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Flat Earth Medicine: A term I created


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In 1987 I wrote an article exposing the Health Fraud Conference -- The Health Fraud Conference: Of Quacks, Missionaries and Flat Earth Medicine -- for its intentional denouncing of any health care approach that had been used by oriental medicine doctors. The vitriolic attacks of the presenters on any technique that had relationships to the Orient or non-biblical philosophies was surprising to see. It was plain to me that they wanted to deny the science of doctors from other religions and world-views. [See Science and Spirituality.]

Because my own life had been dramatically improved by using combinations of techniques that came from Germany, China, Japan, and elsewhere I felt fortunate to learn about effective therapies that were not taught in the U.S.A. The religious basis for the persecution of "non-standard" techniques was surprising to me. It made me think about the long history of stifling of science by powerful individuals who had religious agendas.

I could write more about this. Those crusaders, the National Council Against Health Fraud, were so sincere; and their stated reasons were not overtly religious (except that in their slide show they presented a bumper sticker "My Doctor is a Naturopathic Physician" and then a slide of quacks burning in Hell). However, if you were there to see it (as described in the expose' linked above) it would be self-evident that the historical conflict between those who believed the world was flat and those who could prove it was round is a good model for the situation in which we now find ourselves. [Related essay: Disentanglement: Flexner, the Titanic and our Future Survival ]

The denial of health care assessments and treatments from "the other side of the world" has been carried out for a number of reasons. One is as I said because of religious-based fears. Another would be the concerns of petrochemical pharmacy companies that would lose money if people found simple ways to stay healthy.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is time for humanity to embrace all effective approaches to health care assessment and treatment. This web site is being designed as a way to help practitioners and the public to learn about the expanded options they have. I want to help people move beyond old boundaries and find new freedom of choice in health care for themselves and their loved ones.


Note: A more recent book has the title: "Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine." It was written by Timothy R. Dooley, M.D., N.D. and is available in two versions. [Please see my section on Homeopathy Science where I explain the more dynamic use of homeopathy that Dr. Hahnemann practiced.]

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Integrative Medicine holds the promise of access to a wide variety of effective ways to understand health concerns and to deliver care without subservience to any one school of thought. There are several organizations now working on defining what Integrative Medicine encompasses and this is encouraging. [more]

From "The Principles of Integration":

In clinical medicine, the principle of integration requires that the practitioner integrate in the care of the patient all that is safe and effective without subservience to one or more schools of medical thought. It is one of the profound ironies of our time that the truth and relevance of this simple - and all too self-evident - principle has escaped the main physician body for so many decades. This principle holds that all outcome studies must assess the efficacy of integrated protocols in their entirety and not of individual therapies. This is a point of crucial importance. Empirical experience clearly demonstrates that clinical outcomes are far superior when the benefits of individual therapies are complemented by other therapies. The true benefits of integrated protocols far exceed the sum of the component therapies.

In the United States, the principle of integration has largely been ignored at an enormous cost to the sick...     -- Majid Ali, M.D. Past President of Capital University of Integrative Medicine (