapy]

Online resource for families using Heilkunst approach for children [link]

He began to triturate (grind) and succuss (shake) the medicinal substances, discovering by experiment that the highly diluted remedies were even more potent after they had been succussed... The universe was pervaded by the vital force. Hahnemann was no theoretical mystic; he was a practical experimenter whose reach in these matters exceeded his grasp because he was confronted with material two hundred years before a vocabulary to deal with it had been developed. Even now most of us still operate in a Newtonian, pre-Einsteinian universe, despite the fact that modern physics has revealed its partiality.. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...".

  -- Hahnemann, cited in A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley

[More on "Dynamization"]

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.

One of many studious observers of nature and humankind.

His personal motto:

Aude sapere

("Dare to Know")

He discovered the homeopathic effect and explored its meaning in the days before Einstein and computers. We now can apply his complete medical system to integrate the observations of doctors and healers throughout history.


Homeopathy is not simply an interesting footnote in healthcare history. This dynamic interface between the physical and energy aspects of life is a field for research and clinical application that is integral to the Expanded Paradigm. I have known researchers, clinicians, and CEOs of corporations dealing with the many aspects of homeopathy and its use in health care. Worldwide, there are over two centuries of research and clinical discoveries about this phenomenon that can only be explained in terms of quantum physics and the dual nature of life (simultaneously Substance and Energy). On this internet site I have written several pages about my understanding of homeopathy, its relationship to Acumeridian Science, autonomic function and recent theoretical possibilities that would help explain how it works, and how it fits into an overall Energy Medicine paradigm of health and health care for both mind and body. Recent findings in neuroscience are uncovering the intricate ways that small stresses can affect health.

Proposed Comparison of Scientific Discoveries

Candace Pert's work on Neurotransmitters

Author of The Molecules of Emotion, her work has been described as postulating "one neurotransmitter for each emotion"

Discovery led to major change in biochemistry model of mental health. Continuing to learn how important this is.

Samuel Hahnemann's work with vibrated dilutions

Author of Das Organon Der Heilkunst, his work can be described as postulating "one resonant correspondence between an item (plant, mineral, animal, etc.) and a human state of function (mental, physical)" [See his quote about release of energies held within matter -- click here.]

Led to major change in overall model of physical/mental health. Removing bondage to fears, leading to new understanding of the landscape of your life. Freeing inner healing powers.

 Wilhelm Reich, M.D., and experiments which released tremendous energies.

I will place text containing a review of his "Incandescence Experiment" in 1939, that released "pockets of energy glimmering with an intense blue..."  [click here for text]. He went on to develop Orgone theory, orgone accumulators, and more.

The American College of Orgonomy [go to site] promotes Dr. Reich's work.

Listen to podcasts about Orgone energy and Dr. Reich's work [go to podcast site]

Public Orgonomic Research Exchange [PORE]: Translations, Orgone accumulator plans, links and testimonials about Orgone energy.

Recent Neuroscience Discoveries Reveal Intricate Connections of Body and Mind

A) Introducing the National Center for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) -- on my clinical site.

B) Stephen Porges, Ph.D.: (video intro below) The Polyvagal Theory -- introduction on this teaching site.

C) David Eagleman, Ph.D.: (interview link below) Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain -- on my FlexAware introduction

D) Temple Grandin, Ph.D.: (TED video below) Brain function hero -- on my clinical site..


Addendum: Please view the skepticism of Jacques Benveniste, M.D., about Homeopathy that he describes in the video below.*  You are invited to view the pictures on my Photo Album. That shows me giving an award to Dr. Benveniste while he was still alive. His presentation at that VMS Seminar was suppressed by the Christian owner of the audio recording company that I'd contracted to sell the audio of his presentation. He refused to duplicate the audio giving as a reason the statement that "He made an anti-Christian statement." He referred to Dr. Benveniste saying that he did not need the "crutch" of God to explain phenomena that cannot yet be explained in terms of current western science. There are likely other videos online about his research.

I used to describe assessing Body Energies as being like Multi-Dimensional Thinking. Now that neuroscience discoveries revealed aspects of the brain that seem like different parts of ourselves [more] we can be more effective in helping support the healing process. I have revised the Flatland page to reflect this improvement in scientific knowledge.


Ever Fly a Kite?:

Sensing things that cannot be seen.



Research articles on homeopathy (at Homeopathic Educational Services): click here >>

Journal article: Homeopathic remedy altering antibody titer : click here>>

Online homeopathic remedy descriptions from A to Z:



Addressing Opposition to Homeopathy

Because the attacks I have seen against homeopathy are based on incomplete understanding of the physics and physiology involved, and complicated by reaction to enthusiastic promotions of homeopathy by those who have experienced its endorphin-modulating effects, I plan to add to this section.

NOTE 1: Please understand that homeopathic medicines are made by both diluting AND percussing/vibrating substances. [Mere dilution -- with gentle swirling/stirring of the liquid -- does not result in enhanced healing when given to a patient.] The vibration separates the energy from the substance and the resulting preparation has been called "Energy before Matter" in literature I found from the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst..

NOTE 2: "Classical Homeopathy" often does not work effectively due to inaccurate translations of the insights of Dr. Hahnemann. Accurate practice is being taught at the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst. I describe their approach as logical application of energy dynamics, as opposed to the almost mystical "one remedy cures all" model that has resulted from incorrect translation of what Hahnemann described.


True Homeopathy -- Heilkunst or "The Medical Art"

Any homeopathic practitioner -- and any observer of the field of homeopathic practice -- will discover that there are different opinions on homeopathy and how to use it. My understanding is that because neurotransmitters are modified as part of the process of homeopathic treatment, and the feeling of wellbeing is enhanced, people can have strong emotions regarding the benefits of using homeopathy. When you search the Internet you will find websites where there are fervent presentations of one method or another of how to apply the vibrated dilutions that are "homeopathic remedies." The emphatic statements on different websites remind me of political parties, or religious denominations, fervently holding forth that their approach is the True Homeopathy.

Quantum physics, fractal dynamics, Revici's insights on the Periodic Table of the Elements, neurotransmitter modulation, all this and more lead me to understand that the Heilkunst approach is most true to Dr. Hahnemann's insights and the most scientific. The recent correct translation of Hahnemann's writings (including his case notes that his wife hid from public view according to his instructions) shows that he saw the human being as being both Energy and Substance at the same time. His treatments depended on which aspect was affected, the Substance or Energy. His approach is consistent with body-mind approaches to whole-person treatment.

I have been impressed by their reliance on Dr. Hahnemann's original written insights, this should win over so-called "Classical Homeopathy" practitioners. Once you see how he had developed his system -- brilliant clinician and strategist dedicated to the cause of homeopathy for the future of healthcare -- you see how valid his work is and how it integrates with and explains discoveries in our own time.

My overview of the Complete Medical System Dr. Hahnemann constructed: It is "Heilkunst" or "Medical Art" in German: Much of my understanding is below on this and related pages | My earlier overview of the key points.

"Heilkunst" or "Medical Art": Described in the CD/3-ring Binder titled, "The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst."  An On-going Study of the Meaning in the Writings of Samuel Hahnemann within the Context of the Dynamic System of Thought, Leading Thereby to a More Powerful System of Cure for Disease.  [see description below]

See: What if Most of What You Were Taught About Homeopathy Was Wrong?

Books and free downloads -- Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst.

See:  A Homeopathic Love Story | Reflections [on Hahnemann's complete system].

Links to Sites Addressing the Divisiveness in Homeopathy

1) Homeopathy Renewed: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions [Verspoor ]

2) International Discussion on Homeopathy (Grundlagen-Praxis):

The website has been down; it hosted an eye-opening set of essays about the divisiveness in homeopathy -- Representative essays [click here]

Introduction to the Debate | Index to Essays | Essays Collection [PDF]

3) Sequential Therapy: Part of Hahnemann's system [Verspoor/Smith/Decker]

4) The Letter: "Against Divisiveness": Scholten on Dogmatism; The Letter.

5) The Fundamentalist Controversy: Moskowitz on "An Issue That Won't Go Away"

6) An example of well-meaning homeopaths limited by "classical" theory:

7) Eight essays about correct Terminology from Hahnemann onward. Written by Rudi Verspoor. First one >>click here; index of the 8 found on Articles page >>click here.

8) Blindness to the larger landscape of the energies of life led scholar Julian Winston to believe that the "pathic" aspect of illness is all that homeopathic remedies can treat. Here is his diagram >>click here. He totally misunderstood about Chronic Miasms and the "mis-tunement" that they cause. Hahnemann discovered both Homeotonic and Homeopathic aspects of how to use the Law of Similars.

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The Homepathic Revolution: Homeopath and Author Dana Ullman has released his latest volume. I highly recommend that you use it as an adjunct to the studies you can do based on the contents of this site and the teachings at His video describes his e-book for home care.

The enthusiasm over health improvements after basic use of homeopathic remedies -- as described by classical homeopaths -- should be taken as a clue to the reality of a world of energies even more intricate and orderly than "classical homeopathy" has allowed itself to realize. Learn more on my site:

Homeopathic Revolution

Massive and Successful Homeopathic Epidemic Immunization Campaign in Cuba 2008

I am glad to be able to point to increasing numbers of reports about the successes that the medical system in Cuba experienced when using homeopathic remedies to immunize over two million people against epidemic Leptospirosis. This happened in 2008 and now the reports are coming in about the experience, which was not carried in major news media in this country.

One Report:

[From homeopath D.A. Ruchira] ...The Prevention of Epidemic Leptospirosis in Cuba

None of these remarkable speakers, each presenting their amazing work in disease prevention and use of nosodes, could hold a candle to the historical accomplishment of the Cubans in their presentation of controlling the local endemic-epidemic disease of Leptospirosis.

The Finlay Institute is primarily the Cuban research institute that produces allopathic vaccinations for their country. Because Cuba is embargoed by the United States, they have come to depend on themselves for the making of medicines, health care programs, etc. Since Cuba is not under the yoke of the international pharmaceutical juggernaut, they are not held back from wholeheartedly incorporating homeopathy and other alternative medicines into their national health programs. The Finlay director-general herself is very pro-homeopathy (not to mention, besides, a macrobiotic vegetarian).

To put it simply, what they presented is this:

Cuba goes through a yearly cycle of a Leptospirosis epidemic, especially after the hurricanes flood the countryside and water pollution reaches its height. Leptospirosis, an infectious disease caused by the spirochete Leptospira, is transmitted to humans from rats and causes jaundice, kidney damage and ultimately can be fatal.

Until Aug 2007, the Finlay Institute (a part of the Ministry of Public Health, Cuba) has been distributing its own allopathic Leptospirosis vaccination. August is the height of the hurricane season. Annually, when many are left homeless, flooded out and under the stress of a disaster situation, there is a sharp rise in the epidemic.

The usual infection rate, even with allopathic vaccination is around a few thousand, with some deaths included. Part of the reason for this is that the high cost of vaccination prevents vaccinating all but the most at-risk populations (ie. children, pregnant women, elderly). The cost of such limited vaccination is about US $3,000,000.

But in Aug 2007, Finlay put approximately 2,000,000 people (yes! 2 million!) in two provinces on a prophylactic homoepathic nosode, at the cost of about only US$ 200,000.

That figure represents the entire population of the 2 provinces. The prophylaxis consisted of 2 single doses about 2 weeks apart. Included in the dose was the Leptospirosis nosode plus some Bach flower remedies to address the mental distress of the disaster situation.

How very amazing it was to watch this presentation being made. Up to that point, the presenters were showing us graph after graph of the usual rise of the epidemic, year after year, even with the use of allopathic vaccination. Each year the graphs would edge higher and higher towards the year-end, reaching up to thousands of infected.

This time, within 2 weeks after Aug 2007, the rising lines literally dropped off the chart to ZERO. Ten infections only! Yes. Near-zero infections, zero deaths from Leptospirosis after Aug 2007. In 2008, there were no deaths and infections ran at less than 10 a month.

History Made for Homeopathy

This mass treatment of 2 million people with homeopathy, I don't believe, has not been done anywhere else in the world, not even India, where homeopathy enjoys the shelter of the government.

The awesome results of going from hundreds of infected to near-zero in the period of a few weeks, also is historical. My jaw dropped as I watched the graphs demonstrate this success.

The Cuban team readily admits that they have not invented anything new as far as homeopathic philosophy or application. They have simply followed what we homeopaths know to work. Since they have no pharmaceutical multi-nationals to stop them, they were able to do it on a massive scale, unknown in the history of homeopathy.

What is remarkable is their application to such a large population and its dramatic success, with full scientific verification. The results are incontrovertible and undeniable, even by the most rabid of anti-homeopaths.
I'm eagerly awaiting the formal publication in the medical journals of this remarkable event. I'm sure once these results are published, homeopaths will have more "weapons" in our "arsenal" to fight for our existence and for the adoption of homeopathy in national health programs of industrialized and developing countries.

Let me say a word or two about Dra Heurgo, Dr. Bravo and the rest of the Cuban team. They are truly remarkable people. "Concita" as Dra Heurgo is lovingly known by the people of Cuba, is well known and loved as a woman who has done outstanding work to improve the health of the population. I found her to be someone with untiring energy, passionate about her work and compassionate in her motivation to serve her fellow human beings.

I should like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize.

Didi Ananda Ruchira
Director, Abha Light

Expanded description of this event: More on their website.

Homeopathy practitioner's forum postings about this landmark event: More on their website.

Another Report: Affordable Natural Medicine for the People of Africa: More on their website.

Homeopathy practitioner's forum postings about Swine flu: More on heir website.

Note: I wrote an article in 1987 about Flat Earth Medicine.

A more recent book has the title: "Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine." It was written by Timothy R. Dooley, M.D., N.D. and is available in two versions.

Read First Edition Online

Buy 2nd Edition from

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What Cure Feels Like

By definition perception is a personal experience. If you use Google to search the Internet to learn people's impressions of their response to using classical homeopathy you will find a variety of descriptions. An example is The Impossible Cure, about one mother's experience (thus far) in addressing Autism with homeopathy (she has not yet used the full autism approach [below on this page] I mention further down on this page).

It is difficult to put into words what one feels in body and in the mind and spirit when the hidden bonds of distortive energies are eliminated. One becomes more aware of their own ability to manage their life. In Summer School at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst this past year (2005) I heard Verspoor emphasize the word "sovereignty" in describing the process of treating with homeopathy and supportive Regimen.

I myself used homeopathic treatment alone for pain management years ago after a surgery. The experience was unlike any I had had before, because I intellectually knew that my body had been cut and sewed up, and there was an awareness of the body repairing damaged nerves and tissues, but the discomfort from that felt as if it belonged to someone else and did not cause me to worry. I had a feeling of assurance and calm that my body knew what to do and that I was giving it the supportive "tools' to do it (naturopathically recommended nutrients, appropriate diet, rest, etc.).

There is a fundamental difference between the words "Heal" and "Cure", when used by homeopathic practitioners. The Hahnemann Center for Homeopathy & Heilkunst has highlighted the way in which Dr. Hahnemann saw these two words. "Healing" is what the body's innate processes perform, repairing cuts and broken bones for instance. "Cure" indicates the removal of what is called "Generative" influences that are known as "Disease" (which is not the same as "Illness", or the results of the action of Diseases). The bottom line to this difference is that in order to cure disease, there needs to be treatment by a Disease-removing agent. This is what is provided by homeopathic medications (also known as "remedies").

Much could be written here about how the physician needs to be aware of more than the Disease [definition of Disease] that is being removed, but must also tend to strengthening the body's own innate ability to heal after the Disease has been removed. This is called the Realm of Regimen, or supportive treatments (such as nutrition, exercise, etc.).

Mental Effects of Cure: The mental and emotional/spiritual results of treatment using homeopathy are the subject of volumes of homeopathic literature. Edward Whitmont, M.D., wrote Psyche and Substance: Essays on Homeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology [from Homeopathic Educational Services].  Catherine Coulter has written Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines, as well as Nature and Human Personality among her many volumes.

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Resource re Cancer:  Catherine Coulter and A.U. Ramakrishnan wrote A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer:

[book description from catalog found at Minimum Price Homeopathic Books]

This book takes you right into the trenches of the war against human suffering. Departing from the artistic and literary style of Ms. Coulter's previous books, this work is practical and business like. It uses 126 cancer cases, covering 25 different types of cancer, to illustrate Dr. Ramakrishnan's strikingly successful method of 'plussing'. Although it is the core of his regular treatment, plussing is also used in palliation, pain control and prevention. Organ specific remedies and cancer nosodes comprise many of the prescriptions. All the classical homeopaths who avoid the subject of cancer are, refreshingly, not well represented in this book. However, the constitutional prescribing of classical homeopathy is given an important place within the method. Likewise, the surgery and diagnostic tests of Western medicine are seen to be valuable. When we have a no-nonsense book like this for the other modern, degenerative diseases, homeopathy will be well established as an invaluable adjunct to their cure. 

Observing one's body and mind as they function more under the person's own control brings a reassurance that life is manageable. There are multitudes of people who have written books, articles, testimonies about illness that is no longer there; often the word "Astonished" would apply. They were once told the condition could not be Cured, could not go away; and now they do not have it any more. As an Integrative Homeopathy proponent, I always add that one must include supportive diet, lifestyle, social support, and even sometimes interventions such as surgery, dental repair, structural/chiropractic work.

One of the key drives pushing me to teach about homeopathy is that it gives us the tools to Cure (meaning to eradicate, destroy, remove, etc.) the Diseases (see below) that can hide deep within our body and in the future become active and cause tremendous debility and even bring us to early death. This is what homeopaths have written about with zeal over the centuries. They have seen that the use of dynamized/potentized substance has caused changes in people that their clinical experience said were on the pathway to continued illness and death.

I see the partnership between the homeopathic practitioner and person being cared for as a "Life Makeover." Everything about them is considered. This is much deeper than simply "fixing" some inconvenient, isolated symptom.                                             --- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.

The Diseases known as "Chronic Miasms": If homeopathy can eradicate the Diseases known as the chronic miasms (this is an important concept you should read about elsewhere) -- some of which are called "tuberculosis", or "psora", or "syphilis", or "cancer" -- then those Diseases cannot in the future be active in the body. Treating in advance to remove the Chronic Miasms can be an important step toward returning control of the body back to the person so they can make their own responses to health challenges and not have these responses be distorted by the influence of hidden miasms. These statements are reflections of the observations of homeopaths over the last two centuries. More information can be obtained from the texts at

[for more on Miasms see: Verspoor | Morrison | Tyler ]

[More will be added to this section.]

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Disease*: [see list below] An invasion of energies that change the body-mind's ability to function. Until these Disease programs are removed, there will

continue to be inappropriate responses or ineffective responses to life events, and stresses as well as to treatments.

This is my understanding of the clinical findings of the Complete Medical System of homeopathy called "Heilkunst". So-called "Classical Homeopathy" does not consider the larger picture of the person as being both Physical and Energy at the same time. The person today (shown on the end) has many buried "programs" that cause armoring, segmentation, inappropriate responses and behaviors. The person is unable to live in a fully healthy, enjoyable way, even though they are "coping" and doing their best to act like "a good person". [Handout of 3 graphics below - PDF]

Diseases: Include acquired through incidents such as noted below. Also there are inherited Diseases of two types:

Chronic Miasms: Inherited at birth: Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, Syphilinum, and others more recently classed as separate [including a Lyme Miasm]--some need two cycles, 1st usually to 10M, in the E2 cycle, he goes to 50M] [see below].

Chthonic Diseases [more]: The deeply hidden fear-based Diseases that can drive people to outwardly manifested "Hot Stream" conditions, or inwardly isolating "Cold Stream" conditions. These also may be common among humans and passed down to offspring. Chthonic Disease treatment is key to Autism [see below].

This [below] shows the person today [the end figure] after some benefit using some healing treatments that have done a partial job of clearing out the Diseases and giving definite improvement. However, the body-mind's energies continue to be affected by the distortions of Diseases still not eliminated. There continue to be segmentation, "armoring", sub-optimal responses to life's stresses, and the person cannot have full and free flow of energies.

This [below] shows the person today [the end figure] after extensive clearing of Diseases using "Jurisdictional Homeopathy" with appropriate homeopathic prescriptions. Much improved flow of energies is possible.


I call this our "Energy Anatomy":

[click here for expanded information and handout]

The Physical Body is powered by Living Power ("Dynamis"),

which has two aspects: Sustentive and Generative;

this is attacked by incoming "distortive" energy Diseases (e.g., Chronic Miasms).

[14-page descriptive handout - PDF v. 06/17/2008]

Sustentive aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for metabolic processes and keeping you in health. Known as the Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of Nature).

Generative aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for cell division, making babies, creating new ideas, and fighting Diseases on an energy level. 

Eight Chronic Miasms ("Primal Diseases"); each has a State of Mind

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*Diseases: List of some of the Diseases that have been identified and homeopathic remedies that have been used as part of Heilkunst homeopathy programs. Even Emotional events can be so strong as to become Diseases that implant into the person and forever alter their ability to function with full health, until the Disease is treated and cured with homeopathy.

Emotional shock--loss: Natrum muriaticum. (However, if the emotion is still very much in the present, Ignatia is more appropriate.)

Emotional shock--suppressed anger, guilt, humiliation, indignation: Staphysagria.

Emotional shock--fear: Opium.

Emotional Trauma Remedy: is simply NSOL plus Nux vomica.

Jealousy: Lachesis (or other indicated remedy)

Violation, Rape--Staphysagria

Accidents, surgery: Arnica (and Staphysagria in any violation).

Anesthesia (general): Nux vomica or Phosphorus (strong rxn, or Phos.constitution) Further recommends Acetic acid, also the Isode of the anesthetic if known.

Bone break: Arnica, Ruta, Symphytum.

Eye trauma: "Aconite is the Symphytum of the eyes" Rudi Verspoor.

Oxygen deprivation: Ammonium carbonicum (has inability to blow nose).

Electrical shock: Morphinum, Phosphorus.

Head injury/concussion: Natrum sulphuricum.

Injuries to the back: Arnica and Hypericum (If symptoms remained over years Nitric acid maybe as well).

Sprained ankle: Arnica and Ruta.

Natural diseases: Such as Mumps, Measles, Chicken Pox, Polio.

Vaccinations: Use the Isode of the vaccination given.

Teeth: Wisdom tooth removal: Arnica

Nerves involved: Hypericum

Anesthesia: Nux vomica, Penicillinum

Iatrogenic diseases: Caused by drugs: Cortisone; X-Ray; Antibiotics--Penicillinum (or more specific if can obtain).

General Drug Use: Nux vomica as cleanser for many drugs, but if drug known use it.

Chronic Miasms: Inherited at birth: Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, Syphilinum, and some more that have been recently listed as separate--some need two cycles, 1st usually to 10M, in the E2 cycle, he goes to 50M]

Chthonic Diseases: The deeply hidden fear-based Diseases that can drive people to outwardly manifested "Hot Stream" conditions, or inwardly isolating "Cold Stream" conditions. Chthonic Disease treatment is key to Autism [see below].


Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Disease: A Crucial Concept:

The concept of deeply embedded distortive energy fields (my term) was called Chronic Miasms by Dr. Hahnemann. These also have been termed, "Primal Diseases." These either enter or more likely are passed down to the person from the parents (not genetic but rather a resonance that accompanies the material of the body). Hahnemann was able to detect the presence of these. The Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst among others present the benefits of pro-actively treating the Chronic Miasms before they become active in the body.

All people have some degree of Chronic Miasm and Chthonic Disease influence. I recommend that everyone receive the pro-active prescribing that Dr. Hahnemann showed can be accomplished. This clears them out so that they will not become active at some future time when the body has become weakened. This way we will not be carrying these as hidden seeds of future active illness. 

The References link leads to information about classical homeopath Rajan Sankaran; his insightful work is integrated into the structure of Heilkunst.

References and more information >>

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Multi-Level Approach to "Jurisdictional Prescribing"

Importantly, the system of treatment they present from Hahnemann as being called "Heilkunst" (the art of making whole) is multi-leveled. Heilkunst includes using "Regimen" (nutrition, hygiene, lifestyle, bodywork, detoxification, Biological Dentistry, intellectual talk-therapy counseling, SCENAR: Electroregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System, and much more). Then above Regimen there are energy-based homeopathic treatments of four types (Homogenic; Pathogenic; Iatrogenic; Ideogenic). The deepest level at which they work is the "Ideogenic" jurisdiction, i.e., the Core Level Delusion keeping the person from fully activating their energies. 
The breakdown of the jurisdictions which need to be carefully evaluated is as follows. If the patient's "case" is tried in the "wrong court", there will be no removal of the disruptive Disease or imbalance. (Read texts from Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst.)
Nutrigenic: Resonance (suitability) of diet/Regimen. This is the valid realm of opposites. If you are thirsty, you drink water. If you are cold, you put on warm clothing or sit near a fire. The emphasis in the case is the sensations reflecting the imbalance of the Sustentive Power. The resonance is between the individual and their diet and Regimen... The treatment: Changes in diet and Regimen will resolve the matter.
Homogenic: Resonance of action. The emphasis in the case is the irritant actions. Irritant actions = What hapened? We have an action resonance. We are not so much interested in the symptoms as in what occurred... We need a homomorphic medicine or medicines which act directly on the Disease irritation.
Iatrogenic:  Resonance of drug. The emphasis in this case is the conditions (e.g., dropsy) or what was caused as a "side effect" of the material drugs... We have "isodes", remedies made from the synthetic drug.
Pathogenic: Resonance of pathogen. The emphasis in the case is the pathological signs... The remedy is made from disease material ("nosodes").
Ideogenic: Resonance of thought. Core Level Delusion. Emphasis here is the behavior, which exhibits and demonstrates the core delusion... We need an ideomorphic remedy that encapsulates the form of the egocentric delusion. More recently they have been identifying Fear-Based Diseases that Dr. Hahnemann was treating and they have called these Chthonic Diseases [more] that drive people to either externally manifested or "Hot Stream" conditions, or inwardly isolating conditions called the "Cold Stream." Chthonic Disease treatment is key to Autism [see below].

Homeopathy Personality Types

Excerpts below are from the Homeopathy Personality Types page:

"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has."

-- Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

There is a progression from Emotion-centered to Intellect-centered types:

Sulphur/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus/ Calcarea/ Lycopodium/ Silica. 

These have been grouped into two "families": 

1. The Sulphur Family (Sulphur/ Lycopodium / Calcarea carbonica) -- which I understand to be more earthy/emotional, and,

2.The Silica Family (Silicea/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus) -- which I understand to be more spiritual/intellectual.  

Under stress these decompensate into:

"Stasis Neurosis" (Sepia/ Staphysagria/ Lachesis) -- "blockage of energy from the suppressive impingement of the environment", and,

"Psycho-Neurosis" (Arsenicum/ Natrum muriaticum/ Nux vomica) -- Reich's psychoneurosis: "blockage of energy stemming from internal prohibitions, termed repression".

Here is a page that includes sketches of the homeopathic personality types; includes information on this excellent book.. [go to page]

The Hypochondriac:
Have you been labeled a "hypochondriac"?

The Hypochondriac

[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

On the next page are some expanded ways of evaluating the person shown as The Hypochondriac. It falls into place if one understands neurotoxicity, nutritional medicine and has studied the work of doctors and researchers of acumeridian theory, Ayurveda, and other non-mainstream systems of health care.


Humorous presentation of this information:

Homo toxicanus: a "new species."


Homeopathy Overview.

Theory and observations that helped convince me of its validity.

Homeopathy as an observation of higher dimensions of reality.

[See also: Fractal Dynamics]

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My use of homeopathy is for several aspects of care including mental health/wellness and counseling, and various ways of supporting the body in its work of self-healing.

Homeopathy and the Process of Healing.

See Photos of Homeopathy workshop I produced for Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst.


Links to Some Educational Sites:


>>Hahnemann Center/College/Clinic for Homeopathy & Heilkunst 


>>Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy: A mother describes her son's cure from autism in this book [from Dr. Mercola's web site. They did not use the Heilkunst model so I do not know if the child could have made even more progress or if he is protected from future emergence of Chthonic Realm conditions]. 


>>This link is to a timeline of homeopathy: Includes the formation of the Hahnemann Center for Homeopathy & Heilkunst in 1999.


Books and Resources:

Free Books: Rudi Verspoor, has some free downloadable books and articles from their bookstore at (Note: They recently upgraded the store page. Go to, get free books from iTunes University using the link there)

Homeopathy e-Books online library:

[link to site library]

New offer at Minimum Price Homeopathic Books: [offer described on their site]

The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust [link]: Reich's work is taught at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses 
[Interactive CD Inside ] (see at Homeopathic Educational Resources)
Publisher says: This useful guide is a single, indispensable resource for anyone interested in using homeopathic medicines. Noted author Dennis Chernin introduces readers to the basics of homeopathic theory, laws, history, and practical applications, as well as to clear explanations of the fundamental homeopathic vocabulary. He provides a brief synopsis of homeopathy's present status and compares it with conventional medicine, before proceeding to a step-by-step guide to creating a home remedy kit. The bulk of the book focuses on more than 150 common disorders, conditions, and illnesses, each treated in a separate section, alphabetically organized. Each section includes basic background information as well as accessible guidance on how to consider the symptoms and how to treat and heal them. For each condition, all the possible symptoms are matched with the remedy appropriate to them. The bundled CDROM integrates these resources with a simple, graphics-based user interface incorporating the latest research. 
Open Minds: A New Perspective on Healing. This looks at how the Heilkunst program of homeopathic care includes nutrition, bodywork, dental detoxification, good psychological counseling, and more. [See this and more at the college Store.]

"Imagine true health, your chronic ills gone!
The practitioners in this book have opened their minds to healing. Their stories show their commitment to truth so their patients may receive the benefit. With their help and yours, we can advance the science of medicine into the deeper realms of human existence and restore health with prescribing that unearths and eradicates the true causes of disease."3

Book Cover - Verspoor

Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst. Scholars and Classical Homeopaths -- This is a must-read text. This comes as a CD-ROM or two 3-ring binders and gives an extensive presentation of the groundwork and principles of homeopathy as practiced by Dr. Hahnemann in his later years and carefully documented in the Organon and case notes. This work has been rediscovered, translated and now taught by the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. Solid documentation on Reich, orgone energy, orgastic potency, etc. [See this at college Store. Its Table of contents ]

HCH graphic

Autism,: The Journey Back. Excellent book about an important subject: Autism, and other developmental concerns. The Heilkunst approach makes it treatable. The book also gives a detailed overview of the dynamic system that can be used as a model for integrative medicine treatment of any human illness.

Book Cover - Autism and Heilkunst

Lyme and Autism: The authors of this book began using the approach that I call "Integrative Homeopathy" with autistic children and pioneered the classification of the Chthonic Diseases. They then extended their clinical work and identified a Chronic Miasm labeled the Lyme Miasm (or the Borrelia Miasm).

The pervasive nature of Lyme and Autistic Spectrum Disorders leads me to recommend that all children be considered at risk for disturbance of brain health and behavior. For me, the ASD "spectrum" includes all children, and only the lucky ones do not show evidence of the many stresses and toxins that affect all children in our modern world. 

Reader Comments:

"This book is absolutely incredible!!! It brings tears to my eyes and incredible joy to my soul. I can identify with some of these parents comments, especially the one where the parent had pleaded for the universe to open up and bring her some help. I too did the same thing, only it took a lot longer than 15 minutes to get an answer. Anyway, thoroughly enjoying this and still reading..."

"I have finished reading your book on Autism and I'm blown away by the flow of the book and the ease with which you explained Heilkunst. I'm so thrilled that my first reaction was to translate it (into German) for my mom. It is not only a book or parents of children with autism, but for every parent considering vaccination, for every practitioner trying to understand the conundrum of autism, and for every teacher trying to get a better feel for the children in their classroom. Thanks for writing it."

"Your book on autism - I loved that you wrote it with a respect for both the Kennen and Gemut. I was able to wrap myself around the feeling of what it is like for a family to intimately go through Heilkunst treatment through the story. I cried for Brad's family! You did an awesome job of explaining the principles and jurisdictions for Heilkunst treatment in the most simple, succinct and easy to grasp way. You have created an invaluable tool for patients and practitioners alike. Congratulations, you two!"

"I just received my copy of your Autism book (I also purchased one for the provincial women's group home for which I am executive director) and love it! My staff and I just keep reading through it and reading pages aloud to each other, saying we can just substitute the words "mental illness," and this then becomes the manual for the work with our women. Not to mention seeing ourselves in the pages too! Thank you so much for this great work of love!"

See also:  Craniosacral Therapy | Developmental Movement Therapy

[Sample text on personality effect of a Chronic Miasm]

[Sample text on Chthonic Disease: fear-based condition]

[Link to Description on authors site]

[More reading on Autism and other behavioral disorders]

[Site to order book]

[An important note about the Sustentive side of human conditions, including Autism/ASD:]

I spoke at the IABC Congress honoring Dr. Nordenström. Stunning information was presented by many speakers.

Biophysics, clinical applications and future possibilities that have sprung from the discoveries of Björn Nordenström, M.D. 

Information shared included Zeta Potential; sobering discoveries about vaccinations and brain cell injury/death in Autism and more. Sites of other and Zeta Research.


[more information]

The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing

by Allyson McQuinn, DMH

Now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Allyson McQuinn came through harrowing and uplifting experiences with behavioral problems in her child and severe health conditions herself. This is a story of triumph of one person, but also of an understanding of Natural Law that is offering humanity a deeper opportunity for healing than ever before recognized. It describes what true Disease is, how illness is generated, what is a Constitution, what are Miasms, the Journey, and "Facing the Shadow." She works with families that are touched by Autism/ASD. >> Book description and Order/Download links

See also:  Craniosacral Therapy | Developmental Movement Therapy

Author's Internet Site  |  Autism Testimonials by Parents

Addition 2014: Dr. McQuinn has written a home first aid information page about Childhood Fevers:

"...Please help share this resource with others (at who may be interested in solving the root cause of their child’s illness or fever without causing an ounce of harm. I appreciate your help with this."-- Dr. McQuinn 

A Homeopathic Love Story: This superbly written description of the life and times of Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann captures the essence of their love for each other as reflected in their loving work to develop and protect the truths of Homeopathy. So the book is about their love of each other and also their love for the vibrant understanding of Life that is called Homeopathy.

It is more than a story of two people. It shows the development of their perception of the Dynamic System of thought that characterized their application of homeopathy. It also shows how Samuel instructed Melanie to hide his case notes after his death because the newcomer homeopaths as well as the allopaths of their time just could not handle the truth and he knew it would have meant the death of the entire vision he had so clearly seen. This system is what is now being called Medical Heilkunst and Anthroposophic-Orgonomy.

This book describes the basis of the continuing work by the Hahnemann Center/ Clinic/ College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst. [In German "Heilkunst" means "The Medical Art".] Further development of this is to be seen in the new alternative medical school, Novalis Organon, whose graphic illustration of Anthroposophic-Orgonomy shows the wonders that Samuel and Melanie were offering to the world. This is a lovely book of dedication of two people to each other and to humanity's future.

[Book sold at Hungry Minds Books.]

Addendum: She also wrote In Search of the Later Hahnemann: see a lively discussion about this insightful book and Hahnemann's insights into true practice of the healing arts.

Book Cover - Love Story


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>>Overview of Catherine R. Coulter's writing:

Catherine R. Coulter, a well-known authority on homoeopathic Materia Medica, has been a major influence in introducing the homoeopathic archetypes to the general public. Her books have been translated into several languages are internationally hailed as classics.

Her three-volume Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines: Psychophysical Analyses and Selected Constitutional Types, a scholarly in-depth analysis of twenty-two principle homoeopathic personality types, was twice chosen as one of “the best books of the year” in the category of non-fiction in The Independent of London, (Vol. 1 in 1986 and Vol.2 in 1988). The reviewer noted, “if you are interested in all the basic human types out of which we are all made up, then this (book) is for you…Ms. Coulter is a masterly psychologist who writes enchantingly.

Catherine Coulter, Homeopath.

Nature and Human Personality: Homoeopathic Archetypes: This is an excellent look at the healthy state of twelve homeopathic personality types. Contains 11 of the 12 major personality types that were basic to the approach Hahnemann used in his later years and is taught within the Heilkunst method.

See also her: Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines: Psychophysical Analyses of Selected Constitutional Types.

Book Cover - Coulter

Edward Whitmont, M.D., Psychiatrist, Homeopath.

Psyche and Substance [review of book]: "...Shows how symbolic and imaginal thinking is 'eminently helpful' in grasping homeopathic remedy pictures." Presents 12 remedies, the personality profiles of people who exemplify the remedies.

The Alchemy of Healing [review of book]: Survey of historical healing systems, including homeopathy.


>>Dr. Harris Coulter: Author of Divided Legacy

 Divided Legacy series: By historian Harris Coulter.  This describes with careful academic rigor what I categorize as the philosophical and social divergence of the field of medicine and health care into two deeply entrenched camps of approaching life and health.

Divided Legacy Vol 1: The Origins of Modern Western Medicine: Hippocrates to Paracelsus.

Divided Legacy Vol 2; J.B. Van Helmont to Claude Bernard;

Divided Legacy Vol 3: Science and Ethics in American Medicine 1800-1914, the Conflict Between Homoeopathy and the American Medical Association;

Divided Legacy Vol 4: The Bacteriological Era [Book review by Julian Winston]

Homeopathic Science and Modern Medicine: The Physics of Healing with Microdoses

The Controlled Clinical Trial: An Analysis :"Medical historian Harris Coulter wrote an excellent text on the controlled clinical trial. This book examines the concept of the controlled trial and argues that it is not all it is cracked up to be."

Review of some of Dr. Coulter's important texts.


>>Minimum Price Books: Specializing in Homeopathic texts and information resources.

>> Homeopathic Educational Services: Homeopathic texts and information resources.


Homeopaths Without Borders [North America]: Dealing with global disasters from Tsunamis to Bird Flu. [This section will be developed to include information on their services, vaccinations, possible help against effects of terrorist bioweapons, etc.]

The logo is of the Swiss branch:

Homeopathes Sans Frontieres Suisse

website | charter [PDF]--


Homeopathy in the time of Epidemic: "...There is not a single report showing the superiority of allopathy over genuine homeopathy. That holds true up to the present day."

Bioweapons: In order to show the applicability of this New Understanding of the Natural World, I used Google [to search >> Homeopathy Protection Bioweapon] and found many citations often by practitioners of homeopathy or those who have an inner feeling that homeopathy is worth considering. A couple listings from this Google search include the International Network of Engineers and Scientists, and the author of a fascinating book: Biological Terror: A Consideration of Ancient and Alternative Treatments for Catastrophic Diseases. You may want to consider homeopathy as part of your overall family and self care plan. [Much more could be written about this.]

>> A letter about homeopathy for bioweapon response: by Sandra Perko, Ph.D.

Homeopathy theory helps explain: Bhopal disaster and may help victims of other chemical factory disasters.

>> "Why haven't I heard of this before?"

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