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Acumeridian Science Technology

Electro-Dermal Screening

[Also known as Electroacupuncture According to Voll, Meridian Stress Assessment]

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In 1957 Reinhold Voll, M.D., of Germany, announced his studies of the points on the skin that were used by acupuncturists. [He built on work of Yoshio Nakatani, whose AcuGraph technology I use.] He correlated measurement of resistivity with known health problems. He discovered that when beneficial substances were placed near the body, there was a change in the resistivity at acupoints related to the organ system that would benefit from the substance if it were ingested. This and other aspects of his discovery have been incorporated into the technology of several companies.

I have trained in different devices using this technology. I have known many doctors who use it. Its noninvasive biofeedback "dialogue with the body" has been described as so important that Burton Goldberg, founder of, said that in the future any office that does not offer this could be guilty of malpractice.

The comparison of EDS/EAV to Autonomic Response Testing is an important topic in leading edge clinics. Each assesses a slightly different aspect of human physiology. If this is new to you, welcome to the frontier, with many competing companies. We will benefit from the healthy competition among the companies.

My first assessment by EAV was by Doug Leber with his Acupro/Computron [site]:

This website has extensive information on this technology.

From A History of Meridian Stress Assessment:

Another physician who has evaluated meridian stress assessment in his office is William Rea, M.D. from Dallas, an internationally known pioneer in environmental medicine. Besides serving as the director of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Dr. Rea has been appointed as the First World Professional Chair in Environmental Medicine, University of Surrey, England. Dr. Rea set up a simple double-blind study using a number of people who had reacted adversely to a challenge test with various antigens, and for whom an optimal treatment dosage had been found to turn off those reactions. Neither the patients nor the instrument operator knew the correct dosage. A series of dilutions were tested, and the electronic instrument identified the correct optimal treatment dosage out of 12 to 20 options in approximately 80 percent of the cases. Virtually all of the “misses” were within 1 dilution of the optimal dose dilution determined by trial and error, making it easy to find the optimal dose in those “misses.” Dr. Rea describes using these instruments as part of his practice to find optimal treatment doses for very sensitive patients before provoking symptoms, so that he can quickly administer an effective treatment dose in case of severe reactions.

Recent Book:

Energy – the Essence of Environmental Health 

by Maryland physician 

Alan R. Vinitsky, M.D.

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Another mention of William Rea, M.D.:

"[I once attended]...Shady grove Adventist Hospital Grand Rounds, presented by Dr. William Rea. His talk was one of the most memorable I have ever heard. He was reviewing the Ground Regulating System (GRS) and its impact on information transfer throughout the body. Dr. Rea's presentation was my first connection linking anatomy to acupuncture and the body's bioelectrical system.

"After the meeting [I was invited] to other gatherings of environmentally oriented health care practitioners... I was a "doubting Thomas"... I finally...attended Dr. Rea's meeting in February 1996 - 'The 14th Annual International Symposium of Man and his Environment.' ...I was so skeptical that I continued to say to my wife: 'I'm going, but I won't believe a word of it!' Much to my surprise..."

Article about the promise of this very important technology.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Electrodermal Screening System (EDSS)

Julia J. Tsuei, MD, FACOG*

(Excerpted with permission from the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 8, Number 4, Winter 1995) List of references 

Several listings from key figures in the history of Electro-Dermal Screening 

Basic Information about Electro-Dermal Screening

Extensive links and descriptions of aspects of this technology. 


AcuGraph: Digital Meridian Imaging  *

Assessment of the acumeridian system shows results similar to assessments of the autonomic nervous system


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