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Open Letter to American Neurological Association

Mercury may invalidate medical research


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Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 
To: ana@llmsi.com
Subject: 14-year-old MS girl's brain may hold more clues than first thought

Dear American Neurological Association,

I just received an email that cited your work with the brain of the 14-year-old girl whose unexpected demise allowed discovery of new information about the progression of the condition known as Multiple Sclerosis [article noted at: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/02/040223075914.htm ].

Would you forward this email to the office of the researchers who examined her?

My work with patients who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis leads me to concur with other practitioners that while "M.S." is multifactorial, heavy metals play a major role in its development and progression. Has your team collected data on the following:

1. How many mercury amalgam dental fillings did the child have, at death or at any time?

2. How many mercury amalgam dental fillings did her mother have when pregnant and nursing her?

3. How many Thimersol-preserved products were introduced into the child during her life?

The work of Boyd Haley, Ph.D. and others is highlighting the effects of mercury on the sheaths of nerves: http://www.altcorp.com/ 

This is an impressive presentation about mercury: Video: "How Mercury Causes Brain Degeneration": University of Calgary.

The initial event in M.S. may be caused by oligodendrocyte myelin disruption by mercury. My contention has been for years that medical researchers have been manipulated into ignoring the effects of mercury due to the false assurances of dental professionals that "Mercury does not leak ouf of dental fillings once it has hardened." This last statement has been unequivocally proven false. The dental trade guild's continued failure to acknowledge this leads me to call for the widespread independent acknowledgement by medical researchers that they must include mercury as a factor in taking histories of their subjects and assessing the results of research. Without including mercury in data collected on all subjects, researchers are risking the real possibility of invalidating all research ever done because of failure to control for the immune and physiological disturbances caused by mercury.

Your help with this matter will hasten the time when more practitioners and the general public will be focusing on how they can help people with debilitation caused or exacerbated by the presence of mercury.

As a former M.D. medical student whose career was redirected due to mercury-related illness, I am now a naturopathic physician dedicated to supporting Biological Dentistry. My education at Bastyr University leads me to deeply respect the power of Science in making sense of health conditions, and to also keep my eyes open to the benefits of health care approaches that are not yet fully explained by western science. When I had my own dental mercury removed the science was nowhere near as compelling as it is now. There are a growing number of naturopathic, medical and dental professionals around the world who are making remarkable progress in treating people with what had been puzzling health conditions. What we need are associations such as yours who will do honest research into mercury and its effects on neurological physiology. (There have been claims of subterfuge by the American Dental Association, but I think we can sidestep the ADA entirely and not consider them in dealing with what is clearly a medical issue).

I do hope you can forward this to the appropriate researchers. I will share this email with others who join me in doing all we can to help people with mercury-related illness as they reduce their body burden of mercury and carefully reclaim their health.

Sincere regards,

Ralph Wilson, N.D., Washington DC