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Mementos of My Experiences in China

While Studying Acupuncture

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See also: Presentations made to Bastyr U. Acupuncture Department regarding 1) Negotiations for computerized acupuncture manikin [PDF]; 2) Acupuncture training videotapes [PDF] 3) Photos of me with mountain Taoists.


Extra: Chinese doctor and acupuncture microcircuits involving the eye: China Welcome

I took time from my studies to talk with a neurologist and tell her of the dangers 

of dental mercury. I brought 3 packets of Huggins videos and literature, and gave them to doctors in China. See Biological Dentistry.




Later I gave a demonstration of Cranio-Sacral Therapy to rehabilitation medicine department head and residents.

I present a thank-you plaque to the program director at the hospital where we trained.

The very helpful professionals who assisted us students during our studies in China. One had been the host of Gen. Clare Chenault of the Flying Tigers during their defense of China from the Japanese.


My discovery of a computerized acupuncture manikin and my hopes that Bastyr would be able to purchase this. Negotiations for reduced fee for purchase of this important educational technology.

Presentation [4 MB, PDF]

Mountain Taoists

(more photos, on Presentation page)

One weekend I hiked up a nearby mountain that had tourist facilities. I was joined by a man who introduced himself and invited me to his home.

His home was the temple, and he actually was the temple physician. He registered me as a student of

the temple and I arranged to spend nine days with him treating patients. A Bejing news crew came and took pictures of the display of his herbal medicines.


I treated patients with him. He taught me many things. Herb walks. Ancient rock inscriptions in mountain view site. Special freeform blindfold Tai Chi, Qi Gong treatment. Wu Dan sword dance.