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Example of Biological Dentist


This is an example of the kind of dentists who are changing their practices and devoting themselves to truth and saving the lives of people who have formerly been damaged by dental practitioners. The article below mentions several of the authors and practitioners who have helped shape my own way of understanding health, illness, treatment and reclaiming health.

Gary Verigin, D.D.S. is an Alternative Medicine Featured Practitioner.

Dr. Gary Verigin, D.D.S. specializes in Amalgam Free Dentistry and Dental Materials Suitability Evaluations.

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Welcome to our humanistic health centered dental office and thank you for selecting us as you consider your dental health needs. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in your quest for information as well as knowing the status of your dental condition. We are interested in you as an ENTIRE person, including your attitudes, feelings, thoughts and values, which reflect and indeed, often define your dental situation.


It is our desire that our relationship will be a successful, long-term and meaningful one. We hope you will find it a pleasant and rewarding experience for years to come.

We encourage open and two-way communication. We strongly encourage people to obtain additional opinions in order to gain additional perspectives rather than trying to create any disparity between judgments and treatment philosophies.





Gary Verigin, D.D.S. - Alternative Medicine Featured Practitioner

Specializing in Biological Dentistry, Chelation, Cavitation, Detoxification, Mercury-Amalgam Removal, Neural Therapy, Dentistry

General Dentist

Years practicing:
Graduated in June 1965. Practicing 36 years

Degree (s):
BA(Bachelor of Arts)
DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Alternative Medicine Interview with Dr. Gary Verigin

Tell us how you first got started in alternative dentistry.


I received my DDS degree from the University of Washington in 1965, came to Escalon, California in September 1965 and have been in practice here ever since. While in dental school, I was continually reminded that Dr. G.V. Black, the father of Operative and Restorative Dentistry, said that one must study 1-2 hours each day of your practice life in order to deliver valuable service to your patients. From that time on, I have become a continuous and conscientious student.

Shortly after beginning my practice, I became aware of the teachings of L.D. Panky of Coral Gables, Florida. I soon enrolled in a three-day seminar in San Francisco and was introduced to the idea of a philosophy of dentistry as a basis for a dental practice.

I was fortunate to be engulfed in that tidal wave of excitement, for I was once again the student surrounded by the masters. The American Society for Preventive Dentistry (ASPD) was in it's infancy and in the late 60's there wasa very active chapter in Northern California, which fueled that excitement. The organization's outstanding bimonthly journal became a reality in 1971. Around 1973, at the Annual Meeting of the California Dental Association in San Francisco, I attended a lecture given by Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D., professor and chairman of Oral medicine at the Medical Center at theUniversity of Alabama in Birmingham, regarding his research in predictive medicine. After hearing that lecture I immediately purchased his book, Predictive Medicine, A Study in Strategy, co-authored by his associate W.M. Ringsdorf, I entered dental school at the University of Washington in Seattle in September 1961, graduating in June 1965.

D.M.D, M.S. Cheraskin and Ringsdorf defined Predictive Medicine as the clinical discipline designed to anticipate disease in man, to foretell illness before it erupts in its classical form.

Predictive medicine stresses "... . that environmental influences play a more significant role in the genesis of disease than heretofore held." Little did the practitioners know that the mercury/silver amalgam fillings they were implanting in their patient's teeth would come back to haunt them in the new millennium!

Bingo! A perpetual fire was lit in my brain that agreed with another statement made on the inside of the jacket cover, "... . far more can be done to prevent disease than most people realize."

During this same time period the insightful author and noted preventive dentist Bob Barkley, who many still consider the "greatest" preventive dental evangelist of that era, stressed that dentists should perceive themselves as health care professionals instead of providers of repair service. Shortly before his untimely death he wrote, "The decade from 1965 to 1975 witnessed the greatest wave of hopefulness ever to sweep through the dental profession.Prevention of dental disease was conceptually "born again" with a fervor unequaled in dental history."

From the fervor of the early 1970's the genesis of my practice evolved and throughout the years it has become a wondrous and exciting journey.

Bob Barkley wrote a phrase in his 1972 book Successful Preventive Dental Practices that has been etched in my right brain since I first read it. He stated, "A man's philosophy is the sum total of all the meaningful experiences of his childhood, school days and working life. Although it usually becomes more stable as he matures, one's philosophy is always subject to modification by one more truly meaningful experience."

Likewise, according to Eric Hoffer, "In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists."

It was obvious that my quest for learning was the guiding force behind my philosophy of intentional living which included the practice of true, biological dentistry.

What is your educational background, and how have you prepared yourself for your practice.

I graduated from Stockton College (1956-58), attended the University of California (1958-59) and earned my B.A. degree from the University of The Pacific in 1961, majoring in biology, chemistry and psychology.

After establishing my practice in Escalon in 1965, I began taking as many courses as I could afford while still "balancing my crosses" with family, work, play and religion. I initiated my course of continuing education byaccepting an internship in oral surgery one morning each week at a local hospital where I practiced for a number of years under the tutelage of an outstanding Stockton oral surgeon, Bob Calderone.

By the early 1970's it was apparent to me that I wanted and needed to know more about the proper restoration and reconstruction of damaged dentitions.For many years, I attended numerous classes on oral rehabilitation and occlusion and also participated in establishing a monthly study club in gnathology. Peter K. Thomas, Harvey Stallard, B.B. McCollum and Charlie Stuart were my world-renowned mentors.

Only then did I realize I had to learn how to move teeth around properly in order to "tame" disgruntled TM-Joints while also opening the bite/occlusion to the patient's true genetic vertical dimension. My significant mentors were Doctors Harold Gelb, Bert Wiebrecht, Don McAnlis and John Witzig.

In 1980, a dear patient and researcher gifted me with a copy of Marilyn Ferguson's book, The Aquarian Conspiracy that focused on personal and social transformations in the 1980's. After reading the book nearly non-stop it appeared that an irrevocable shift was taking over the nation. It was a new mindset --- a turnabout in consciousness in critical numbers of individuals, a network powerful enough to bring about a radical change in our culture. It was a time to conspire, a time to breathe together -- in the words of the popular song "The Age of Aquarius", it was the time of "the mind's true liberation."

Shortly after being introduced to the Ferguson book, I made contact with a colleague I had known from my early days in the field of gnathology, Ed Arana, D.D.S., a brilliant researcher in his own right. We began to meet at various holistic, acupuncture, homeopathic and dental meetings on the West Coast and Hawaii. Through our discussions at these meetings, we determined to co-found the American Academy of Biological Dentistry.

By 1985 we were hosting small meetings in Carmel, CA to understand what the network of dentists and physicians in Europe were doing for their patients. It was from them we learned that Weston Price, D.D.S., M.S., a dental research specialist and dentist in Cleveland in the late teens and early 1920's under the auspices of the American Dental Association Research Institute was silenced for his two volume work on Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic and Dental Infections and Degenerative Diseases which was published in 1923. The 2 volumes were interrelated and inseparable, containing 1174 pages. Price's work added verification to the belief that the body was an entire inter-connected system that must include the oral system.

Some of the outstanding dentists and physicians I learned from were Fritz Kramer, Ralf Turk, Jochen Gleditsch and Reinhold Voll. Walter Sturm, a naturopath from Canada and the founder of Occidental Research, had the creative vision to provide leadership for an entire movement in North America from its inception: Vibrational Medicine in Theory and Practice.

The European and Canadian people in turn also directed us to the research of Patrick Stortebecker, M.D., Ph.D., and noted Professor of Neurology from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. His two books, Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam a Hazard to Human Brain and Dental Caries as a Cause of Nervous Disorders also brought a new consciousness to those who read the material and then heard him lecture here.

Tell us about the therapies you employ and how your patients benefit from them? Help us get to know what your practice specializes in, and how this specialty helps people.


My office is thoroughly trained to enjoy offering the following needs for our patients who are in need of or request these services:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of headaches related to dental origins
2. Diagnosis and treatment of trigeminal Neuralgia related to dental origins
3. Oral Surgery
4. Cavitational Surgery
5. Osteonecrosis Surgery
6. Orofacial Pain / TMJ
7. Orthodontics / Dentofacial Orthopedics
8. Body Chemistry Balancing
9. Biological Terrain Analysis
10. Resonance Homeopathy
11. Energetic Biofeedback Evaluations
12. Periodontal / hygiene services
13. Root Canal Evaluations
14. Dental Materials Evaluation
15. Amalgam Free Dentistry
16. Heavy Metal Toxicity Discussions
17. Full Mouth Restorative Reconstruction
18. Regular Dental Restorative Services
19. Bruxism / Clenching

The 2nd half of the question is unanswerable. The patient / client must be seen in person to be examined, evaluated, analyzed and their previous history carefully studied to see whether they would receive any benefit(s) from any of the therapies we suggest or provide.

Would you share with us a successful case history of one of your patients?

On October 24, 1997, a 40-year-old woman came to my office, as a new patient for her dental health needs. Prior to any record taking or examination I met with the patient in my office to get to know her as an entire person,including her feelings, attitude, thoughts and values, which often reflect one's dental concerns. I wanted to know her expectations now and for the future. Her immediate desire was to have us evaluate her for any obstacles/conditions in her mouth that may be harmful.

A review of her medical and dental questionnaires revealed the following:

Environmental allergies
Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization shots twice a month
Low thyroid
Bulimia (previously for 14 years)
Headaches (3 - 4 a week)
Chronic yeast infections
Severe cramping before menses
Chronic bronchitis
Chronic irritability
Back problems
Anxiety attacks
Sore throat with an infection for 30 years. Rated as a 2 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most severe).
Vertigo for 3 years. Rated at a 2.
Light sensitivity in eyes for 20 years. Rated a 3

Dental Headaches (Duration - approximately 20 years. Frequency: 2 - 3 per week.) Pain scale 1 - 10 "definitely a 10. Location: Forehead, Migraine type,Maxillary sinus, under the eyes.

Scalp very painful to touch (parietal headaches) for 30 years. Rated a 5. Neck and shoulder problems: tired, sore neck muscles for 20 years: Pain scale a 3.

Lack of mobility of neck and shoulder, range of movement: Scale about a 3 to 5.

Pain in cheek muscles. Rated a 3.

Clenching, grinding of teeth at night for 25 years. Rated a 5.

Practitioners seen since the above conditions began for treatment and/or pain relief.


Ear, nose and throat
Family practice physicians

The clinical examination revealed no serious periodontal problems nor caries, although the gums weren't as healthy as they could be. There were neither abnormalities nor lesions in any other soft or hard tissues of the head, neck or face. The occlusion was within the expected clinical norm. The vertical dimension was adequate. There were no irregularities in the TM-Joints such as any clicks or noises. She was able to open the mandible 51 millimeters and to move it laterally more than 11 millimeters in either lateral movement. Muscle palpation revealed the presence of several muscles that were quite sensitive. Bilaterally the pterygoid group of muscles was the most sensitive. The sensitivity was rated between 8 to 10. The trapezius muscles were sore and painful and rated from a 6 to 8.

A root canal had been done on the upper left first molar sometime between 1980 and 1982 and it was symptomatic. Reflecting back to the length of her presenting complaints the client realized that many of the symptoms began after that procedure, though she had never previously connected the events. She had 18 surfaces of amalgam and 2 gold crowns used to restore previous areas of caries.

I provided numerous reprints of scientific articles, in our resource library that were in some manner related to her complaints. I provided the patient with our findings for her to read and study before coming back for further consultation.

At the consultation appointment the patient and I reviewed our clinical findings and her complaints. She prioritized her thoughts and we assisted her in creating a preferred vision for herself. She wanted to take her case step by step because of her many responsibilities including home schooling all three of her children with her husband, buying a house and being the prime caregiver of her aging parents and in-laws. Her main goal was to rid herselfof her headaches and uncomfortable feelings previously noted in her head, face, neck and shoulders. She also wanted to restore her gums to excellent condition. She made it known that she wanted to get off all medications both prescription and over-the-counter.

She was first scheduled for impressions in order to secure a set of models. A face bow transfer was taken and her models were mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator. We had a lower bruxism splint made of a thermo plastic material fabricated for the lower arch. The splint was inserted on 11-21-97. By mid-January, 1998 her headaches had begun to dissipate. She requested that she work with nutritional and homeopathic remedies to see if there could be more improvement.

On 4/15/98, her husband dropped by the office to tell us that her pain was nearly gone and the cramping had stopped. He wanted to share with me that they were both very pleased and excited and he wanted to pick up some business cards to refer a friend who had been experiencing similar problems. He indicated that this is the first time his wife had been helped.

On May 5, 1998, the client was seen for her dental health preventive maintenance visit, her gums were no longer uncomfortable and she in fact, felt great! The examination coincided with her perception. She stated that she was generally less congested in the sinus areas as well as in her lungs. She also indicated that she has continued to read and study from books and the Internet and decided to have me remove her root canal filled tooth and explore the extraction site for the upper left 3rd molar site which was problematic from time-to-time. However, she needed to wait until the fall when things were less hectic and she had some extra money.

We referred her to a homeopathic M.D.. He performed a Biological Terrain Analysis, a blood test and began working to balance her body chemistries, and providing needed homeopathics and herbs.

On September 16, 1998 she had the surgery to eliminate both problematic areas. She was able to refrain from the use of any allopathic medications other than homeopathic remedies and enzymes to control her discomfort and promote a rapid and complete healing response and wound repair.

A year later she had her serum analyzed for dental materials reactivity by a consulting firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After studying the results of this analysis, we had further discussion to provide her all her restorative options. Once she was confident of her choices she gave us permission to continue. Over the course of several appointments we removed her mercury/silver dental amalgam fillings and gold crowns, that had amalgam underneath them. We also fabricated a fixed bridge.

On May 27, 1999 her physician, performed a 2-hour Heavy Metal Urine Challenge test using the mercury chelator DMPS. The urine test was measured by Doctor's Data from Chicago. The results indicated a severe load of mercury housed in her tissues. It was measured at 120 micrograms per gram of creatinine. The reference range is 0 to 3.

She continues to work with the homeopathic physician and when seen in our office on 11/6/01 she proudly announced she was now down to about 20 parts perbillion of mercury in her system. She indicates she is as healthy as she had ever imagined when she created her vision at our first meeting. Reflecting back to her initial vision, she related that her process to achieve her preferred health was in much greater depth than she had ever imagined when creating that vision.

Would you like to share anything else?

The human body is a non-specific sounding board for the accumulations of all irritations and intoxications from our environment such as live pathogens, chemical substances and physical influences. Our immune system can be brought to exhaustion by the sum of too many irritations.

Ever since the Galilean Revolution of the 1600's the discipline of medicine approached reality and specific questions about illness with a thinking that was very linear. It was though to be a straight-line relationship between cause and effect. Traditional dentistry and medicine look upon the physical body as some kind of a technical machine that can be repaired once the flaws or defects are found.

This type of medicine or dentistry is an excellent instrument for the management of acute or mono-causal specific diseases or a broken or infected tooth in the case of dentistry. This type of medicine or dentistry more or less fails to uncover those health problems that arise from disturbances in the regulation of the immune system. The management and treatment of multifactorial illnesses is impossible with this kind of thinking because the different afflictions are seen and understood as being in parallel and not acting together.

Insertion of mercury/silver amalgam fillings into a person's mouth is not the most physiological or biological material that is presently available to the practicing dentist. All dental materials should be evaluated for suitability before they considered for a treatment plan and implanted in a patient's mouth. There are several techniques that can be utilized and there are several different kinds of health practitioners that can help with this service.

The dental profession is bombarded with manufacturers all to willing to sell them very expensive and very technical equipment. There is a vast assortment of consultants who express a near-compulsive need for new and better tactics, which might help them see more patients and thus make more money. Often these new tactics do not mature before they are abandoned or phased out in favor of newer strategies that appear even more promising.

However, the state of health for the nation as a whole has declined in addition to becoming much more expensive. The philosophy of a true biological or holistic dentist compels him or her to first evaluate the patient as an entire being and assist that patient in setting a course toward the chosen level of optimum health.

Most people lack specific preferred futures for either their dental or general health: they simply act or react to immediate problems. Education or knowledge alone does not guarantee a person's health, let alone freedom from symptoms. People who can future focus and create a vision of a preferred future will want to optimize the way they live and what they choose to have done in their mouth. Such individuals will conceptualize their desired long-term objectives. Innovation often follows a recognized need or want but the time lag for sustained action may be months or years.

We encourage patients to take their time to gather all the available information regarding their situation in the written word as well as on the Internet. When these people are able to identify and develop their values, beliefs and vision with a reasonable trust they will wisely choose the sounder concept. They will be able to grow independent of their dentist and health practitioner throughout their lifetime and be able to live a life more nearly the way they prefer.

We suggest to our patients and prospective patients that 2nd and 3rd opinions are desirable and encouraged and we strongly encourage them to do so----for the sake of gaining additional perspectives, not creating disparity between judgments and treatment philosophies.