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Fractal Graphics/Chaos/Pattern/Complexity Theory:

Why it is so important to understanding Life


Fractal science is the fascinating mathematical/graphic field that gives us a new way to think about the natural world. Below are only a small fraction of the many links about fractal science. Fractals help us look at Life and how it is complex. This can help us better understand how various aspects of health, illness, treatment and recovery relate to each other in intricate fashion. Fractals give us the science to explain such things as Heart Rate Variability biofeedback, individual responses to treatments, the beautiful variations in iris structure seen in iridology, and even homeopathy and acupuncture. Tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot: Discovery of order within chaos.

See below: Prigogine and Theory of Dissipative Structures | I-Ching Information| Additional: Calculus made clear

See also: Expanded Paradigm | Acumeridian Science | Microcircuits and Nordenstrom | Iridology Science | Science and Spirituality | Homeopathy Science | Flatland | Autonomic Science | Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

Wikipedia entry for Mandelbrot Set:


The Center of the Universe: fractals in art by Keith Mackay

FLASH: See new 

"What the Bleep do We Know - The Movie"

"Are you ready for a spiritual film that combines quantum physics, multi-dimensional visual effects and animation, a dramatic story and interviews with leading scientists and mystics?"

"What Happens When You Combine Today's Cutting Edge Scientists & Mystics?"

"Can Science And Religion Really Be On The Same Path? On The Same Planet? In The Same Movie!?"

Also see the movie, The Living Matrix (describing the new NES technology, click on picture)

A tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, inventor of Fractal geometry.

Mandelbrot's family escaped the Holocaust, and he

ultimately gave the world this fascinating approach to

understanding the beauty of our complex world.


The BioFractal Evolution Center

The work of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and others is celebrated in this: "A road from War-zone Earth to Peaceable Kingdom Earth - via the new sciences of fractal evolution and social fractalism"


The Paramathematical Gallery: Another fractal art site

Fractal Explorer: Freeware Do-It-Yourself Fractal Software


Life Sciences/Technology Publications

Research papers, articles fractals, bioscience, nanotechnology and more.

One that relates to acupuncture and circadian processes of heart dynamics:

Fractal Dynamics in Physiology: alterations with disease and aging [PDF]


The Community of the Self: Computational biology and dynamic stability [PDF]

Modeling the Heart: From Genes to the Cell to the Whole Organism [PDF]


Microacupuncture Systems as Fractals of the Human Body

Google search for: Fractal and Acupuncture

Google search for: Fractal and Homeopathy


Graphic Art and Do-It-Yourself Software 

Beautiful examples of fractal computer-aided art.


Ilya Prigogine, Nobel laureate: Theory of "Dissipative Structures." 

     I call it the way to describe why no two eggs ever break in the same pattern, and why no two people experience illness or the healing process in exactly the same way; and illustrate this in my graphic on the Unique Healing Path for each individual.

The Ilya Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems

What is Chaos?

Impressive and simple graphic showing collision of 3 balls as complex chaos response

Dr. Prigogine's Autobiography


I-Ching and Fractal Dynamics

There is a wealth of information online about the 64 unit I-Ching structure. The I-Ching has been called a fractal discovery that has implications for both psychology and study of the nature of the flow of life. Psychologist C.G. Jung wrote extensively about the value of the I-Ching in self-discovery, as well as the concept of "Synchronicity." I highly recommend the I-Ching for both scientific and personal benefits. The book The Medical I-Ching, describes one way to apply this.

1. A favorite resource of mine is a CD that contains a software that allows the process of the original yarrow stalk approach to casting the I-Ching: The Oracle of Changes. It has been called called Software for the Soul and described as:

The Oracle of Changes CD-Rom delivers a mathematically and energetically-authentic (i.e. using the mouse, you actually cast the coins and YOU determine what lines you get, not the computer using some random-number generator program) and complete I-Ching ritual and reading, including Changing Lines and a Future hexagram.

The text of this translation of the I-Ching delivers a poetic modern reading, which is appropriate for our times. While remaining true to the most authoritative translations, compared to other versions of the I-Ching, the Oracle of Changes is non-sexist, non-militarist, non-Germanic and more Taoist than Confucian.

The Oracle of Changes provides a rich and seamless full-screen multimedia experience. It will give you a vivid experience of ritual space every time you use it. You can even have your I-Ching reading narrated to you in a lovely voice if you like!

Edit and Save your readings. The Oracle of Changes CD lets you edit the text of your reading to include notes, observations, etc. This lets you Save your insights into your Changes Journal, which you can also print -- complete with your question, the date and the reading itself. "

The Oracle of Changes CD also contains 3 exceptionally interesting video-taped interviews with leading science authors, Terence Mckenna, Ralph Abraham and Katya Walters, regarding their insights into how the I-Ching works in light of the fractal nature of time, Chaos Theory and DNA research which shows an amazing correlation between the code sequences of DNA and the hexagram sequences of the I-Ching."


2. Korean web site applying Fractal theory to understanding the I-Ching.

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Additional Challenges for Our Understanding of Life

Calculus Made Clear

Change and Motion: Calculus made clear. Calculus changed the world; now, biophysics is changing the world again.    Click here to see lively DVD of university class explaining the beauty of calculus, special discount offer.

Why Understand Calculus?

One of the greatest achievements of the human mind is calculus. It justly deserves a place in the pantheon of our accomplishments with Shakespeare's plays, Beethoven's symphonies, and Einstein's theory of relativity.

In fact, most of the differences in the way we experience life now and the way we experienced it at the beginning of the 17th century emerged because of technical advances that rely on calculus. Calculus is a beautiful idea exposing the rational workings of the world; it is part of our intellectual heritage. [Note: This is as important as "The Invention of Air" -- Dr. Wilson]

The True Genius of Calculus Is Simple

Calculus, separately invented by Newton and Leibniz, is one of the most fruitful strategies for analyzing our world ever devised. Calculus has made it possible to build bridges that span miles of river, travel to the moon, and predict patterns of population change.

Yet for all its computational power, calculus is the exploration of just two ideas—the derivative and the integral—both of which arise from a commonsense analysis of motion. All a 1,300-page calculus textbook holds, Professor Michael Starbird asserts, are those two basic ideas and 1,298 pages of examples, variations, and applications.

Many of us exclude ourselves from the profound insights of calculus because we didn't continue in mathematics. This great achievement remains a closed door. But Professor Starbird can open that door and make calculus accessible to all.



The Powers of Ten Website for Science

Visit this web site and learn about the exhibit that shows similarities between galaxies in outer space, plants on earth, and atomic structures. This is science that evokes human feelings, awe at the size of the universe, its beauty and complexity and our place within it. View clips there, or order the CD-ROM.


MATHEMATICS Mathematics is a tool for understanding almost every scale in time and space, whether it is counting the seconds between lightning and thunder, measuring the wood for a cabinet, crafting a new calendar, calculating the spin of a distant galaxy or, as in the video clip at this station, conceiving and rendering a realm of not just 3 dimensions, but of infinite dimensions. Like practically every station in this CD-ROM, this one connects with many others--from the elegant math of spirals to Charles Babbage's crude realization of a powerful idea that became the electronic computer. It is not coincidence that the tool for the highest power is the human mind and that here, at the extreme lowest power, is one of that mind's most spectacular fruits. In particular, it is here at the lower orders of magnitude that mathematics has been particularly indispensable because, as we enter the atom, the best, most precise way of modeling its nature is through the math. And along with that math, pulled up into the scale of the human mind, is some legitimate projection of that minuscule realm.

When you speak with physicists and mathematicians, sooner or later the term beauty comes up--the more beautiful equation that revealed the positron, or the higher symmetry of J. C. Maxwell's 1864 equations on the electromagnetic theory of light. It was the latter equations which Einstein was able to return to and plumb for still more insight than Maxwell himself may have explicitly realized. It is that beauty, that revealed order, that drives the mathematician. And it is such beauty that we expect to find in that most fundamental quark or in the first micro-instants of Time. As the mathematician G. H. Hardy said: "A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas . . .The mathematician's patterns, like the painter's or the poet's, must be beautiful; the ideas, like the colours or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way." Perhaps it is a primal respect for this kind of beauty that drives our connection to the powers of ten.

Institute of HeartMath
[their site]

My context for recommending their products:
Heart Rate Variability

Human Energy Anatomy
Acumeridian Science

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