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My proposal for a "New Species"

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To emphasize the point that the human physiology, anatomy, psychology can all be affected by the prevalence of Mercury [see Biological Dentistry] and other toxins in the environment, I propose the following:

Healthcare practitioners should constantly remind themselves that when we evaluate and treat patients they often will not respond in the usual and customary way because of the effects of mercury and other pollutants. The semi-humorous "new species" category should make this clear.

New Species of Human

Homo toxicanus


[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

This unfortunately ridiculed individual is a case in point demonstrating the limited thinking of the medical establishment of his time. His plight was untouched by the medicine of his time. This illustration was shown in the New York Times article about a new program by psychiatrists and psychologists: if western medical science cannot find a diagnosis for illness, it should be called Hypochondriasis and treated by behavioral techniques and psycho-active drugs. [See expanded page with link to Hypochondriac cartoons]

He is the perfect example of what has become of the human race. We are more and more toxic from chemicals and various pollutions. Because western medicine has not yet been looking for the effects of toxins, many people are receiving less than optimum care.

This man is from London, a dirty and polluted city. He may have lived with gas lighting and poor air inside his dwelling. He is wearing a mercury-treated felt hat (which could cause "Mad Hatter" behavior). His clothes are constricting. His face shows what could be effects of a diet that was inadequate, and maybe parasite-infested. He may be missing teeth or have dental disease. His fingers show tapering that may be related to low oxygenation in coal or gas-heated dwelling and office.

What he needs is a clean environment, better food, good dental care (without Mercury), and a healthy lifestyle. It seems clear to me that he would benefit from "detoxification" from chemicals, metals, microbial infestation, and even "toxic memories" (which the psychiatrists and psychologists would agree can sometimes be quite significant). Thus, I present to you: Homo toxicanus.

[See: Detoxification: The Concept]