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Mercury: Mad Hatter Planet -- We're all affected.


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The crazy Mad Hatter of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is becoming widely associated with the effects of Mercury on behavior as well as physiology. Mercury was used to process the felt hats used in England around Lewis' time. Erratic, flamboyant behavior was one of the most evident alterations caused by mercury. (Others included excessive drooling, mood swings, various debilities.)


It is my observation after over twenty years of mercury-awareness that our entire society is polluted by mercury. People are crazier than ever. The main effect noted by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS (  when observing dentists is "a lack of calm."


I even wonder if the mercury so easily provided by dentists in underdeveloped nations around the world is behind the instability of the males whose hair-trigger excitability is causing social catastrophies of many kinds.

No one is unaffected. Even those of us who are working to cleanse our own bodies have to deal with the other people who have diminished capacity to lead normal lives.

One mercury-free advocate has said that there is a level of mercury deposition in the body that when surpassed will lead to a Mercury Personality, where the person cannot even admit there is a problem and refuses to do anything to remove mercury from themselves, or to help protect society.

Example of a Mercury-Stressed Dentist:

This is an individual with whom I have communicated, and he did not realize how his mental function had been affected by mercury over his career as a mercury-using dentist. He became wildly creative and imaginative in ways that I think are evidence of how mercury affects mental function. You can judge for yourself. He decorated his dental office waiting room with a disco ball with reflective mirrors and flashing lights; now he has several Internet pages about his fantastic visions of colors and shapes. His stage name is "Pygoya." You can examine this for yourself by using a search engine >>

Click here for Google search of "Pygoya".

Have you been labeled a "Hypochondriac"?
New Species of Human:  Homo toxicanus 
[humorous illustration]

Observations of the Advocate: [He refers people to Paul Genung, DDS, in Seattle.]

Mercury can settle low in the body, causing black skin of penis and labial lips.

Mercury can cause reversal of estrogen and testosterone, so women are masculinized and men are feminized.

Breath of mercury-loaded people can affect other people.

He can turn people's conditions around with fairly low-cost program of specific nutrients. Plus, affirmations and higher level work is usually needed, as I understand how he works. This would include such info at found at

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