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"Detoxification" -- The Concept


[Note, October 2011: This page was built from my 2000 basic thoughts about the complex task of living one's life as an integrated whole. Please visit my clinical site [here] for more current updates, via the Health Resources Blog and other parts of that site.]


Biological Dentistry [more] and Naturopathic Medicine have taught me the value of removing "obstacles to cure" (a term from the science of homeopathy [more]). Scientific presentations at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in March 2004 deepened my commitment to help people clean up their lives from the effects of chemicals, metals, and other restrictions to function. ["New species": Homo toxicanus.]

There are over a million citations from a Google search for "Detox" and "Detoxification." A Toxin is something that is not favorable to healthy function of body or mind. When I speak of removing toxins it refers to helping the body and mind have less interruption of healthy function. When a person "detoxifies", they remove some of the blocks to their self-healing ability. That means that by a generalized approach to helping the body repair itself, they are more likely to find that their specific concerns are also improved. When applied with awareness of Scientific Naturopathy and guided by wisdom from Acumeridian Science, Homeopathy Science (incl. its disclosure of the deadly Chronic Miasms) and the Expanded Paradigm approach, detoxification becomes a valuable part of an Integrative Medicine program.

[See also: Homotoxicology chart ; The Shackles on Job's Body; Unique Healing Path.]


dusted-by-toxins moving-toward-illness


Another illustration shows the various stressors or "shackles" that hold back our healthy function:




Assessment and treatment can be done in several ways. My training in different approaches to health and health improvement guides me in choosing which we will use for your next steps along the pathway of reclaiming health.

Have you been called a Hypochondriac? (Those who haveMCS, FMS and others have been...)

[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

Below are some expanded ways of evaluating the person shown as The Hypochondriac. It falls into place if one understands neurotoxicity, nutritional medicine and has studied the work of doctors and researchers of acumeridian theory, Ayurveda, and other non-mainstream systems of health care.


Humorous presentation of this information:

Homo toxicanus: a "new species."



F.Y.I.: Detoxify or Die -- An excellent book by Sherry Rogers, M.D.