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Counseling/Brain Health Resources: A Worksheet

Note: This page was an earlier version of connections to helpful resources. Some links may not be active. For up-to-date services and other options see -- My Clinical site.

See also: Trauma Resources [clinical site] | My Counseling Services | Male Female Brain Differences | Craniosacral Therapy | Autism | Autonomic Science | Biofeedback | Hypnotherapy | EFT/"Tapping" | Cerebral Allergies Graphic | NES ProVision biophysics scan | Homeopathy Science | Family Constellation Work | Mental Shocks and Cancer | Spirituality Considerations

This page is serving as a link site for brain health information. Below:

> Charles Gant, M.D.: Brain nutrients, "Brain Health & Wellness"

> Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.: Neural therapy, Autonomic assessment, more

> Daniel Amen, M.D.: Brain imaging

> Bruce Rind, M.D.: "Relox" oxygen treatment for brain injury & stroke

> Andrew Moulden, M.D., Ph.D.: Brain injury from vaccination additives, "Tolerance Lost"

> Brain Mapping: Program for Brain Mapping

> Risks of Mental Health Screening programs

> Play as Brain Health essential factor

Also: Developmental Movement Therapy, Trauma Resources and more.

These physicians have contributed major information that can help multitudes of people with brain and nervous system problems. I am happy to recommend that patients consider their work along with the NES ProVision biophysics scan, the Integrative Homeopathy and other approaches that I employ.

Note: See also Dr. Stephen Porges's work on emotions and the autonomic nervous system.

"Knight or Priest": Two Physician Paths. Book review of Physician: Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle for Human Freedom. This volume sets the stage for need for a third way to approach health. That is what this Internet site is designed to present.

I provide a range of assessments and approaches to help with wellbeing and the mental/spiritual aspects of health: See Services.

Charles Gant, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Gant received his BS in chemistry from Hampden-Sydney College, his medical degree from the University of Virginia Medical School, and his Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University. During his 3 decades of practicing Integrative Medicine, he has been a psychiatric consultant at several hospitals and clinics in the Central New York area. Dr. Gant  pioneered many of the nutritional treatments for addictions, as Medical Director at the Tully Hill Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, as Medical Consultant at Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare, and as a private practitioner.

He has described his work as "Brain Health & Wellness." His web sites include access to his books, nutrients that target addiction-causing brain nutrient imbalances, and an informative "podcast" radio program. His radio talk show is, "A Medicine of Hope." He is featured on a DVD, "Curing Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder." Dr. Gant is founder of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.

Dr. Gant's main site | His Blog/Update Site

The Big Picture:

The Body Mind Recovery Flow Chart

[view: PDF]

Dr. Gant is in DVD: "Curing Depression, Anxiety & Panic Disorder":

The information contained in this DVD is so important that you will want to watch it several times and share it with friends and family members.

There is hope for a cure of depression, anxiety, and panic disorder without using antidepressant medication!

This professionally filmed and directed video is 2 hours in length and filmed by ex BBC professionals. It is a must see for anyone who has been touched by depression, anxiety attacks, panic disorder or other mental illness. [Features Dr. Gant interviewed by Burton Goldberg, founder of]

The Alliance for Addictions Solutions [site]

The Neural Therapy and Brain Health work of Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Klinghardt has developed an impressive array of assessments and treatments that synthesize multiple resources that on the surface may seem widely different.

His insights into brain function have given me and the clinicians at our clinic more effective options to assist patients in their individual journeys of healing.

See: Klinghardt Information | Mercury DVD

New video about threats to children's brains and personalities: [parent site:]

Mercury and Brain Effects

This could be expanded. See Biological Dentistry | Understanding Your Health | The Expanded Paradigm | "Homo toxicanus"

Example of a Mercury-Stressed Dentist:

This is an individual with whom I have communicated, and he did not realize how his mental function had been affected by mercury over his career as a mercury-using dentist. He became wildly creative and imaginative in ways that I think are evidence of how mercury affects mental function. You can judge for yourself. He decorated his dental office waiting room with a disco ball with reflective mirrors and flashing lights; now he has several Internet pages about his fantastic visions of colors and shapes. His stage name is "Pygoya." You can examine this for yourself by using a search engine >>

Click here for Google search of "Pygoya".

One of my major concerns is that people "do the best they can with what they understand"; this ends up with them living lives that are often far less than what they could have been if only they had known about toxins and obstacles to full health.


Toxins can overload the body leading to physical/mental conditions

The work of Daniel Amen, M.D.

Amen Educational (E) Center
Click here to go to this new Resource

This insightful doctor has contributed major information that can help multitudes of people who have brain and nervous system problems. I recommend his books, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, and Healing the Hardware of the Soul. He has a very powerful DVD: Which Brain Do You Want?

I have met with the Chief Psychiatrist at the Reston, VA, facility, and would be glad to refer patients to their clinic.

Healing the Hardware of the Soul


This is an excellent look into the heart of this clinician. He has found that brain function problems can affect the person's perception of themselves, including their ability to feel a spiritual quality to their life. Read the book, he says it eloquently.



Do you know the real reason not to use drugs or alcohol? Actually, the answer is pretty simple. They damage your brain and subsequently damage your life. This video proves it in graphic detail. In performing over 25,000 brain imaging studies psychiatrist Daniel Amen has found that drug and alcohol abuse damage the brain. The images you see do not lie. As you will see, a damaged brain is often associated with a damaged life.

In this revolutionary anti-drug video, you will meet Ian, Carmello and Carthy, young men who have had pretty serious drug abuse problems, despite their young ages. You will also meet Bre and Heather, young women who have never used drugs.
Samples of Normal 3D Brain SPECT Studies [see originals on his website]

Images of Brain Injury



Hope: Images after treatment:


Brain Mapping


The NIHA center was considering joining with a place that was called Crossroads Center to offer brain mapping and brain retraining therapy. I was very impressed with the technology because it gives me hope that we can retrain the brains of children, and adults, who have been injured by a variety of events. The Testimonials page is stunning.

Note: Crossroads is no longer in the Washington DC area. There are now other resources that Dr. Wilson incorporates into integrative medicine care for traumatic brain injury and brain health support.

I have made arrangements with local DC area clinics, see:

Brain Mapping Resources

Toxins and Tolerance Lost--

Autism/Strokes/Gulf War Syndrome and other puzzles...

I spoke at the IABC Congress honoring Dr. Björn Nordenström. Stunning information was presented by many speakers.

Biophysics, clinical applications and future possibilities that have sprung from the discoveries of Björn Nordenström, M.D. 

Information shared included Zeta Potential and sobering discoveries about vaccinations and brain cell injury/death in Autism and more.

1. Dr. Andrew Moulden [click on large picture below, see his site & hear him];

2. Zeta Research.

Dr. Andrew Moulden, M.D., Ph.D.: A hero of humanity. He has used his brilliant mind to see connections that others could not. When you add Zeta Potential and other factors to his insights then many "health puzzles" become clear. In the end, this means that there is hope for humanity if we take heed and begin to make changes now. Visit his site and hear him introduce his new DVD: "Tolerance Lost" [click on large picture below] NOTE: Dr. Moulden told me that he has been denounced by the Canadian medical authorities and that attempts have been made to remove his information from the internet. The links on this page may not be current by the time you read this.

[more information]


The work of Bruce Rind, M.D.:


For a new way of treating stroke and some other brain conditions, see:, Re:  Relox Therapy
Found in the Internet on the NIHA website: Public presentation:

Topic: Rapid Reversal of Stroke and Brain Injury
Speaker: Dr. Rind
• Causes of Brain Injury and Understanding it’s effect on the Brain
• Alternatives for Stroke Recovery and Brain Injury
• Supportive and Restorative Therapy
• Ultra-Rapid Restoration of Function using a new innovative approach

The document from the NIHA website that I find particularly intriguing is reproduced here:  Relox Therapy Presentation [PDF document] [free PDF viewer]

Dr. Rind's website mentions Relox on these pages: Patient Testimonials | Brain Injury Therapies This latter page includes fascinating video clips of patients who received Relox therapy from him.

Brain Health/Movement Therapy:

Especially for child development [Autism, ADHD, ASD] but also helpful for adults. I have had basic training in this. Training workshops are being organized and I will help promote those.

Active Healing, Inc.

"Medication-Free Treatment"

Founder, Sargent Goodchild, Jr.

[view expanded page]

Play as Valuable for Adults for Healthy Social Development, Brain Health.
Book and Video of Stuart Brown, M.D.
National Institute for PLAY

See Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute
[click here]


Brain Exercises: at Lumosity. Enjoyable and challenging; games and exercises scientifically designed to improve your memory, attention and processing speed. Check it out by clicking on the picture here.

Excellent Looks at nutrients, toxicity, brain injury, and much more as clues to anti-social behavior.

Warning: MSG: "Government Sponsored Brain Poison": A article on this neurotoxin in our food supply that leads to obesity and food-addiction.