The Mind as Home Base

[v. June 6, 2012]

I developed this page from an earlier page to share crucial information about brain health and enjoying life. Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. Daniel Amen have created some very good internet sites and I encourage you to view the information below. This page is for anyone who wants to use the benefits of the New Brain Science to make their life more enjoyable and also to help them deal with their duties and responsibilities more effectively. This might include returning veterans, families with children with high energy levels, or virtually anyone. I'll develop this further as time goes on.

See below Amen Clinic introduction -- brain types, medication and non-medication help for brain health.

Being aware of Nature that is around you.  

Being aware of the seasons: Snow Angel from my 2nd floor window, and Nature in blossom.

A Shopping List of Good Things:
1. Good food and water
2. Sleep -- Get as much as you need. Use sleeping mask (or "Mindfold" for total darkness)
3. Gentle body movement -- FlexAware, Walking, other as you choose.
4. Consider using a Rebounder trampoline, and work up from a short initial session
5. Do things with people
6. Surround yourself with, or keep in touch with, positive people -- your mind changes due to the influence of the people around you (and you affect them too, it is an important feedback system)
7. Get bodywork, massage, appropriate chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy
8. Consider how to include pleasant scents in your day (gentle aromatherapy, not overdone)
9. Practice some focus technique (FlexAware includes some of this), such as Dr. Siegel describes in his guided session "Wheel of Awareness" [See below.]
10. Use your imagination and creativity every day
11. Find ways to give attention or assistance to someone else
12. Practice being an Observer of your thoughts, and see how often you can choose to not act on every thought that your brain happens to generate
13. Do things that make changes, improvements, mementos in your surroundings. Things that are physical reminders that you are here and that you are a valuable part of the Human Family
14. If you consult a healthcare practitioner, get their advice on maintenance medications
     Addendum: If you or your child are on psychiatric medication please read below how the Amen Clinics have documented with brain imaging that some brains do not do well on the typical medications. They have determined Six types of ADD, Seven types of Anxiety & Depression, Six types of Addicts, Five types of Overeaters and Three types of Aggression. Your medications may be making your brain worse. The Amen Clinics Method may be very important for you.    
15. Locate a nutritionally oriented practitioner and get advice about avoiding inflammation that can be caused by unbalanced fats and carbohydrates
16. Books such as The Perricone Prescription, or The Schwarzbein Principle, or The Zone Diet, or The False Fat Diet (premise: allergies cause irritation and water weight gain), may be helpful
17. Consider daily thinking about the good things that are in your life (there are many!)
18. As in the Wheel of Awareness, look upon yourself with Compassion. You deserve it
19. Consider Family Constellation experiences [more below]
20. Consider the Human Family concept in Lynne McTaggart's book: The Bond [picture & links below]
21. Learn about your marvelous body that has faithfully done the best that it could to get you to this day. Consider iris photographs to learn about innate neuro-emotional tendencies. [Iridology science]
22. Other things below on this page may be useful.
23. Addition -- Video recommended by FlexAware founder, Steve Shafarman, view below [click here]  the compact presentation of how Movement is the key aspect to sentient life. It's a high-energy presentation, and makes sense of why so many body-centered approaches help people achieve a coherent combination of mind and body.
24. You can contact me if you wish to. Phone -- 202-657-5732
This is a picture from my "Space-Capsule Room"

Extra Credit Options:
1. Learning More: My expanded thoughts on my Blog:
    A) Compassion for Your Life: "Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple"
    B) Resilience and Trauma Support: "Hey, Coach, What do I do Now? Life Trauma Resilience"
    C) Family Constellations: "It's Always Been About You: Family Constellations"


2. "Doing" --

A) Listen and Follow the Mind and awareness Wheel of Awareness review:

Copied from the website of Dr. Siegel (see below for his video); from his Resources page. [His site]

   Wheel of Awareness III [a 25-minute contemplation, very gentle]

left click this line to play, right click to download mp3 >> [It may take a while to load]

B) The Healthy Mind Platter reminds us of the "diet for the Mind" of helpful inputs:

Read the explanation on Dr. Siegel's site [click here]

3. "Being" --

I'm impressed by Lynne McTaggart's application of neuroscience to human relationships. The Bond is one of several books that she has written about being in healthy relationship to self and others.


"If you are among the millions who are saying right now ‘There has to be a better way’. The Bond provides a message of hope, inspiration – and a practical way to change, starting with your home, then your neighbourhood, your community, your town. The Bond is setting the agenda for that change. It demonstrates that we have been living in a way that is against our own nature, against every cell in our body. For centuries, Western science and many Western cultures have taught us to think of ourselves as individuals. But today, a revolutionary new understanding is emerging from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge physicists, biologists, and psychologists: What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things." Links: Lynne | The Bond site.


I've been impressed with what I've studied about The New Brain Science.

See their new 2012 series of presentations about the brain and healthy living.

1. Dr. Daniel Siegel:

Re a  Healthy Mind: What is the Mind? I'm amazed at Daniel Siegel, M.D.'s definition:

The mind is a process that regulates the flow of energy and information.

He expands: It is interactive and needs other people; it requires a body for experience; how we choose to think can lead to changes in the nerve connections in our brains. You can use your Mind to change your Brain.


Below is a compact presentation, of Compassion for Self and for learning about yourself. [17 minutes]

Below is a very compassionate conversation at a center for mindfulness. It is very well done. [1 hr 54 minutes]

Below is a second detailed presentation by Dr. Siegel. He gave this talk to the School of Personal Growth at Google University.

His work is a superb explanation of that the Mind is.  [His site] about the brain and the mind and regulating health.

We are hard-wired for Relationships. Our mind can be used to change the brain's way of functioning. [1 hour, 20 minutes]


2. Daniel Amen, M.D. and the Amen Clinics network of brain health options.


My certified site in the Amen E-Center network.

Dr. Amen introduces Amen Solution @ Home. Also: Dr. Amen's new brain health book and DVD; plus a classic that I've enjoyed

Dr. Amen's main site store [here] -- Remember the 15% discount: Code -- ECENTER42

I invite you to take the Get Started: "My Brain Type" questionnaire.

New: Here is the link to the Training Portal site about his programs [or click on the picture].

Remember, their work has determined that there are 6 types of ADD, 7 types of Anxiety & Depression, 6 types of Addicts, 5 types of Overeaters and 3 types of Aggression. Medications need to be considered in light of each person's brain type.



Dr. Amen introduces the new community for self-help.
The Amen Soloution @ Home: Improve Your Brain Health Today
[Save 15%: Use discount code ECENTER42]


 Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Introduction

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and "Generation Mars"
His site | My blog on Autonomic Science & Brain Mapping, etc.
1. Dr. Amen has used Brain Mapping and neurofeedback.

2. I am proud to have seen patients in the office of Dr. Tom Budzynski and Dr. Helen Kogan Budzynski.

Buzz Lightyear with Neurofeedback telemetry 

 Video about Movement being the key to life.

Movement Science: A TED talk that is relevant to FlexAware.
Steven Shafarman notes that it indirectly supports the FlexAware principles -- Approximating,
distinguishing, and refining; images of ideal functioning, and the Weber-Fechner Law.

Below are items from an earlier page that could be beneficial to veterans and others who are focusing on doing all that they can to optimize their memories and their ability to life a full, rich life.

 FlexAware: A powerful neurological reintegration approach and fitness enhancement.

My overview page about FlexAware and its value in rehabilitation as well as enhancing wellness.

Non-invasive qEEG brain function assessment [promoted by Dr. Xenakis below]: "Brain Mapping" .

         *New program that uses Quantum EEG brain imaging is part of The Coming Home Project

Stephen Xenakis, M.D.: Brain Injury and Quantum EEG (qEEG)

[supporter of The Coming Home Project (click on the strip of photos below the video)]

Dr. Xenakis is also a retired general in the Army (he likened it to being a CEO, helping to get things done) and is promoting the rapid assessment and help for soldiers and veterans who have experienced brain effects from blast concussion and direct trauma. He also speaks (near the end of his talk) about the positive things that we can do to help people understand their life after injury and how they can move ahead into full and rich lives.

I think that qEEG will be helpful for examining all types of brain function, in both civilians and military. This would help us to advise people on how to most effectively rebuild their lives after traumas, whether physical or psychological.

The Coming Home Project (click on picture strip):

This video was made by actor James Earl Jones -- There is Hope. Watch it twice or more.

His message is one of Welcome to the Human Family. No matter how difficult your situation is there is hope. Pay special attention to the people's eyes and also to their facial expressions. You are not alone.

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

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SPECT imaging: Such as at the Amen Clinic
     The work of Daniel Amen, M.D.

     See their site for books, DVDs, and the online SPECT Image Gallery


Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Spa visits:

     For relaxation and increasing sense of connection with others, as well as for its enhancing tissue function and boosting metabolic processes, etc.


Craniosacral Therapy: [more info]

     This is a subtle method of enhancing communication between the conscious brain and the autonomic nervous system. It is perceived as very relaxing and rejuvenating; however, it is a powerful method of bringing awareness to the conscious mind of the deeper activities of the autonomic nervous system. "Somato-Emotional Release" is an option that Dr. Upledger describes as potentially very important. See information on treatment program they offered to Vietnam veterans (Healing Combat Trauma: the Healing Hands Project). 


Family Constellation Therapy:  [more info]

     I have taken many of these classes which are therapeutic events regarding the experience of one's place in the flow of love and nurture through the generations. I have found it useful for my own life, and have seen its benefits for many participants of "constellations".

Click picture to go to site of Matthew Blom and see the video. The video gives a glimpse into the results of this work.

Visit site of Stephan Hausner, facilitator, frequent visitor/teacher in USA. Visit site of Sheila Saunders, RN, LMFT, facilitator and sponsor of Stephan Hausner's visit.

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Biological Dental assessment: [described on this site]: 

     Performed by a Biological Dentist (a good choice locally may be a member of IAOMT)

     To assess for benefits of dental revision. Also for cavitational osteonecrosis that often develops after extractions.


Acupuncture Treatment Options:

     I write about the emotional correlations of acupuncture Organs on the meridian system: [click here].  

      There are over 2 million findings with Google search for Acupuncture and Mental Health. 

     Articles [I plan to include additional ones]:

       Acupuncture: A Valuable Adjunct Therapy; Michael O. Smith, M.D., D.Ac. (He is a psychiatrist and the article is about addictions but it is a valuable presentation about acupuncture and mental health.)


Also recommended by Dr. Wilson:

A) Integrative Homeopathy program: [described on this site]

Integrated program of counseling and homeopathic/herbal treatment of fear states:

Under the care of one of the graduates of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy ( This program includes information from Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, Samuel Hahnemann. The program is known as Medical Heilkunst to honor Dr. Hahnemann who wrote das Organon Der Heilkunst.

B) Biofeedback: Such as HeartMathTM biofeedback, from stress reduction device (emWave).

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More details on treatments mentioned above

Functional Medicine and Dr. Charles Gant's Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology

I'm a supporter of the Academy.  Site: Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology. The laboratory results are assessed and long-term nutritional intervention follow-up program instituted. They coordinate other treatments that may be discovered by laboratory testing such as for heavy metal burden and parasites/gastric flora dysbiosis. Psychiatric medications are acceptable. Dr. Gant supports Dr. Amen's work and the program at Bridging The Gaps.


Amen Clinic

There are four sites in the country in the Amen Clinics network. In addition the Sierra Tucson resort-like facility has psychiatrists and others who are trained in the SPECT approach that Dr. Amen pioneered. The Amen Clinic psychiatrists review the SPECT scan and give the report and make recommendations for psychiatric medications physical exercise, herbal and nutritional interventions that have been shown to improve the brain activity pattern discovered. Read more on my Amen ECenter introduction page.


Hyperbaric Oxygen and the specialized Relox Therapy:

Many clinicians are now offering hyperbaric Oxygen. Check your local resources.

The Relox therapy is provided in Washington DC by Bruce Rind, M.D. (see Brain Injury Therapies section). 

Treats diminished brain cell activity post head/body trauma, even decades post the event, by rapid infusion of nutrients while receiving oxygen, thus restoring cell activity "set point" and improving activity. This has been verified with SPECT scan at the Amen Clinic. I highly recommend this.


Heavy metal detoxification:

Mercury dental fillings leak Mercury and this can lead to multi-system interference in susceptible people. 

Mercury can interrupt many physiological and mental functions. Dr. Gant's program includes a focus on heavy metal detoxification.


Integrated program of counseling and homeopathic/herbal treatment:

Under the care of one of the graduates of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy ( This program includes information from Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Samuel Hahnemann. The program is known as Medical Heilkunst.


Other Support:

Social support and encouragement, with awareness of the warnings from Dr. McKenzie about never talking to the patient as if they were a child, and never saying or using gestures that could be interpreted as disapproving.

Important Alert: If anyone begins treating someone with a health condition it would be important to see how much effect there is from pesticides and other toxins. There is important wisdom from the field of German Homeopathy. After extensive case management over many decades Dr. Hans Reckeweg developed the model known as Homotoxicology. The Homotoxicology table gives important information about possible developments once a person begins the healing process from schizophrenia [see the bottom row]. Click on the picture to go to the Homotoxicology description page.

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