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Autonomic Science

The Short Version:


For over thirty years I have been learning about  the  body's inner protective functions during the human lifetime. In recent years I have been encouraged by discoveries about Autonomic Nervous System function and research into the science of bioenergies, especially acupuncture with its meridian energies and homeopathic energy medicine and its impact on autonomic regulation function. This is the basis of "Regulation Therapy."

Autonomic Response Testing and the neuroanatomy basis of the "Three-Level ANS" give me hope for the future of scientifically integrating a variety of ways of helping people understand their "health puzzles" and then taking steps to improve autonomic self-regulation to reach major improvement in the health of both body and mind.


See below: Dr. Porges and the PolyVagal Theory

The Longer Version:

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See below: Dr. Porges and 3-Level ANS | Biofeedback | European Federation of Modern Acupuncture | AcuGraph | SCENAR Technology & Biomodulator | HRV | EAV | Nutrients that may help

The Autonomic Nervous System is essential to human life. Since I took my oath as a naturopathic physician, I have continued to seek deeper truths about the basics of life, health, illness, treatment and reclamation of health. In the last several years I have seen the increase of scientific knowledge about how the body heals itself. When I examine health care techniques used by Holistic / Alternative Medicine practitioners (some techniques have been used for thousands of years), it is clear to me that we now are uncovering the scientific explanation of treatments that seemed mysterious in the past. Mainstream medicine is now beginning to embrace breathing techniques known to yogis for centuries, for example. The most important area in my opinion [one that is being widely examined by practitioners across the country] is the relationship of acupuncture meridian energy flow lines to several aspects of health, including muscles, digestion, and even emotions. Working with the “acumeridian” system is a central part of many treatments offered by NIHA practitioners. For many years I have studied and used meridian-based ways of helping people; I apply this knowledge in my treatment programs such as with Heart Rate Variability, AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging, SCENAR assessment, and Autonomic Response Testing as taught by Dr. Klinghardt. 

NOTE: Integral to my understanding is the relationship of the following to the field of Biological Dentistry, as well as the synthesis of it all by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D.

Five Level Map (Model) to Health and Healing Klinghardt version used at NIHA [click here]

Autonomic Response Testing / Applied Psycho-Neurobiology / Allergy Elimination Technique: To learn more, continue reading this page for background; also see Integrated Biological Evaluation.

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Insights: Seeking Truth

A major overview with implications for the work offered at NIHA [presented on 08-16-2007]

The ANS: How Health Happens* [PDF]| Slides [PDF]

Left-click for your computer to play; Right-click & Save Target As to download for playing on your MP3 player or computer offline.

This audio file is 23 MB [MP3], download depends on your ISP speed.

See also: Energy Anatomy and The Invention of Air...and the Birth of America

Iridology Science Insights: Podcast on integration of energy flow dynamics in with what we are learning about the ANS. >> Iridology Science section of this site

There are Three levels to the ANS, not merely two. Links to conventional western medicine information about the ANS; there is a growing understanding of the importance of the ANS in health and of the meaning of recent neurobiology findings. 1. History of the Discovery of the ANS [PDF]; 2. Dr. Porges' advancement [link: same as in See also]; 3. "Mirror Neurons": article about the new third level of the ANS, the Social Nervous System; 4. "Neural Wi-Fi": Sharon Salzberg speaks with Daniel Goleman about altruism, mirror neurons, and how the human brain is wired for compassion.

Stephen Porges' Polyvagal theory of autonomic nervous system development

Klinghardt credits him with crucial theory explaining success of his A.R.T. technique
Dr. Porges' work is beginning to be taught in medical schools


[Image above used by permission: Colorado School of Energy Studies.]

Download PDF Interview with Dr. Porges, from Nexus Pub.


Do your own online information searching about ANS dynamics.

*Suggested searches from Overview handout above [done with Google]

Neurobiology Polyvagal System

Autonomic Triune System

Autonomic Nervous System

Neural Therapy Klinghardt


Homotoxicology ANS

Dissipative Structures ANS

Energy Medicine ANS

Orgone Reich Breathing

Integrative Homeopathy ANS


The Secret Lives of the Brain
By neuroscientist David Eagleman.

He gives great credit to Dr. Steven Porges.

Interview by psychologist, David Van Nuys, of

NPR Interview of Dr. Eagleman, May 31, 2011


I was very impressed when I heard Dr. Eagleman state clearly that in his opinion a truly scientific approach could not definitively rule out the possibility of Creation. I hope that his open minded stance will help many more people choose to look at the new brain science [introduction on my clinical site] that is helping to unravel what were formerly mysteries about human behavior.


AcuGraph: Digital Meridian Imaging  *

Assessment of the acumeridian system shows results similar to assessments of the autonomic nervous system

Ref: "A Guide for the Application of Ryodoraku Therapy Electrical Acupuncture, a New Autonomic Nerve Regulating Therapy" by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani.


*"AcuGraph is a registered trademark of Miridia Technology, Inc."



Autonomic assessment and regulation is a vital part of the work that I and others at NIHA provide for our patients. Our work is based on careful observation and correlation of different ways to do this. The Tennant Biomodulator technology is one recent invention that gives practitioner and patient a tool to support the body's inner protective function. Combined with other aspects of an integrative medicine program: Nutrition, relaxation/breathing techniques, bodywork, acupressure, homeopathic energy support, education about the body's intricate function, and more, the Tennant Biomodulator version provides a selection of important treatment modes.

Heart Rate Variability testing 

This basic assessment of autonomic nervous system activity is often included in integrative medicine programs.


From an Important Life:

Bjorn Nordenstrom's work on Body Energies as Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

He was honored by Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Acupuncturist

Omura's website  |  His Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

I include Nordenstrom in Theoretical Groundwork section

Two representative articles that draw upon Nordenstrom's work:

1) Psychiatric treatment using acumeridian points

2) Electrophysiology of the Acupuncture Systems


Homeopathy & Acupuncture combine in Neural Therapy/Segmental Therapy. German Neural Therapy integrates acumeridian knowledge and can use substances prepared by Homeopathic techniques: A blend of two "Energy Medicines."

Scientific and other References that build the case for acumeridian energy theory.

Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) Discovery of Nogier

Dr. Mark McClure teaching Autonomic Response Testing

For additional details and articles to download, see the Library on the internet site of National Integrated Health Associates



The European Federation of Modern Acupuncture

Combines many methods that I have studied and I consider them each to add valuable information about the functions human body and energy system.

Acumeridian Tapping: Different than reflexology, based on energy fields and the assumption that they connect to the body at acupoints. Several ways of working with these have been developed. Resources for more information include:

Dietrich Klinghardt's Allergy Elimination Technique

Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

Devi Nambudripad's NAET

Hyaluronic Acid to boost collagen dynamics

It may also have a major role in acupuncture meridian dynamics.
[Hyaluronic Acid hypothesis description]

Biofeedback: See separate Biofeedback page about this important ANS science


EAV/EDS: Electro-Acupuncture Measurement and more...

Pioneered by Rinehold Voll, M.D. as an expansion of Acugraph technology.

For those who know: This entire page makes sense

For newcomers: Welcome to a technology that every clinic should offer; a huge number of clinics around the world use this. (Graphics from Doug Leber's Computron/Acupro)

[EAV/EDS introduction]

Dysautonomia is an Important Focus of Majid Ali, M.D. He has an extensive library of information online and books/media to purchase.

[Dr. Ali's Internet Site]

Light that is beamed onto the iris of the eye has been shown to increase the activity of the Parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Article on the Photon Stimulator for Parasympathetic activation [PDF file]

Site for purchasing Photon Stimulator products


Toxins can overload the body leading to physical/mental conditions

Acumeridian Tapping:  A variety of energy flow treatments now exist, that can be applied by non-needle approaches in very effective fashion. Taught by Dr. Klinghardt, Roger Callahan and others, each with different understandings of how it makes the body undergo positive changes. Now a central part of the Autonomic Response Test protocol.


Some Applications of This in My Practice


The energy flow paths and organ relationships described in acupuncture theory are part of my thinking process during patient interview and examination. Some examples of techniques that include acumeridian theory are:


Auricular Acupuncture  ||  ETPS  ||  SCENAR  ||  EFT Emotional Freedom Technique  || Iridology:Both the Physical and Emotional-Spiritual.

Links for Self-Study

[See also Educational Resources on Links page] 


Expanded Paradigm: Understanding our work:  Basics for the Expanded Paradigm.


Vascular Autonomic Signal, Electro-Acupuncture Measuring, and more: Some references.


Fractal Dynamics and body energy flow:

The fractal dynamics page has some good information and links. I believe this is the field that proves the ebb and flow and variability inherent in acumeridian theory, and is necessary to understand Heart Rate Variability biofeedback and its implications, as well as the variations seen in iridology, individual responses to therapies, etc.


I can explain more in my lectures but the bottom line is that the acumeridian techniques taught by instructors in Autonomic/Neural Technologies give me hope that intelligent students, researchers and clinicians will learn how to work with acumeridian energies in an integrated, wide-ranging and effective way. There are many other resources, I am sure, that would want to be included as having a larger perspective and I would like to add to these later as they contact me.

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